When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out,  almost all of us remained at home for our safety.

But, let’s face it: sitting at home for too long can compel us to miss the allure of happy hour at our favourite pubs and restaurants. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in missing out on good times, but that’s no excuse why you shouldn’t try to plan your happy hour at home. After all, we all have to sit at home these days, so why not make the most of it?

Appetisers, games, and, of course, sparkling wine are all needed for a successful happy hour. Among a variety of wine options, organically-farmed wine is the most sustainable option.

Thankfully, wine delivery subscriptions are here to save your happy hour during these trying times. If you subscribe to a wine delivery service, you don’t have to leave your house to enjoy high-quality and fresh organic wines.


So, how do wine subscriptions work? 

Wine clubs or wine subscriptions work by having you first sign up for a membership.

Afterwards, you choose your preferred wine subscription package and select when and how often you want it delivered to your doorstep.

You can have your wine boxes delivered every one or two months. Then, you pay for your preferred handpicked wine package and wait for it to arrive. Easy, right?

Are wine subscriptions worth it?

If you’re someone who regularly drinks and appreciates the joys of a good glass of wine, then subscribing to a wine home delivery service will be surely worth it.  

In terms of cost, wine subscriptions offer members exclusive discounts, free shipping, and privileged access to limited edition wine bottles. And instead of running to the supermarket, you can save time spent on transportation by simply waiting for your wine box to arrive. 

If you have a taste for organic wines, subscription boxes will make your life easier. Most wine delivery subscriptions nowadays offer carefully selected collections of sustainably sourced wines, allowing you to have enjoyable and sustainable good times. 

Oh, and subscribing to organic wine delivery boxes supports local winemakers and connoisseurs that practice natural and sustainable wine production methods!

What is the best organic wine? 

Organically made wines contain fewer additives and unnatural ingredients, including sulfites, making them healthier and more eco-friendly. Plus, wines made from certified organic grapes are regulated by USDA standards. 

The finest organic wines include Badger Mountain Riesling, Parducci Sustainable Red Wine, and Tikal Natural Organic Red Blend, which may be available in certain wine subscription services. 

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Which wine subscription is best? 

Every wine connoisseur has different requirements, and so the best wine subscription service can vary per person. 

If you’re someone who likes seasonal wine, then you should subscribe for a package from McBride Sisters. For vegan-friendly wine collections, Wanderlust Wine is the place to go. 

If you’re a health-conscious wine drinker, then you’ll love sugar- and additive-free wine from Dry Farm Wines club. WINC is an excellent option for variety and flexibility as you can personalise your ideal wine box from an assortment of sustainably sourced wines. 

As you can see, there are a lot of wine delivery services worth following and subscribing to. 

But whatever it is that you’re searching for, there’s undoubtedly a wine brand for you—here are 12 of the best organic wine delivery subscriptions for sustainable happy hours: 

1. WINC 

If you’re looking for a wine subscription plan with an assortment of organic options, WINC is for you. This US-based wine company offers personalised wine boxes sourced from farmers worldwide. For as low as $39/month, you can enjoy three bottles of organic wine.  

Sign up for WINC here

2. Plonk Wine Club 

Plonk is an American wine club that caters to novice wine lovers yearning for high-quality organic wines. They offer subscription boxes of biodynamic, seasonal, and organic wines crafted by small-scale growers. You can indulge in four of their organic wine for $110/month.

Subscribe to Plonk here

3. Wine Awesomeness 

Organic wine is great, but Wine Awesomeness makes it better with their personalised guided wine experience. At $49/month, a membership to this organic wine club grants you a three-bottle monthly package with tasting guides, recipes, and a magazine for wine enthusiasts.

Sign up for Wine Awesomeness here

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4. Usual Wines 

If you’re a wine drinker who has a preference for Brut and Rosé, Usual Wines will be your new favourite. They offer subscription boxes of sustainably farmed and preservative-free wines. At $40, you can get 6-24 glasses of sulfite-free Red, Brut, and Rosé. 

Subscribe to Usual Wines here

5. Vinebox

If you don’t want to commit to a single bottle of wine, Vinebox is a fantastic wine subscription service. For $79/quarter, members receive curated monthly boxes of nine glasses of wine from this wine club, with each glass beautifully packaged in nitrogen vials.  

Sign up for Vinebox here.

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6. Lady of the Sunshine 

If you like drinking organic seasonal wine while also supporting women-owned wineries, Lady of the Sunshine is a great option. This California-based subscription service offers seasonal wines produced via biodynamic farming. At $150, you can enjoy six bottles biannually.

Subscribe to Lady of the Sunshine here

7. McBride Sisters

McBride Sisters is the largest Black-owned wine corporation in the United States, and they believe in making organic wine more sustainable, inclusive, and accessible to the public. McBride Sisters offers affordable subscription boxes of sustainably sourced seasonal wine starting at $125/season. 

Sign up for McBride Sisters here

8. Mysa 

Mysa is your newest go-to wine subscription if you’re looking for a wine delivery service that cares about the environment. This women-owned company provides direct-to-consumer organic wines and collaborates with small-scale winemakers. For $84.95/month, you can get three bottles and support environmental causes. 

Sign for Mysa here. 

9. Helen’s 

Helen’s is an excellent wine subscription service, especially if you’re a fan of Californian wine. This Los Angeles-based wine club offers organically farmed wines with bold and dynamic flavours. At $55/month, you will receive two bottles and access to wine classes and tasting events. 

Subscribe to Helen’s here

10. Wanderlust Wine 

Finding vegan-friendly wine can be challenging nowadays, but Wanderlust Wine can make it easy. This UK-based wine company offers direct-trade subscription boxes of organically grown vegan wines. For as low as $24, you will receive four bottles of cruelty-free wine every two months. 

Subscribe to Wanderlust Wine here

11. Dry Farm Wines 

Buying wines without added sugar can be difficult, but Dry Farm Wines makes it convenient and easy. This wine delivery service specialises in artisanal wines with no added sugars or additives. Enjoy six bottles of health-focused wines for just $159/month. 

Subscribe to Dry Farm Wines here

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12. Haus 

Haus is an organic wine subscription service that sends members a monthly package of farm-to-bottle apéritifs locally sourced from California’s Sonoma County. Their wines have deliciously complex flavours balanced with lighter alcohol content. Enjoy a full-sized apéritif of your choice for as low as $35. 

Subscribe to Haus here

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