A produce box delivery service provides a healthy and easy way to stock up on organically grown produce so you can eat healthier at the safety of your own home. 


So, how do produce subscription boxes work?

With online shopping becoming more popular in recent years, it’s no surprise that fresh produce can be easily ordered and delivered straight to your doorstep. 

Here’s how you can use organic produce subscriptions to make fruit and veg shopping more convenient: 

  • First, visit the delivery service’s website, browse their menu, and pick your preferred type and size of the produce box package. 
  • Second, decide how often your goods will arrive, either weekly or biweekly. 
  • Lastly, you subscribe, make a payment, and wait for your produce to arrive. 

What’s also great about organic produce delivery services is that they always partner with local farmers who handpick the vegetables and fruits that go into your subscription package. Other organic produce brands even save produce that would otherwise be thrown away as food waste. Awesome, right? 

Are organic veg boxes worth the money?

The cost of an organic veggie box subscription varies depending on your needs and the delivery service that you want.

A typical 11-pound box of conventionally purchased produce costs about $20-$30. However, pre-ordering and receiving an organic produce package costs $40 for a small box, $55 for a medium box, and $60 for a large box.

Organic produce boxes can appear to be a little pricey, but they can give you your money’s worth. 

  • Rather than putting your well-being at risk any time you go to the supermarket, you can just sit back and wait for your vegetable package to arrive.
  • You’ll get to eat seasonal, hard-to-find fruits and vegetables.
  • Subscribing to a produce delivery service would also help local growers who practise sustainable agriculture, such as Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs), that the pandemic has affected.

Which veg box is best? 

There are a variety of organic produce delivery services available to fit everyone’s needs.

Imperfect Foods, for example, is a produce delivery package service that caters to those with unique taste preferences and dietary restrictions. Misfits Market is a perfect option for those looking for inexpensive organic boxes. Fresh Direct is an excellent option for those who love organic ingredients produced by CSAs. If you need seasonal produce for your nutritious recipes, then Farmbox Direct is the place to go.

To help you discover more awesome organic brands other than the ones stated above, we’ve compiled the best organic produce delivery services to date.

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Here are 11 of the best produce boxes to subscribe to for fresh veggies delivered to your doorstep:

1. Misfits Market 

Misfits Market believes in saving money by saving food, making them the best produce box brand for those on a budget. This business is dedicated to reducing food waste by selecting quality fruits and veggies that most grocery stores would discard as waste. Plus, their boxes will also save you up to 40% off regular store costs.

Sign up for Misfits Market here.

2. Imperfect Foods 

Popularly known as a one-stop-shop for vegetable and fruit home delivery, Imperfect Foods is ideal for those with dietary restrictions and taste preferences. They sell organic goods that can be customised. In that case, to meet your specific needs at an affordable price. Imperfect Foods proudly includes perfectly good veggies rejected by grocery stores for “superficial” imperfections.

Sign up for Imperfect Food through this link

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3. Farmer Jones Farm

Suppose you’re looking for high-quality vegetables and fruits that are often supplied to world-renowned restaurants; you can get the same restaurant-quality produce at Farmer Jones Farm at a reasonable price. For as low as $89, this organic produce delivery service offers fresh and nutrient-dense fruit and veggies grown through sustainable and regenerative farming methods. 

Sign up for Farmer Jones Farm here

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4. Oddbox 

Oddbox is a UK-based certified B Corp that’s widely known for its fresh produce that is ethically sourced from local growers and suppliers. At £10.99, this company offers weekly organic produce boxes containing six fruits or nine different veggies. They also provide a family-sized package with four fruits and nine vegetables for £19.99. 

Sign up for Oddbox through this link

5. Farm Fresh to You 

If you want an organic subscription box filled with different kinds of produce, then you’ll love Farm Fresh to You. This farm-to-table delivery service is an excellent option for those wanting an assortment of 100% certified organic vegetables and fruits. Plus, you can also add other farm products like honey, eggs, and milk.

Sign up for Farm Fresh to You here

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6. Farm to People 

Farm to People is a New York-based organisation that’s popular for bringing the farmer’s market experience to their customers. This organisation offers various products, including seasonal produce and organic groceries, which are all sourced from GMO-free farms. Starting at $25, you get an organic box of your choice delivered to your doorstep.

Sign up for Farm to People here

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7. Farmbox Direct 

Locally grown seasonal produce can be challenging to find, but with Farmbox Direct, getting such hard-to-come by fruit and vegetables becomes easy. This organic produce delivery service gives customers access to apples, kale, eggplant, spinach, lettuce mix, carrots, potatoes, collard greens, and more. Plus, Farmbox Direct’s organic boxes can also be combined with milk, eggs, and flowers. 

Sign up for Farmbox Direct here. 

8. Food Connect 

Food Connect is an Australia-based certified B crop that creates subscription boxes of seasonal and ethically sourced fruit and vegetables. This company collaborates with local growers to support fair wages, shorten their supply chain, and reduce carbon emissions. Food Connect’s family farm is also powered by 100% renewable energy, uses sustainable farming practices, and avoids single-use plastics. 

Sign up for Food Connect here

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9. FreshDirect 

If you’re someone who loves supporting local farms and CSAs, then FreshDirect is the place to go. This US-based company is known as a grocery delivery service, but they also offer organic produce boxes from Hudson Valley and Pennsylvania farms. For just $30, you can get six pounds of eight seasonal veggies from their partner farms.

Sign up for Fresh Direct here

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10. Perfectly Imperfect Produce 

Perfectly Imperfect Produce is an organic produce delivery service that collects “imperfect” veggies and fruits from local farms and sends them out in subscription boxes. Customers can choose from 12 delivery boxes which include produce like eggplants, butternut squash, plums, and watermelons. For every box purchased, the company donates produce to those in need. 

Sign up for Perfectly Imperfect Produce through this link

11. From the Farmer

If you’re someone who yearns for a produce box filled with kitchen-essential veggies, you will surely like From the Farmer. This produce-delivering brand partners with local farmers to create healthy subscriptions boxes filled with garlic, potatoes, onions, and other vegetables that should be kept in everyone’s kitchen.

Sign up for From the Farmer through this link.

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