As the world continually progresses, so do the requirements humans like us need to survive. That, of course, includes our daily needs, even those we might find so normal that we only notice how important they are once we lose touch with them. 

The most common things are what requires a lot of changes, thus, the very waste we accumulate – the need to adapt and be sustainable. Becoming subjected to the threats of the environment, so do we become responsible for taking good care of the things that help us lessen such burdens.  

Utilizing bamboo – of course you know bamboos, they’re a hot item for sustainability like the straws and many utensils made out of them – is one of the things we know of. And when you think it’s only limited to these little things, there are actually bamboo pillows, too! 

Its popularity is actually rising for environmentally-conscious sleepers! Mostly because they’re breathable, adaptable, and cool, as well as comfortable. What more can you even ask for? When we purchase these things, we must always remember that they require a lot of care, especially because bamboo fibers are not made equally. 

If you think of drifting from your old waste-accumulative ways beginning with switching your pillows, this article is made just for you. But if you already own one, of course, you’re welcome here, too! 


Step by Step: How To Wash A Bamboo Pillow 

Are you afraid that your bamboo pillows won’t last long when you wash them? 

Fear no more, I have some important tips for you. But first, you have to prepare a few things including a mild detergent, wash basin, drying rack, your hands (for handwashing) or washing machine (if you have it!), and most importantly, yourself. 

Washing Bamboo Pillows by Hand

Step 1. Pillowcase Removal from the Bamboo Pillow

This is a crucial step to not accelerate the damage of your pillow – you have to detach them from each other. They are very delicate so they easily fall apart when there is force, so you have to remember to be gentle. 

Step 2. Washing the Pillowcase and the Pillow

Separately wash the pillowcase and the pillow. Dry the pillowcase on a rack once done. Pro-tip! Remember to only use mild detergent that does not have bleach, and lukewarm water. Most of all, utilize air-drying towards the best extent – both for the pillowcase and the pillow itself! 

Speaking of the pillow, use your leftover lukewarm water-detergent combo – add and squeeze the pillows in until they’re heavily soaked. Soak them a little bit longer if they require more cleaning.

Step 3. Pillow Rinsing

Just like the previous step, only use warm water for rinsing. Don’t stop until you get every detergent residue there is, you don’t want the leftover detergent to ruin the foam filling. 

Washing Bamboo Pillows with Washing Machine

The processes are very similar for handwashing – you gotta use lukewarm water and mild detergent – but be mindful of these little changes.

When using a washing machine, only turn on the mild cycle to not damage the pillowcase and the pillow itself. Don’t ever think of using the dryer for a shorter drying time or you’ll lose the fluff of your pillows. Dry them on a steady rack, and be patient! 

Maintaining Bamboo Pillows – FAQs

I know you still have many questions, and you might find it too overwhelming, but it’s part of the process. I assure you they’re worth the investment, you just have to get used to it. How relieving must it be to have aesthetically-sustainable things, right? 

How Often Should I Wash My Bamboo Pillow?

As hard as it all seems, you actually only have to wash your pillows twice a year! Of course, given that you are keeping them fresh at all times. Otherwise, you might have to suffer from skin problems like the ever-infamous acne. During these cases, of course you have to wash them more frequently – maybe, every three months? 

And when their quality degrades, don’t even think about following the timeframe – just wash them the way they need to be. 

How Long Does a Bamboo Pillow Last?

Like normal pillows, bamboo pillows are also bound to lose their sag, shape, and support in the long run. Taking care of them should be a priority to ensure that your neck is adequately supported. Bamboo pillows can last up to two years if they are used often. Sure, they gotta be replaced, too.

Don’t panic! Two years is a long time, you’ll have plenty of time to save enough for a new supply of these pillows. 

Why Does My Bamboo Pillow Smell?

A chemical, such as polyurethane, which was either a part of your pillow or a chemical used in the production process, is off-gassing, resulting in the odor. 

To get rid of it, airing out is a must. Not only will this help you get rid of the chemical-like odor, it will also help you get rid of other stinky stuff such as whatever falls off your mouth while sleeping, along with those crawly and itchy things

Don’t let the bedbugs bite, folks! 

