Relieve and roll off sore muscles and improve your posture by using eco-friendly foam rollers.

No matter what age bracket we are in, we all have faced back pain. After hunching over our desks for the whole day, there’s a tight and unpleasant pinch on our lower backs. You stretch and try to make some cracks, but the back pain still lingers.

Or perhaps you’ve begun a healthier lifestyle of working out and stretching out your muscles. Activities like yoga and workouts make our bodies limber and active. These activities might make our bodies a bit painful once we wake up and you just need something to massage onto your sore muscles.

That’s what these foam rollers are for. When you don’t have time to go to professional masseurs, simply do it yourself with a roller. They aim to give you that feeling of relief from pain on any part of your body. Another bonus is them being eco-friendly, doing their part on keeping the environment and the earth safe.


What Kind of Foam Roller is best for Back Pain?

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There are different kinds of foam rollers out there that are best suited to your needs. They all vary in size and firmness for different needs. 

While not conventional rollers, these are some available choices: Roller bars are target specific to local areas while rolling sticks are more for pressure on areas of immediate concern. Travel rollers are best for smaller areas of interest like your calves and arms and can be stored in your bag for the office or to the gym. 

Soft low-density rollers are the gentler choice for people just trying out foam rollers for the first time. In contrast, hard high-density rollers are for the more experienced users that apply more pressure. Textured rollers have knobs, ridges, and grids that go onto your body deeply.

Heat and cold rollers utilize their hot and cold functions for better muscle relaxation and relief. Vibrating rollers are fun as they can help loosen up your cramped muscle knots and is best for flexibility and circulation.

Most of the rollers to be expounded on are cylindrical rollers. Some mentioned are made of corks and some are eco-friendly foam. These cylindrical products aim to soothe the tight pinch in your back before it becomes a bigger, chronic problem. 

Are Bumpy Foam Rollers Better?

These cylindrical foam rollers can come in different shapes and sizes, but one ultimately chooses between a smooth foam roller or a textured roller, which contains the bumps and grooves.

These smooth rollers are designed to give even pressure when rolled. It’s best suited for people who are just trying out foam rollers for the first time. Its smooth even design does not give a more intense massage. It’s also noticeably cheaper than textured bumpy rollers.

Meanwhile, bumpy textured rollers with knobs and grooves give a more targeted roll on the tight knots. They’re best suited for people who are already introduced to the practice of foam rolling and are used to the deeper and more intense massage it brings.

When you are new to rolling out tense parts of your body, use a smooth roller. When you are a veteran of subjecting yourself to deep muscle tissue rolling and massage, then choose the bumpy textured foam rollers.

What is the Best Foam Roller to Buy?

The thought of rolling off the stress and tension sounds good, right? Let’s begin your journey on foam rolling.

In the list below are only some brands you can browse through for a roller of your own. These fitness foam rollers keep the comfort of their customers in mind. Most of these rollers are eco-friendly as they’re made from cork and environmentally friendly materials. They’re also designed well to go with modern aesthetics.

What are the benefits of using cork? They do not contain harmful chemicals like typical foam rollers and have antistatic, antiallergic, and antibacterial properties. Cork is a biodegradable material and is antimicrobial; most of the bacteria is killed in 90 minutes on the surface. They also do not store the sweat you release.

#1. 42 Birds

The Warbler roller is made from 100% sustainable recycled cork and is best paired with their yoga mat for the maximum fitness experience. It’s a cork roller for self-acupressure and self-myofascial release.

Its special ridge contours are best to hit all the right points in your body to loosen them up. It acts to simulate a deep tissue massage with the high-density cork for relaxation and tension release. This material also allows it to retain its shape after every fitness workout or yoga class.

It weighs 3 pounds and is 18” x 5” in height and diameter. It has high reviews and many of their customers praise it for losing the chemical smell seen in typical foam rollers. 

#2. Scoria

The cork roller from the brand Scoria is made from sustainable natural cork. It’s your typical smooth roller best for distributing even pressure on sore points for relief. Not only does it give pain relief, but also improves the circulation of blood flow.

This cork roller is 11.5” x 4”. With every purchase you make from Scoria, they give a portion to indigenous youth for their education. 

You can also pair your natural cork roller with their other cork fitness products, like their cork yoga blocks or their cork massage balls. 

#3. Mobeco

Unlike rollers with a 15cm diameter, this firm cork roller from Mobeco has a 10cm diameter and 30cm length. With this smaller diameter design, it provides a deeper and more intense massage for bigger muscles like your hamstrings, quad muscles, and even your thoracic spine. Its smaller design is also suited for your adductor muscles.

This portable cork massage roller weighs only 900 grams. For every purchase you make, Mobeco plants 1 tree to give back to the earth. Their shipping packaging is also certified biodegradable.

#4. Casall

Casall is a Swedish-inspired brand that has a natural cork and bamboo-lined body rollers available. 

They have a whole collection of cork items for an effective workout. Their cork material is sustainably produced from Cork Oak bark trees found in Portugal. Their natural cork massage roller is best for the people on-the-go for its small size and is lightweight. They’re perfect for rolling out your calves and the pads of your feet.

Another of their ConsciousChoice products is the bamboo-lined body rollers. Unlike their cork roller, this has bumps and ridges for deeper muscle relief. These rollers are made with 25% rice husks and bamboo.

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#5. CorkHouse

The CorkHouse is one of the oldest cork companies to date and has shown no signs of stopping. They offer a variety of products made from sustainable cork from coasters to workout equipment. 

Their cork yoga roller is made of sustainable natural cork. Its versatility from giving you a good workout and pain relief in your muscles is from its size of 12” length by 6” diameter. They’re best used for advanced yoga poses and exercising your core.

#6. Rawlogy

Rawlogy has your back with its cork massage ball. It’s made from sustainable cork therefore it doesn’t have any plastics, petroleum, PVC, or BPA in it. It’s available in three different sizes and two different styles from rustic and sanded smooth cork.

Sanded smooth cork balls have a softer and smoother texture because they’re finely sanded. Rustic cork balls are made from unfinished Premium cork; they have a rougher texture that will soften with use. A cork ball roller is very convenient because they are very travel-friendly and lightweight. They’re good equipment for both the newbie and the veteran self-massage rollers.

#7. ORBI

The brand ORBI features its natural cork roller for myofascial release and trigger point relief. It also improves blood flow. The cork is sustainably and responsibly harvested cork from the Mediterranean. Due to its sleek and modern design, you don’t have to hide this in your storage as it adds a touch of design to your home.

It’s optimally sized at 16.5” length by 6” diameter and only weighs 6 pounds. It’s perfect for those who do yoga, pilates, and CrossFit. It’s also suitable for the everyday person with acute back pain; simply press and roll, and feel the wonderful magic of pain relief. This product can be bought on Amazon.

#8. Orbsoul

This Canadian brand specializes in fitness equipment like cork massage sets and aerial dancing needs. Their all-natural cork massage roller is made of quality cork imported from Spain. Cork is a highly dense material so it does not lose its shape even after some use. This brand crafted its cork to be smooth and velvet to the touch for comfortable pressure.

Rolling cork massage rollers on muscles help them recover faster and increase your flexibility. It also contains no harsh chemicals whatsoever. It has a waxy barrier to seal it from any dirt, hair, sweat, or dust. This amazing product is also available on Amazon.

The Verdict

When you just want the sore pain on your back gone but not breaking your bank, roller equipment is the way to go. They’re the fastest and easiest solution to all your muscle pains: roll and decompress your pinched muscles away. With all the shops and brands available to you, it’s not difficult to choose one that will suit your back pain needs.

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