Reading allows you to improve your memory, and develop your skills in analyzing and writing. Not only that, but it also momentarily takes you away from everything around you which helps you reduce stress. 

That’s why people love to isolate and devote their time with a good book and be transported to unknown worlds of forgotten eras. 

Today, it’s easier than ever to find your next favorite book to read. You can start signing up with book subscriptions and start receiving individualized recommendations. You can also have information about new releases by your favorite authors, or about used books to add to your collection.


Book Subscription Box

Trying to read more, but not sure where to start? There are amazing new works released every week – and a book subscription box may be how you can find them. A book subscription box is a package sent to your house once you subscribed to a book club subscription. It contains books and other materials that are included in the subscription.

These boxes are normally being sent every month and bring a lineup of arranged picks based on the genres you love. Can be from steamy romance, YA, and even some of Oprah’s favorites

On top of sending upcoming reading materials, these book subscription boxes usually include other goodies, like coffee beans, or self-care products, depending on the one you choose. 

Best Subscriptions

Since reading is one of the most used amusements most people choose, experts gathered a list of book subscriptions that can make your time reading worth a while. 

The Wordy Traveler

This subscription costs $49.99 up to $593.99 quarterly. This is specially created for book lovers who like travel and adventures. There are two subscriptions you can choose from – backpacking edition and full suitcase. Sounds interesting right? 

The backpacking edition contains one book. The full suitcase contains three books, teas that are ethically sourced, and gifts, especially from other countries.

Peace & Pages

Subscriptions from this company cost $23.82 per month. Their service makes you have peace by reading and relaxation. They have two plans which are bi-monthly and monthly. You can choose your preferred genre and you can choose if you’ll have the basic one or deluxe. Their box contains a book, of course, products that are themed naturally or handmade, some materials for your books, and also food that you can enjoy while reading.


Their package starts at $42.75 a month. Their packages and books focus on self-care and growth. This way you can have a life coach with your monthly subscription. Each package contains a book about helping yourself that comes with a guide for practical reading, six items that can help improve yourself, and access that lets you join coaching lessons online and in an exclusive community.

Tailored Book Recommendation

TBR costs $15 to $79 per quarter. Book Riot, book experts, launched this subscription that is one of a kind. After completing a survey, experts provide you recommendations via email or books that are hard covered depending on what subscription level you’re on. This survey lets you decide how much time you will stay in your own zone.

The Bookworm Box

A monthly subscription costs $6.99 up to $43.99. In this box, you have 2 book subscription choices. Both boxes contain bookmarks, keychains, journals, pens that are fun and autographed books. This box gives the book swag vibes.


This subscription costs $9.95 per month. Seeing their box, which is teal-colored, can make your whole month wonderful. This subscription does not only provide books for adults but also for children, starting from five.


This subscription costs $44.95 for each shipment. This company is located in Portland, OR, and has an independent iconic bookstore. If you want a cutting-edge book, start to subscribe. They also provide supplemental materials that can help you achieve the greatest of your book. 

There are times that these special boxes contain advance reader copies from novels that are not yet released, this way you can be ahead of the track.


This subscription costs $29.95 per month and includes one to two books. They specialize in classic books. Boxwalla is an Indian term for “traveling merchant”. They have subscriptions that include books, beauty products, and films. Their packaging is tree-free handmade paper. These are made by artisans and Indian villagers.


This costs $29.99 per month. In this company, YA novel readers are special, why? There is a subscription box monthly made specifically for them. This special box contains a hardcover book that is brand new. And of course 3-5 items from your preferred genre. Special goodies are also included in the box from the authors themselves.

Bubbles & Books

This book subscription costs $13.75 to $46 per month. Once you subscribe, you can choose what genre you prefer, historical romance, contemporary, or paranormal. The book standard subscription box contains one novel that is newly released,  five eBooks about romance, and bath and body luxury items. 

For the premium book subscription box, you can receive two novels that are newly released, five eBooks about romance, and seven luxury items from bath and body. This premium one ships for free.

Book of the Month

This subscription costs $14.99 a month for only one book. This subscription specializes in early and new releases. They stay up-to-date with the greatest and latest books, they do it with no sweat. The BOTM team goes through books across different genres, while you pick your own favorite. Also, you can skip a month whenever you like, or instead, you can choose older picks if you don’t feel any of the books.

Feminist Book Club

This has a virtual subscription that starts at $12.00 a month. They specialize in international picks and are also a community-driven club. Subscribers can tell them what books they prefer and can vote for final picks. This club offers three subscriptions. Every single detail introduces sustainability and responsible sourcing. This company uses local pick-up anytime, minimal packaging, and fair wages for all the workers.

Relove Print

Each book starts from $8.99 a month and specializes in fantasy and sci-fi. Aussie bookworms have a saying “It’s time to reuse, recycle, and Relove Print.” Based on your preferences, their service will send you a few pre-loved books that can bring new life to you. All of these pre-loved books have good quality so you will receive no damaged pages.

The Book Drop

This subscription starts at $6.99 per month that includes one book. This company specializes in YA books. Once you subscribe, you will be able to help Bethany Beach Books. This is an independent bookstore that is Delaware-based and has been around for three decades. You’ll be able to receive a tailored paperback book based on what you prefer and a special note monthly. This has recyclable packaging and can be shipped to your front door.


Each book box starts at £12.80 per month and this company specializes in relaxation and self-care. Reading is a form of self-care, you relax and put knowledge into the mind, this company lets you luxuriate in every second. For modern women, there is a special box that aside from books, has beauty treatment products, tea, and even chocolates. Each package you subscribe to, a part proceeds supports different charity organizations.

Coffee and a Classic

Subscription starts at $39.99 each month and has classic literature, children’s classics, and classic non-fiction books you can choose from. This company sends you a box that includes a book and something you can drink while reading. Match their theme right? Coffee is not only the option but these are hot chocolate or teas.

Hunt A Killer

This subscription starts at $30 per month plus the shipping. Their box is not the box you can usually receive. It has thrills and can be compared to an escape room theme. Every month, you will be able to receive autopsies, police files, audio files, photos, and a lot more evidence that will allow you to solve mysteries. 100,000 members are active that you can play with.

Call Number

One book costs $22 each quarter and they specialize in black literature and authors. This company will allow you to meet and love Black authors. They offer non-fiction, young adult genres, indie, fiction, and every 3 months, they deliver book boxes to your door. That certain box contains a book, items that are handful themed, and a lot more.

Tips To Find The Right Subscription 

To be able to find the right subscription for you, here are a few tips:

  1. Look for certain boxes or subscriptions that have the genre you prefer. There are a lot of other options you can find with new releases. But it’s hard to find subscriptions that have non-fiction.
  2. You have to consider the time of your reading. If you can’t or don’t finish a certain book or more in the given time be sure that you look for a subscription that lets you skip if you need to. Find one that also lets you add on some books if you are an avid reader.
  3. Take time to think if you’re going to look for boxes that have extra goodies or one that has just plain books. Pairing tea or coffee with books is perfect, you might also want to have a tea or coffee subscription with your book.

Try to take advantage of a book subscription because it can help you get yourself or your kids away from their phone screens or away from playing games. This way, there will be fewer arguments and more productivity in your household. 

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