There’s no denying that supermodel Bella Hadid’s tastes are inarguably one of the best when it comes to sustainable fashion. 

Whenever this supermodel is off-duty from her modelling stints, she is often seen wearing vintage clothing and timeless pieces from iconic labels like Jean Paul Gaultier and Chanel. Plus, she’s frequently photographed while wearing pre-loved clothes that are straight up from the ‘90s, such as graphic tees, cosy knits, baggy denim pants, noughties-themed sunnies, and colourful bomber jackets. 

In 2019, Bella Hadid wore her most iconic vintage piece – the highly-rare and sought-after Vivienne Westwood 1993 corset that’s decorated with a François Boucher Rococo painting. She paired it with a pair of Wandler Isa boots and khaki cargos that screams no less than ‘90s trends revival. 

The Palestinian-Dutch supermodel loves second-hand fashion so much that she even shared that she goes on thrifting trawls for rare and unique pieces at flea markets and vintage stores. Her favourite go-to places to cop vintage wear include What Comes Around Goes Around in SoHo, 10ft Single by Stella Dallas in Brooklyn, and Pechuga Vintage in Los Angeles. 

Because of Hadid’s immense love of stylish secondhand pieces, Vogue UK has even called the vintage-obsessed supermodel as their “indisputable queen of vintage”. 

Now, Bella Hadid’s choice of buying instagrammable vintage clothes doesn’t just tell us about her sophisticated fashion taste. It also speaks volumes as to how much she cares for our planet. 

In case you don’t know it by now, shopping for second-hand and vintage pieces is considered eco-friendly:  

  • Pre-loved clothes already exist, so no new energy or resources will have to be used to make them.  
  • Vintage wear tends to be made with higher quality, making them last longer for years compared to fast fashion pieces. 
  • If you buy secondhand clothing, you can help clothes from being discarded in landfills. 

Apart from wearing vintage wear, Hadid also has a penchant for supporting independent brands that specialise in low-impact clothing. 

Even in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, she continues being an eco-conscious shopper by filling her quarantine wardrobe with sustainably made clothes from Bode, Tank Air, By Far, Juliet Johnstone, and Re/Done. Plus, the couture-wearing supermodel even hunts for more vintage and secondhand pieces at Depop! 

Hadid’s penchant for sustainable and secondhand clothing isn’t just limited to street style and off-duty casual wear. The supermodel also buys her summer outfits, especially swimwear, from brands that she knows are good for her and the planet. 

Now since it’s already summer, we thought of curating a list of the three known eco-friendly swimwear brands that are Bella Hadid-approved that you need to know. We will also be describing each of the brands’ price range, style, eco-friendly practices, and brand ethics. 

By the end of this article, you’ll get to understand why Bella Hadid loves these brands so much, and hey, you never know, maybe, you’ll like them too!  

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Here are three of Hadid’s favourite Instagram-worthy and sustainable swimwear brands: 



Price: $$-$$$

Created by Indian designer Vivek Agarwal, OOKIOH (pronounced as o͞okēō) is a swimwear brand whose pieces are worn and loved by celebrities like Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Elsa Hosk, and Behati Prinsloo. 

This celebrity-approved fashion label is known for its fun and elegant, modern-day swimsuits with a touch of nostalgia. The brand’s inspirations include sportswear colours from the ’80s, ’90s supermodels like Cindy Crawford, and modern-day runway trends, resulting in chic swimsuits that are absolutely Instagram-worthy.  

OOKIOH’s most famous pieces include bright-coloured bikinis, high cut bodysuits, and vibrant tankinis that are sexy without being raunchy, making them appealing to everyone. Plus, you can wear their bikini tops and bodysuits on the poolside, the beach, and everywhere in between. They’re also size-inclusive, giving a variety of swimwear options for all bodies! 

What’s also great about this brand is that they offer sustainable swimwear that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Sustainably made clothing can run expensive, but OOKIOH makes high-quality and eco-friendly swimwear accessible to many. 

In an interview with Stylish, OOKIOH founded Agarwal shared that he always believed that sustainable products should be made affordable, so most of his swimsuits are below 100$. Awesome, right?

Apart from offering swimwear that makes you look good, OOKIOH is also focused on making swimsuits good for the planet. OOKIOH is a swimwear label committed to making its pieces through sustainable production processes. OOKIOH’s swimsuits are made with fabric acquired from an Italian mill that takes discarded fishing nets and other production wastes and turns them into 100% regenerated fibres that they use to make their swimsuit textiles. 