When Will I Know My Bamboo Pillow Is No Use Anymore?

Because they are sustainably-made, they also become unusable within a shorter lifespan than that of regular pillows. Signs and symptoms of expiration include its shredding and the saddening loss of fluff. 

Depending on the way you take care of them, it will either speed or slow down the degradation speed. Don’t feel pressured, remember to only take things easy! 

How to Soften a Bamboo Pillow?

Feeling uncomfy because of your new bamboo pillows being too hard to take for your neck? Are you losing hours of sleep because of it but you don’t wanna regret purchasing them? I have a few words for you. 

Using 4-5 dryer balls is a good solution for such problems. If you don’t have any, don’t feel compelled to buy one; instead, use tennis balls or clean socks that have been firmly rolled. For around 10 minutes, place the pillow in the dryer on low heat. Never use too much heat on your pillow, as this will inevitably damage it! 

How to Fluff a Bamboo Pillow?

Things aren’t just how we expect them to be, just like pillows. Some pillows are too fluffy your head sinks when you lie down, but some are too hard it feels like resting your head on a rock. Don’t give up on your bamboo pillows yet, you only need to give them five minutes to prove themselves. 

Have some pent-up anger in there? I have the best venting option for you. Think about whatever angers you, and simply rock and roll your hands over the flat cushion to feel it puff up! The air is allowed to enter the pillow while we use our hands, allowing it to blow and grow into a full-fledged pillow. Never stop until your anger subsides. I hope you are feeling at ease now! 

Things to Consider When Buying Bamboo Pillows 

First, when you are either browsing online or offline stores with bamboo sleeping products, remember to look at the loft or how tall the pillow sits. Consider the tricky details such as if you are side or stomach sleeper because you require different lofts! 

Next, you have to consider the pillow filling. Either memory foams or bamboo fiber fillings, they’re used in the production of bamboo pillows. Whatever it is, just make sure they’re firm or soft enough according to your liking. 

Support follows as the next thing to consider – make sure that the foam molds to the shape of your head and neck in order to assure your spine is properly aligned. 

After a long day, make sure you’re laying on pillows that relieve your bodily pressure and tension. Consider their shapes and temperature regulation abilities according to your body’s liking as well! 

Finally, always look at the price tag! The typical prices for new bamboo pillows range from at least $50 until $150, depending on its quality. This is on the higher end of the pricing range for a new pillow, but keep in mind that there are a lot of sales, discounts, and promotions that can help you get a better deal on a new pillow. We’re here to guide you along the way! 

When buying bamboo pillows, keep in mind that they can differ greatly from one manufacturer to the next. This covers the sort of bamboo fabric and internal filling utilized, as well as the basic construction. With a higher price tag than the ordinary pillow, it’s critical to understand what distinguishes the best bamboo pillows. So, if you want to buy some or replace your old ones, I’ll give you brand recommendations.

1. Cariloha 

Cariloha is touted to be the best bamboo cushion producer in the world, with bamboo sourced from China’s Sichuan Province. It entices its customers with its softness and ability to relieve pressure, as well as its excellent customer service.

  • Price Range: $129 -Standard $139 – King
  • 100% bamboo charcoal memory foam
  • Medium firmness

2. Puffy Pillows 

Value-wise, this brand is for you! With its best temperature-regulating qualities, Puffy Pillows also over adjustable loft according to the customer’s needs. Worried about how long they last? Puffy Pillow actually offers a lifelong warranty

  • Price Range: $79 – Standard $99 – King
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Medium firmness

3. Luxome

Luxome has a legacy of allowing consumers to mix and match inserts to change the loft and firmness levels of their pillows, thanks to its extremely adjustable quality. Most importantly, they’re very comfortable!

  • Price Range: $100 – Standard/Queen $115 – King
  • Down alternative, shredded gel-infused memory foam, solid gel-infused memory foam
  • Adjustable firmness


Now that we have given you quite a lot of advice for when you either purchase or are about to do so for bamboo pillows, we really hope that we have assisted you well. When we adjust according to our needs, not only do we need to be wary of whatever is comforting for us, but also how we are able to help the environment as a whole. As always, remember to spend wisely! 

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