After a long, hard day at work, everyone desires to sleep soundly and comfortably. Thinking of warm, comfy beds waiting for you at home gives you that final push to finish the day’s work. But can you truly sleep soundly knowing that perhaps your bed is made from harmful materials?

It is not sufficient that your furniture is pleasing to the eye or complements the room it is in. You need to be conscious of your health and the health of Mother Earth.  Having a sustainable bed frame is a great action to take.


What does sustainable mean?

According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, sustainable is an adjective that relates to a method of harvesting or using a resource in ways that no depletion or damage is done.  In an environmental context, this means that when a material is created, the process does not leave a damaging impact on the environment.

Choosing sustainable bed frames

Bed frames are typically made of wood. If you are searching for a bed frame, you should consider how the wood is acquired. Some types of wood, such as plywood or engineered wood, are made up of formaldehyde. This compound contains carcinogen that is both an environmental and health hazard. 

Why wood?

Compared to metal or laminated frames, wooded bed frames are more popular. They are popular because they are more beneficial to the user and the environment. Not to mention that wood is easier to access.

There are many sources of wood that are a good fit if you want to maintain social consciousness while enjoying the comforts of your bed.

Wood is organic and natural. There is nothing artificial about it. And it lasts like fine wine. It has longevity and durability which brings sustainability to a whole new level.


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What is the best wood for bed frame?

When deciding on what type of wood is best, you should consider quality, durability, and workability (ease of use). Some of the most durable ones are maple, birch, and oak. Meanwhile, cedar, maple, and pine are the best ones for wood0working projects. They are easy to manipulate. Experts say that walnut, birch, and maple have the best quality.

Best sustainable bed frames

Furnishing your house with eco-friendly furniture is important. Your bedroom even more so. This is your haven; it should make you feel good physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. You can only achieve all this if you purchase environmental-friendly items, such as a bed frame.

There are other considerations when it comes to choosing an appropriate bed frame. The list below provides you many organic and natural options for you to arrive at a sound decision.

#1. Avocado Mattress

A 2020 winner in the Sustainable Innovation Awards from Good Housekeeping, Avocado Green Mattress is one of the leading and most popular mattress brands in the United States. Apart from mattresses, it offers a host of other items with great furnishings, such as dressers, end tables, and of course bed frames.

Avocado Green Mattress assures that its bed frames come from an organic source that keeps up with their social responsibility. One of its best offers is the Mid-Century Modern Bed Frame. It is made from reclaimed walnut wood. It’s solid and has a style that is a great addition to any house. 

#2. Savvy Rest

Savvy Rest is popular for its platform beds. It has a variety of selections from Twin to Queen to CA King. Its goal is to create furniture that is both functional and durable. 

This product is made from sustainable wood. Typically, Savvy Rest uses poplar and maple with a zero-VOC finish. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. 

These elements must be avoided because breathing them in can cause eye irritation. Also, they cause difficulty in breathing. The most alarming effect is a development of cancer. You don’t have to worry about such situations if you select Savvy Rest.

#3. Urban Woods

Also from a reclaimed source, the Urban Woods bed frame is another brand you can choose. This item is made from Douglas fir wood.

The line recommends The Wilcox Platform Bed Collection, which includes the Wilcox Bed. This smooth, wooden item is vintage and finished in low VOC acrylic. It’s durable as it comes with subtle molding details that provide long-lasting quality.

You may select from a wide-range of options that allow you to live more sustainably. Check out this brand and decide for yourself.


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#4. My Green Mattress

Like most platform beds, the ones from My Green Mattress are easy to assemble. And it’s quite affordable too. 

It’s toxic-free. It’s made from poplar wood. You’ll be amazed at the ethical practices of the brand as it ensures that no harmful effects to the environment are made when creating the products. 

If you are looking for a blend of simple style and organic beauty, this one’s for you. The bed can complement any bedroom because of its easy tones and understated elegance.

Available in Twin size, King size, and others, you have here a good bargain. Why don’t you check it online?

#5. Wearth

Based in London, Wearth is known for its mission of providing eco-friendly, non-toxic materials for a healthier environment. Expert British artisans engage in quality production and craftsmanship that lead to easier and more efficient trade relations.

Under its Rust Collections is the Verbier Reclaimed Bed. Using reworked timber, the result is a matte hardwax that can make any contemporary bedrooms come alive. Timber is considered the most environmental-friendly wood product. It is can be reused, recycled, and sustained. These details alone should convince you of its value.

Wearth’s store offers customized orders. Check out their website here: You can find the bed frame (and other products) that would suit your needs.

#6. Medley

Medley offers a wide variety of furniture that a team of woodworkers sets out to create for better satisfaction of customers. Handcrafted in California, its bed frames are state of the art; you have the option to choose one that has open shelves for storage.

One of its signature items is the Bramo Bed. This is in mid-century style with an organic frame padding. It’s made from Alder hardwood. Alder is not endangered; thus, it is a good choice. There are no harmful chemicals involved in the production.

The Bramo Bed comes in all sizes from Twin to Cali King. Check it to see how it can be a beautiful centerpiece to your bedroom.

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#7. Thuma

If you appreciate detailed and careful craftsmanship, then you may find Thuma to your liking. The brand’s conscious effort to deliver quality products can be best exemplified by the beds offered to the public.

The products are a perfect blend of functionality and sustainability. The beds are minimalist but sophisticated, making your sleep experience true luxury.

The company boasts of its usage of repurposed rubberwood. The process of repurposing allows minimal carbon footprint. Thuma is Greenguard-certified. This means that the products are scientifically proven to have met third-party standards on chemical emissions. A Greenguard-certified bed means there is a low risk of indoor air pollution and chemical exposure.

Thuma goes beyond making eco-friendly products. It partners with One Tree Planted, a charitable organization that aims to help global reforestation. Each bed sold equals one tree planted to save the forest.

A Thuma bed includes a pillow board, as well as cushion-coated slats. The pillow board comes in two colors: Light Linen and Dark Charcoal. Get the best color to have that savvy and sophisticated look for your bed.

#8. Quagga Designs

This brand originates from Canada. To preserve natural resources, its products can be a great addition to your household. Its main pick is the Flex Wood Bed.

The Flex Wood Bed is manufactured with Birch, a local hardwood tree. It contains natural linseed oil which acts as the preservative for the wood, ensuring a full, sustainable use.

It is a stylish item that comes with a couple of nightstands that can be attached. Right now, the brand can only ship within Canada. But this can be a great option for a future purchase. You may check its website from time to time regarding availability for US shipping.

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Where to find sustainable bed frames?

Some of the above brands have websites you can check. You can compare price for a sound decision. You can also look at customer reviews and posts, if available, as a guide for you to buy responsibly.

Some of them are also offered through Amazon and other noteworthy shopping websites. You can also check some of the other top brands that are not included in the list there.

Take a look and consider the best one for you. Search and shop now!


Having a more sustainable world is ideal. You can do your part in it by opting for bed frames and other products that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Whether your goal is comfort, style, or affordability, you can sleep better and live your life knowing you made the right choice.

It’s time to go to bed. Rest and relax. Sleep well and dream organic dreams!

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