Preparing for a safe picnic outside your house during these trying times can feel intimidating. 

However, you don’t have to fret as long as you take note of these helpful strategies: 

  • Go at a time when you can avoid crowds best. 
  • Make sure to pack essentials like masks, hand sanitisers, and gloves. 
  • Set up your picnic blanket six feet apart from other fellow parkgoers. 
  • Prepare separate utensils, condiments, and drinks per person to avoid sharing. 

And, of course, a much-awaited picnic date won’t be complete without a basket and a cooler to store your snacks, drinks, and other essentials. 

Since we’re already talking about baskets, there are several traditional coolers and picnic baskets to choose from, but it’s always best to go for environmentally friendly ones. 


What are sustainable picnic baskets and coolers?

Sustainable picnic baskets and coolers are made with durable and responsibly sourced or recycled materials. These materials include vegan leather, seagrass, or recycled PVC linings. Plus, most eco-friendly baskets are fair trade, handmade, and supports local artisans!

Are sustainable picnic baskets worth the money?


Responsibly made picnic baskets make outdoor dates more convenient as you don’t have to worry about carrying your picnic essentials. 

Although most sustainable picnic baskets seem “expensive”, they’re affordable and durable. 

Starting at $48, you can get yourself an ethically made picnic basket that will last as long as a plastic-made one. 

Instead of using picnic containers made with toxic dyes and plastic, getting a sustainably made picnic basket will make your picnic date more eco-friendly.

Buy now at Amazon.

Which sustainable picnic basket is best? 


Everyone has different picnic needs, and so the “best” picnic basket might be unique for each person. 

If you’re someone who enjoys park dates with your partner, then sustainable picnic totes from Sea & Grass is a great choice. Igloo Recool is also a sustainable cooler to bring during warmer seasons as it can your beverages cool during hot days. 

If you’re a person who’s scared of bugs creeping in on your sandwiches, you’ll definitely love KAZI’s securely hand-woven and fair trade picnic baskets. VivaTerra is widely known for its easy-to-carry picnic baskets, and you’ll surely like them if you dislike bulky baskets. 

You can also explore Etsy for vintage picnic baskets that give timeless vibes for your ever classic picnic dates timeless vibes. Oh, and if you’re looking for a high-quality cooler that’s compostable, then you should get one from Footprint Eco Cooler

As shown above, there are several environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional picnic coolers and baskets. But whatever your picnic needs and preferences may be, there will always be a perfect basket and cooler for you. 

11 best picnic baskets & coolers for socially distant and sustainable picnic dates: 

1. Sea & Grass

Price: $$$

Sea & Grass is a US-based brand that offers handwoven picnic totes made from seagrass and vegan leather. The company’s founder, Pam, found inspiration from her Thai heritage, which led her to create sustainably made handwoven products using natural materials. For every basket purchased, this company gives backs to Thai students in need. 

Visit Sea & Grass here

Alternative now avaliable at Amazon.

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2. Business and Pleasure 

Price: $$-$$$

If you’re looking for a cooler that will keep your food and drinks cool all day, look no further than Business and Pleasure. This sustainable American outdoors brand creates cooler bags using canvas and recycled PCV linings. Plus, Business and Pleasure has more than 12 coolers that you can choose from!

Check out Business & Pleasure here

3. Uashmama 

Price: $$

Uashmama is an Italy-based brand for its inventive line of picnic bags made of eco-friendly waterproof paper. This brand’s picnic totes are washable paper bags that feel and look like real leather but are actually made of Pull Up paper. Uashmama’s handcrafted waterproof picnic bags are ideal for cloudy days with the possibility of rain.

You can see other Uashmama baskets here

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4. Iglo Recool 

Price: $$

Are you looking for a low-cost, high-quality cooler that is also wholly compostable? If that’s the case, Iglo Recool is the one you’re searching for. This US-based company offers low-cost compostable coolers made with recycled and natural materials. Plus, their coolers fully biodegrades once you’re done using them for your cold drinks. 

Check out Igloo Recool here.  


Price: $$$

KAZI is a sustainable home goods brand that offers secure hand-woven fair trade picnic baskets, which are great for keeping food safe from ants and other insects. The brand’s name is a Swahili word for “employment”, and their company is on a mission to promote fair wage jobs, sustainable materials, and quality craftsmanship. 

Visit Kazi here

Alternative at Amazon.

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6. Ekobo 


If you like going on solo picnic dates, then you’ll like Ekobo’s sustainable food keeper bags. This brand’s eco-designed picnic bags are made of recycled soda and water bottles and are fair trade. What’s also great about Ekobo’s picnic bags is that each bag comes with cutlery loops, wide pockets, and sleek ergonomic handles. 

Check out Ekobo here.  

7. Olli Ella 

Price: $$ -$$$

Olli Ella is an Australia-based company that offers sustainably made lightweight rattan and seagrass picnic baskets. This women-led certified B Corp creates transportation-friendly baskets that are easy to carry.

Check out Olli Ella here for further designs. 

Alternative available at Amazon.

8. VivaTerra 

Price: $$ -$$$

If you’re looking for an easy-to-carry and all-natural picnic basket for your day outings, VivaTerra will be your new favourite. This eco-friendly brand offers expertly crafted hand-woven willow baskets that are lined with dye-free cotton. VivaTerra’s baskets come with a set of two bamboo fibre utensils, plates, and wine goblets made from recycled glass. 

VivaTerra here for further designs.  

Alternative now at Amazon.

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9. Vintage Picnic Baskets from Etsy 

Price: $$

No matter what year it is, picnic dates never seem to go out of style. If you agree, then you should get yourself a timeless vintage picnic basket from Etsy or Amazon. A classic picnic basket that dates back to the ‘50s!

Check out Etsy’s vintage picnic baskets here.  

Alternative now at Amazon.

10. Food52 

Price: $$$

Outdoor dining can be rare in these trying times. And so, you have to make the most out of every chance you get, like getting a sustainable food storage basket from Food52. This home goods company offers compostable handmade natural willow picnic baskets and insulated picnic totes that are ideal for family picnics dates. 

Check out Food52 here

Alternative available now at Amazon.

11. Footprint 

Price: $-$$

If you’re looking for a compostable picnic cooler that can be recycled at its end of use, then you’ll be interested in Footprint’s Eco Cooler. This sustainable brand offers an environment-friendly cooler that can carry 24 12-oz cans, keep ice frozen for 12 hours, and hold water for days without any leaks!

Check out Footprint Eco Cooler here

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