From the moment she became an official member of the British royal family, all eyes have been on Meghan Markle’s sophisticated wardrobe.

Every bag she carried, every dress and jewellery that she wore, and the blazer that she layered was undeniably anticipated by many. Markle’s outfits during public outings were even reported to be sold out just after a few minutes of being seen wearing them, which makes her a true British fashion icon. 

The Duchess of Sussex’s fashion choices, specifically the brands she wears, has also been featured in countless influential magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. She is often seen wearing timeless coats, neutral-coloured culottes, delicate jewellery, and other elegant outfits that are rave-worthy. 

As such, most fashion editors have described her style as chic and classic, much like how she carries herself. In 2019, Vogue Paris even branded her as the “most fashionable member” of the royal family by looking at the contemporary clothing labels and timeless fashion brands she chooses to wear. 

Throughout Markle’s time in the limelight, she didn’t just wear brands that were stylish and elegant. More often than not, the best-dressed royal has also sported clothing from eco-friendly brands that have sustainability at the core of their ethos. 

The Duchess has supported low-impact and sustainable luxury fashion labels like Stella McCartney and Gabriel Hearst by wearing them in important royal events. Plus, even in her casual appearances to the public, Markle has also put lesser-known eco-friendly brands like Kimai, Outland Denim, Veja, and Rothy’s on the map. 

Don’t we just love a planet-caring style icon? 

At present, the best-dressed Markle, and her husband, Prince Harry, has permanently stepped down from their duties as senior royals. But, in our eyes, she continues to be at the top of the list of the most eco-conscious fashionable public figures in the United Kingdom.

So if you’re looking for inspiration as to where to shop eco-consciously for clothes, here are 11 of the Duchess of Sussex’s favourite sustainable fashion brands: 



1. Stella McCartney

Price: $$$-$$$$

Meghan Markle is often photographed wearing dresses from Stella McCartney, a British designer label known for incorporating both style and sustainability. One of the most popular Stella McCartney creation that the Duchess of Sussex has worn is the custom lily-white silk halter gown that she wore during her wedding reception. After Markle was seen wearing the said gown, Stella McCartney also released the same dress in a unique viscose blend, which is a plant-based eco-fabric. 

Apart from using eco-friendly fabric, the eponymous fashion brand also uses recycled and organic materials such as re-engineered cashmere for making the majority of its pieces. What’s also great about Stella McCartney is that they are cruelty-free. The brand’s clothing and accessories are free from fur and animal leather since 2001. 

Check out Stella McCartney here.  

2. Reformation 

Price: $$$

During Meghan and Prince Harry’s trip to Australia in 2018, the Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing a lined striped dress from the popular ethical fashion label Reformation. The breezy ankle-length dress that Markle was sporting is the brand’s famous Pineapple Dress, which was undeniably perfect for their beachside trip in the Land Down Under. Plus, her dress was also made with regenerative fabrics through carbon- and water-neutral sustainable processes!

Check out Reformation here. 

3. Bar Jewellery 

Price: $$-$$$

Aside from dresses and gowns, the Duchess of Sussex is also a big fan of delicate jewellery. While paying a visit to Birkenhead in 2019, Markle was spotted wearing a gold-plated minimalist bracelet made from recycled silver. Eagle-eyed fans identified the discreet yet stylish accessory to be the Wide Ripple Bracelet from Bar Jewellery, a Londo-based brand dedicated to making jewellery sustainable. All Bar Jewellery’s pieces are made from recycled 925 sterling silver and are hand-crafted by artisans who are given safe labour conditions and fair wages. 

Check out Bar Jewellery here

4. Gabriela Hearst 

Price: $$$-$$$$

When the Duchess of Sussex joined a royal tour to New Zealand in 2018, she wore a custom dark navy A-line midi dress from Gabriel Hearst. Apart from offering elegantly designed clothing, the luxury fashion brand also believes that sustainability in fashion is necessary, and so it uses eco-friendly materials such as excess fabrics. The brand also uses green energy in its supply chain to reduce its environmental impact. With the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability and ethics in fashion, it’s no surprise that it is indeed one of Meghan Markle’s favourite brands. 

Check out Gabriela Hearst here

5. Maggie Marilyn 

Price: $$$-$$$4

Media outlets often see the Duchess of Sussex wearing designer labels, but she just loves homegrown fashion brands just as much. In fact, during her first-ever royal tour, Meghan Markle sported a white tuxedo dress from the eco-friendly label, Maggie Marilyn. The New Zealand-based fashion label aims to create a better world through its transparent supply chains, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) fabrics, circular and regenerative production and compostable packaging.  

Check out Maggie Marilyn here

6. Theory 

Price: $$$

Meghan Markle has a penchant for contemporary women’s wear, and as you might expect, she wears brands that give a modern take on sustainable clothing. One of the style-forward labels that she supports is Theory – an American clothing brand that offers luxurious workwear at affordable prices. In of her visits to Cardiff Castle, she wore one of Theory’s plaid off-the-shoulder blazer. Aside from creating eclectic designs, Theory also aims to be eco-conscious by design, and so they committed only to use ethically sourced fabric processed through sustainable manufacturing. 

Check out Theory here.

7. Veja

Price: $$$

There’s no greater feeling than stepping into sustainable shoes, and so it’s not much of a surprise when the Duchess of Sussex wears a pair of trainers from the eco-friendly fashion label Veja. The French footwear brand offers various shoe styles for leisure and sports, which are made through transparent and fair trade processes using ethically sourced materials like plastic bottles and recycled textiles.

Check out Veja here

8. Rothy’s 

Price: $$$

Aside from heels and trainers, Meghan Markle also fancies incorporating stylish flats in her royal outfits. The Duchess of Sussex has been spotted wearing a pair of black point-toe flats from Rothy’s, an American shoe label dedicated to making footwear stylish and sustainable. Rothy’s mainly utilises eco-friendly materials for their shoe lines and ships them in recycled packaging. 

Check out Rothy’s here

9. Kimai 

Price: $$$-$$$$

Gold and diamond accessories don’t have to come at the planet’s cost, so Kimai strives to create ethical and sustainable jewellery. In 2019, Kimai’s Felicity earrings were spotted on Meghan Markle, and we can help but be amazed by the brand’s lab-grown diamonds set in fair trade 18-karat gold. 

Check out Kimai here

10. Outland Denim 

Price: $$-$$$

Meghan Markle likes wearing chic outfits for her casual wear, and it definitely shows with her choices of jeans. In her first overseas tour in 2019, the Sussex royal has been seen wearing Outland Denim’s high-rise Harriet jeans many times. The Australia-based fashion brand uses responsibly sourced fabric and empowers disadvantaged women in Cambodia by employing them as their seamstresses.

Check out Outland Denim here

11. Hiut Denim 

Price: $$$

Hiut Denim is one of the royal-approved brands that you can trust when it comes to sustainable denim. During a royal tour to Cardiff in 2018, Meghan Markle was seen wearing the Welsh brand’s black Dina eco-denim jeans, which are made from GOTS certified organic cotton that uses less water and harsh chemicals. 

Check out Hiut Denim here

Now that you’ve become acquainted with Meghan Markle’s favourite brands, you’re now 11 brands more knowledgeable when it comes to sustainable fashion. So whether you need a formal gown or washed-out casual jeans, you can never go wrong with these eco-friendly brands. After all, they’re royal-approved, so you can definitely count on them for your style needs!

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