Breathe the air deeply. Inhale. Exhale. Are you calm yet? 

One of the oldest and most effective techniques to calming and relaxing one’s self is doing yoga. Also, yoga provides several health benefits.

Yoga improves your strength. Yoga can ease your body pains. It can improve your cardiovascular health. It can eliminate your stress and anxiety. These are some of the benefits you can get from frequent yoga practice. 

To get a great and healthy outcome, and an enjoyable experience at that, you need to procure the essentials in performing yoga. One important piece of equipment you’ll need is a yoga mat.


What is a yoga mat?

A yoga mat is a material specifically designed to provide you a cushion and traction when you do your poses. You need to have this for your comfort and safety during your workout sessions to keep your mind focused.

What kind of yoga mat can you use?

different shape and size yoga mats on a gym rack

A yoga mat comes in all sizes, depending on your needs. They also are made from different materials, such as rubber. It is recommended that you use eco-friendly mats.

What are eco-friendly yoga mats?

These are mats with design and make that come from environment-friendly materials. These types of mats ensure that you obtain a healthier and more sustainable practice.

Yoga has a strong concept spiritually and environmentally. It would be ironic if something that is used to practice it on is harmful to the world. 

What to Look for in an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat?

Here are some of the things you can do:

Search for yoga mats that can be recycled. In doing so, you can conserve natural resources.

Look for washable yoga mats. This would be easier for you to get rid of the dirt that can accumulate with your usage.

Pick yoga mats that are made through sustainable methods. This is to ensure cleanliness and safety.

Find yoga mats that are PVC-free. You need to avoid non-toxic elements.

You may not find all of these elements in just one item. But it is good to know what you can do to contribute to the betterment of the earth.

woman wearing black gym outfit doing yoga on a yoga mat with water bottle next to her


Full-fledged yogis should consider long-lasting yoga mats. And that is what Manduka can give you. Their products are strong and durable.

There are several kinds of mats that Manduka offers. The standard one is the PRO line, which is PVC-safe. This line has a closed-cell surface that is easy to wipe and clean. It’s 100% latex-free. There are two sizes available: Standard and Extra Long.

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Thick Mat, High Performance Grip, Ultra Dense Cushioning for Support and Stability in Yoga, Pilates, Gym and Any General Fitness

Is Manduka eco friendly?

Absolutely! According to the company’s page, the mats are made using all-natural and renewable materials. Manduka assures that there are no toxic emissions released upon producing these mats.


Do you need comfortable and cushiony mats? Gaiam can provide you with those. 

One of the best offers from Gaiam is the Jute Yoga Mat. As the name suggests, it is made from all-natural jute, a plant/fiber that makes burlap. The best thing about this product is that it is non-toxic and silicone-free.

You can check It has an option for you to check the kind of mat that will be right and apt for your needs. There are options on size, thickness, and others that could help you make a sound decision.

Gaiam Yoga Mat – Premium 6mm Print Reversible Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise & Fitness Mat for All Types of Yoga, Pilates & Floor Workouts (68″ x 24″ x 6mm Thick)

Jade Yoga

Jade Yoga offers the Harmony Yoga Mat. This product boasts a strong and steady grip that is sure to hold you in any yoga position. It has more stability to keep you up in standing poses.

It’s made of natural thick rubber that is for heavy-duty use. It’s synthetic-free. The brand is proud to say that its products are sustainable. They commit to giving back to the planet by planting trees through Trees for the Future. This non-profit organization brings the idea of planting a tree to help the environment to a whole new level.

JADE YOGA – Harmony Yoga Mat – Yoga Mat Designed to Provide A Secure Grip to Help Hold Your Pose

Brentwood Home

Do you want a non-slip yoga mat that is organic and eco-friendly? Brentwood Homes offers their organic-certified yoga mats that are sure to satisfy you.

GOTS-certified, the product uses organic cotton that is sewn in a way that leaves the mat absorptive and textured, eliminating moisture. This ensures that you will not slip even in the most complicated of poses.

