Eating healthy is the best decision you can make for your body. After all, eating well lowers the risk of illness and provides you with more energy to enjoy your life.

Unfortunately, preparing nutritious meals can take a lot of time, energy, and effort, from going to the grocery store to making sure the ingredients are organic to actually cooking the meals. This makes it difficult to prepare nutritious meals, particularly for those who just don’t have the time. 

Thankfully, nutritious meal delivery services exist to make eating well more convenient. 

So, how do meal subscriptions work?

When you sign up for an organic meal kit delivery program, you agree to get recipes or meals delivered to your door on a regular or weekly basis. Depending on the amount of food you want to purchase each month and the brand you subscribe to, you could pay anywhere from a few dollars to a hundred dollars per month.

Are meal subscriptions worth it?

Even though meal subscriptions can appear “luxurious”, they can save you money and time. 

Let’s say you go grocery shopping every week. In that case, no matter how carefully you prepare your meals, you probably might have run into a food waste issue, such as having an extra tomato or carrot in the fridge.

Through a meal delivery service, you get to reduce the amount of food waste. . Meal kits come with pre-portioned, high-quality ingredients, so you won’t lose money on food waste by letting leftovers spoil in the fridge.

And, since meal delivery services deliver meal kits to your house, you’ll spend less time at the grocery store, giving you more time to do the things you love.

What are the best value meal delivery services?


EveryPlate and Dinnerly, according to CNET, are two of the best value meal delivery services in 2021.

EveryPlate, which starts at $4.99 per serving and focuses on inexpensive and hearty meal options as well as generous portion sizes, is the ideal plan for those on a budget. Plus, your first order comes with 18 meals for $3.33 each and free delivery!

On the other hand, Dinnerly is a low-cost meal delivery service that’s best for fast meals. Dinnerly’s meal kits are affordable, starting at $4.29 per serving. All meal kits need only six ingredients or less and are ready to eat in 30 minutes.

What is the best organic meal delivery service?

Sunbasket is a brand that offers the best sustainable and organic meal kits made with antibiotic-free meats and seafood. The brand lets you choose from a selection of 6-18 organic meals recipes, including vegan, paleo, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals! 

What is the healthiest meal delivery kit? 

HelloFresh is the healthiest meal kit delivery service since it focuses on tasty and simple-to-make organic meals for people with food allergies. So if you’re allergic to (or avoiding) dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, or other foods, HelloFresh has you covered. 

You may have noticed that there are various meal delivery services to choose from, and deciding which one to subscribe to use can be difficult.

To help you find the perfect organic meal delivery service, here are 12 of the best organic meal kit delivery services for healthy at-home dining: 


1. Sunbasket 

Sunbasket is a common meal-delivery service that offers personalised certified organic, gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian meal options for people of all diets. This company also uses antibiotic-free meats and seafood and, as well as organic, sustainably sourced, and non-GMO products. Plus, all their meal kits are packed in 100% recyclable boxes.

Check out Sunbasket here

2. Purple Carrot 

Purple Carrot is an excellent meal delivery service for those with a plant-based diet. Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, this brand provides two- and four-serving plans of plant-based meal kits and frozen meals. Purple Carrot delivers customers’ meal kits in compostable and insulated packaging. 

Take a look at Purple Carrot’s menu here

3. Green Chef 

Green Chef is an excellent option if you enjoy meals made with ingredients fresh from the farmer’s market. This USDA-certified company produces organic, vegan, keto, and gluten-free meal kits in collaboration with local farmers. Choose from a number of meal plans to have nutritious meals delivered weekly to your door.

Visit Green Chef’s menu today. 

4. Blue Apron

Blue Apron, dubbed the “grandfather” of meal kit delivery services, is a great option for healthy chef-designed meals. This company offers tasty recipes made from organic meats and sustainable ingredients. Their meal kit plans are customisable to fit your lifestyle and dietary requirements.

Sign up for Blue Apron here

5. Thrive Market 

Thrive Market is an online membership-based market that offers healthy meal kits at low prices. They work with suppliers that support fair trade and environmentally sustainable farming methods. For just $5/month, you access over 6,000 organic ingredients that are tailored to your particular dietary needs.

Check out Thrive Market here.  

6. Fresh N’ Lean 

If you’re always on the go, Fresh N’ Lean is the perfect fit for you. This company sells ready-to-eat meals that are made from organic and ethically sourced ingredients. This USDA-certified brand delivers various ready-to-eat meals to your door, from plant-based to vegan options.

To know more, visit Fresh N’ Lean.  

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7. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is a meal kit delivery service that provides delectable meals without sacrificing nutrition. They offer on-the-go soups, smoothies, and bowls made with farm-fresh ingredients. Their meal kits are organic, pre-portioned, and ready in minutes, making them perfect for busy folks who want to eat healthily.

Learn more about Daily Harvest here

8. Wine Wines 

If you’re looking for an organic wine delivery service, Wine Wines is a company that you shouldn’t overlook. This grape-to-glass company collaborates with winemakers who believe in environmentally friendly grape farming and sustainable winemaking. For $39/month, you can enjoy three bottles of quality organic wine. 

Learn more about Wine Wines here

9. Mindful Chef 

Keeping track of calories and vitamins is hard, but Mindful Chef makes it easy. This certified B Corp meal delivery service offers nutritionist-designed and calorie-counted meals that are free from gluten and dairy. Plus, their meal kits are precisely made to support zero food waste.

Visit Mindful Chef’s meal plans here.

10. HelloFresh 

HelloFresh is a delivery service that provides a variety of nutritious, tasty, and quick-to-prepare meals. All of their meal kits are made with pre-portioned ingredients and come with step-by-step recipes to minimise food waste. Meal plans for pescatarian, vegetarian, and low-calorie diets are available on HelloFresh.

Check out what’s fresh at HelloFresh today. 

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11. Gobble 

Cooking dinner in under 15 minutes can be challenging, but Gobble makes it possible. With their famous “Gobble box”, this meal kit delivery service sends customers’ pre-portioned organic ingredient kits for easy, healthy, and tasty recipes. Gobble’s diverse weekly menu caters to vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, and even picky eaters. 

Learn more about Gobble here

12. Freshly 

Are you a carb-conscious fitness enthusiast who finds it challenging to cook healthy meals? Worry no more, as Freshly has you covered with their new “Freshlyfit” plan. This meal kit delivery service offers calorie-counted and chef-cooked organic meals designed to provide much-needed fuel pre-and post-workout. 

To know more, visit Freshly here

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