By 2022, this ethical brand aims to be free from pre-consumer plastics and promises only to use yarn fibres made from sunken fishing nets and textiles scraps destined to be discarded in landfills. Sustainability is at OOKIOH’s core, and as they say, they are indeed a brand that’s for “all bodies and bodies of water”.  

Shop at OOKIOH here

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2. FAE Swim

Price: $$ – $$$ 

With its high cut swimsuits made with eco-friendly ECONYL ® fabric, FAE Swim proves that sustainable swimwear can indeed be sexy. 

Founded in 2016, this Australian swimwear label creates stylish eco-conscious swimsuits that have been spotted on fashion celebrities and models like Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajowski, Gigi Hadid, and Sara Sampaio. 

FAE Swim’s pieces are famous for classic colours and timeless ‘80s silhouettes, as exemplified by their simple sportswear-inspired swimsuits that are satisfyingly free from unnecessary clasps and strings. But while the brand is popular for its sleek and smooth pieces, they are more known for its show-stopping bodysuits and cheeky bottoms that are ideal for those who like to show their skin. 

As founder Bianca Bennetts has said in an interview with Official Bespoke, FAE Swim is inspired by the current female empowerment trend. And that is why her swimwear label specially caters to women who are confident with their bodies, no matter what kind of lifestyles they lead. 

Another thing to love about FAE Swim is they’re also inclusive when it comes to sizes. They offer swimsuits with sizes ranging from size XS to XXL, making every babe look and feel good regardless of their size. Plus, FAE Swim’s pieces are affordable, so you can get one of their sleek tops below $100. 

Aside from being Instagram-worthy and stylish, FAE Swim is also eco-conscious when making its products. They’re a brand committed to doing good for the people and the planet. And so they partnered with the Aquafil group to create a sustainable techno-fabric using ECONYL ®  (100% regenerated polyamide fibres made from nylon waste), which they use to make their iconic swimwear. 

What’s also lovely about FAE Swim is that they give back to communities in need. For every swimsuit that they sell, they give back $1 to i=Change.

Shop at Fae Swim here.

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3. Frankies Bikinis 

Price: $$-$$$

Frankies Bikinis is a sustainable swimwear brand whose swimsuits have earned “stamps of approval” from celebrities like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez, who have posted photos of them wearing the brand’s bikinis on Instagram.  

This Los Angeles-based swimwear label with an immense social media following describes itself as the “global destination” when it comes to fashion-forward swimsuits. Francesca Aiello, the founder of Frankies Bikinis, took inspiration from Malibu’s sunny vibes to create swimsuits that are beach-ready and, of course, instagrammable. 

Aiello’s high-end swimsuits designs are so great that they have been worn by influential figures in the world of fashion, including Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber. With these credentials, it’s hard not to say that Frankies Bikinis are indeed celeb-loved!

Even though Frankies Bikinis is mainly worn by celebrities whose sizes might be smaller, they’re actually size-inclusive! In addition, the brand’s “Curvewear Swimwear” offers a wide range of stylish swimsuits from XS to XXL. With this expansive size range, there’s definitely a pair of Frankies Bikinis for everybody.

Oh and, swimsuits from Frankies Bikinis are also affordable. For as low as $80, you can buy a triangle bikini top that can flatter any body shape. With Frankies Bikinis, you can get high-quality bikinis at a low price, showing the world that stylish swimsuits need not be expensive.

Now aside from being inexpensive and size-inclusive, what’s also great about this swimwear boutique is that it offers a wide range of sustainable swimwear pieces. Frankies Bikinis has got lots of eco-friendly swimsuits under their “Sustainable Collection”, which proudly uses Amni Soul Eco® fabric to create their sleek bodysuits, string bikinis, and their trademark cheeky bottoms. 

Shop at Frankies Bikinis here

As shown by Bella Hadid’s favourite brands, it is not impossible to be sustainable when it comes to swimwear. Of course, the most eco-friendly swimsuit is the one that you already own, but just in case you need a new one, these Bella Hadid-approved brands have got you covered. No matter what your size, tastes, and preferences may be, these eco-friendly and stylish swimwear brands have something for everyone. 

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