There are several colors to choose from, such as Midnight Navy, Sage Green, Pink Rose Water, and Ocean Blue. You not only feel good using it. You also look good with the beautiful colors that surround you.

Yoloha Aura Yoga Mat

Another high-quality yoga mat you can consider is the Yoloha Aura Yoga Mat. This brand suggests a variety of items that are created with alignment to each unique person’s needs and preferences.

The cork of the material is a bit thinner, and it is specifically manufactured that way to ensure portability. It’s light in weight that allows you to travel anywhere with it.

If you need mats for more complicated practices, the brand also has some. These items are great if you break out into a hot sweat with intense and rigorous workouts. The products can withstand the wet pressure if perspiration pools into the surface of the mat. 

Lululemon Yoga Mats

The brand not only offers workout clothes that are in current fashion, but it also has in its line yoga accessories that can interest any practicing yogi. One of these is a yoga mat.

It has a top layer that allows you to maintain balance on the floor while doing stand-up workouts. It has a reversible feature which allows you to have longer use of the item before you have to wash it anew.

Are Lululemon yoga mats eco friendly?

Regarding eco-value, the product is made from natural rubber. To research this further, you may visit the shopping website and read a review for this brand.

Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme has as a featured item – a non-slip mat that is ideal for carrying. Purchases will include a large bag that is appropriate for both men and women.

According to, it has 100% positive feedback from customer reviews. Check out what gurus have to say about it.

LIFORME Original Yoga Mat – Free Yoga Bag Included – Patented Alignment System, Warrior-Like Grip, Non-Slip, Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable, Sweat-Resistant, Long, Wide, 4.2mm Thick mat for Comfort

Lottus Life Jute Yoga Mat

Another brand that offers mats made from jute is Lottus Life. The items are SGC-certified and free from toxic materials.

It’s also reversible, and Lottus Life recommends that you use the soft side first. This is to allow the rough side, which is due to the jute properties, to soften. Once broken down, both sides will be smooth and soft to work out on.

Suga Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

As the name suggests, this yoga mat from Suga is made from a 100% recycled wetsuit. There is nothing more eco-friendly than this.

There’s a pebbly feel to the texture, but it’s still soft to the touch. It has been reviewed as having adequate cushioning. It’s extra-durable with a super grip and cushion.

Yoga Design Lab Combo Mat 

To create this product, natural rubber is mixed with a microfiber-towel layer. Thus, the idea of a “combo.” This mat is customized to be ultra-absorbent.

This is ideal for customized yoga sessions because it can support itself from multiple usages. Earth-conscious, the company makes itself responsible for protecting the earth by avoiding harmful elements such as silicone, phthalates, and toxic glue.

To have optimal grip, it is suggested that you wet the mat by spritzing a little water. This ensures well-balanced and optimum movement.

Please Find More Options

Apart from the brands above, there are other ones available out there that can be more to your liking. The important thing is to select one from the list that can best serve your eco needs.

You can check out some health websites as they can recommend not just some of the best health practices you can try but also top products for each regimen.

See some of these sites as soon as you can! 

Go buy now!

With all these available items to choose from, it will be easier for you to find the perfect yoga rug that will be your buddy in your journey to health and happiness. You may shop through online websites, such as Amazon, Target, and others and find great deals and promotions. You can compare the price so you can get something that is aligned with your buying requirements. Don’t miss out on great deals.

Support environment-friendly products. As much as you can, choose recyclable items. Avoid plastic and opt for biodegradable products at all cost.

Final Thoughts

Buying yoga mats is a must even for those newbies in the yoga practice. And even though you may tire of this discipline and move on to another, you may still find some use of the mats with other workout practices such as Pilates. 

What is important is that your yoga experience is done with the utmost safety and comfort. Picking the right one is easy as you now have all these options. By using yoga mats in your sessions, you are assured that you’ll get the physical, mental, and spiritual contentment you are aiming for.

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