Eco-friendly items have been on-trend in the market these days. A lot of people are now switching to a more sustainable lifestyle. You may be familiar with the usual eco-friendly items, but did you know there are slippers too?

Eco-friendly slippers are made with caring about the environment. They usually use sustainable production, natural resources, and a lot of ethical practices to be able to create a slipper that does less damage to the environment. 


What are the benefits of using sustainable slippers?

We all know what are the benefits of wearing slippers in our everyday life. It increases our productivity, it can keep our house and feet clean, and it can prevent us from catching diseases and infections. But what are the benefits of switching to sustainable slippers?


The materials used to build these slippers are renewable like wool. Being sustainable means you care not only about yourself but for others and the environment too. There are also other materials that are used by companies to make these sustainable slippers.


The materials used are natural and don’t harm the environment. This is the very important part of making eco-friendly slippers if it harms or does not harm the environment.


When going to buy footwear we always think how long it will last us. Switching to eco-friendly products not only makes our living sustainable but also guarantees the best quality. Some sustainable materials are more durable than the harmful materials there are.

Health Benefits

If it contributes good things to the environment, it can give a lot of health benefits for your well-being. Just like sheepskin, it contains Lanolin and also promotes better blood circulation.

Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial

Some materials used in making sustainable slippers are resistant to mold, bacteria, or others that can trigger allergies to people. Dust can trigger allergies to a lot of people, so try choosing footwear that suits you best.

Animal Friendly

Seeing a lot of dead animals with plastics in their stomach or traps somewhere in their body can be really disturbing. Sustainable slippers can lessen the harm brought to the animals by plastics and other non-eco-friendly materials.

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Are Ugg slippers sustainable? 

Ugg has made its decision in creating a more sustainable future. Ugg has a platform about sustainability that was launched last October 2020. This line that they released is called, FEEL GOOD, where they used TENCEL, a sustainable material, and a lot of materials that are responsibly sourced.

Ugg also launched a Plant Power Collection after the FEEL GOOD platform was released. This is just the start of this company in becoming more sustainable and eco-friendly. This company is hoping that the discarding of shoes should be put to an end because this can give a lot of waste to landfills.

Aside from the platform and commitment of Ugg to a more sustainable future, this company guarantees you coziness in its entire product. This company also promises that 200,000 acres of land will be regenerated this 2021 and in 2025, it will go up to 1,000,000 acres of land. Ugg has really done its job of becoming more eco-friendly.

What is the most ethical shoe company? 

Responsible people manufacture all of their products in factories that are responsible and make sure that all of their employees are treated fairly, and with dignity. The best thing a company can do is to produce products with the environment and everything on their mind. Because there are a lot of products that end up in our landfills.

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Here are 9 ethical shoe brands that you can buy shoes from

#1. Zou Xou

Their products are made by using techniques that are age-old and they also use leathers that are premium. This makes their product elegant and can be used for a long time. This company focuses on reducing waste through manufacturing processes that are ethical and they also save energy.

#2. Sseko

This company uses fashion to be able to create an opportunity for all of the women through employment and education opportunities. Sseko helped more than 60 women to go to college by earning from their products.

#3. Nine Z

They source ethically and have fair labor. This company was launched in 2008 because there is a lack of clogs in New York City, based on her experience.

#4. Nisolo

They are determined in creating an environment that is healthy, in making shoes. They pay fair wages to the employees and aside from that, they give a lot of benefits too.

#5. Veja

Sneakers that are eco-friendly? Veja got you. Their shoes are made concerning standards of work. They have a lot of trainers that are a handful and use organic cotton, leather that are vegetable-tanned and wild rubbers.

#6. Marais USA

The shoes from this brand are produced with materials that are vegan, and they use eco-friendly techniques and sustainable materials to create the product for people. They are committed to a fashion that is ethical and has quality control inspections in person.

#7. Fortress of Inca

This company believes that whoever made the shoe is also important as their customers. They have a well-maintained working condition and also provide health care, social security benefits, and also paid maternity leave.

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#8. Everlane

Aside from the minimalist style of this brand, you can make sure that their products are made responsibly. This company uses all of its powers to be able to create a more sustainable future for the world.


It is known as a luxury brand but aside from that, it is sustainable and founded by a modern woman. This company uses unconventional materials to create their products like renewed plastic, algae, and apples to create their stunning leather shoes.

#10. Coclico

This company makes shoes that are locally sourced in Europe and runs a factory with family. They are partnered with Native Energy to be able to know the usage of in-house carbon. They are committed to environmental integrity.

Is Celtic and Co ethical? 

Celtic & Co is known for being eco-friendly and sustainable since 1990. From choosing suppliers that give the best quality, they also choose the best with natural materials and use manufacture and sourcing that are ethical. They are also located in Great Britain and reduce carbon footprint and also support manufacturing industries that are local.

They have this traditional style that is comfortable, country and coast. They create products for babies and toddlers, men and women, from tops to shoes they have it all.

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Sustainable Slipper Brands

After learning a few things about sustainable slippers, it feels like you want to try one. A slipper is just a slipper, others say. But here are a few brands that will make you switch to sustainable slippers in no time.

#11. Baabuk

This company makes sure that their products are ethically made, has an eco-friendly production, sources their wool responsibly, they are a family-owned business and certified B Corp. Their sizes range from 35-48 and have 10 color options. Each product will cost $65-$79.

Once you have this product, you will never want to leave your house again. This product guarantees you comfortable footwear and can be used long-term. It is made with wool and has 100 rubbers that are natural which makes your feet cozy and odor-free.

#12. Parachute Home

This company makes sure their products are ethically made in Turkey and an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified. Their sizes range from XS-XL and have two options for color. Each slipper will cost $39-$79.

This will make you feel like you are always in a luxurious spa. This is perfect after a long day outside or a long day at work. Their slippers have cushioned soles and patterned terry.

#13. Bure Bure

Their products are specially handmade, they use natural wool that is cruelty-free, and they are a company that is family-owned. Their sizes range from for adults, and children, and have a lot of styles and colors that you can choose from. Each slipper costs $36.80-$163.71.

Their slippers are made with wool that is naturally felted that is from their own property. They also have a wide variety of styles, patterns, colors, and sizes that can fit your wants and needs. Every person in your family can experience the feel of Bure Bure because it comes in all sizes and for different genders.

#14. Kyrgies

Their materials used are natural, free from chrome, dyes that are low impact, and made by artisans. They have slippers for children and also adults, with different styles and colors. Each slipper costs $69-$89.

This is a type of slippers that will not slip from your feet. They are specially made by artisans with felting techniques that are traditional. They also use materials that have low impact and have a lot of variation you can choose from.

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#15. Thought

They use sustainable bamboo, recycled materials, and certified organic cotton to create their perfect slipper. Their size ranges from S, M, L, XL, or 6-11 for the US, and 4-9 for the UK. Their slippers cost £14.9 each.

A company from the UK makes sure you experience the coziest slipper socks. It is made with three layers of recycled polyester lining, bamboo, and cotton that is organic. These are essentially socks, so you will be able to wash them and use them again.

#16. Toast

This company uses jute or wool that is natural, supports fair trade, and makes products ethically. Their sizes range from 36-41 and have 8 options for color. Each pair of slippers will cost $105-$190.

These slippers will make you feel a warm hug. Each slipper is hand sewn with felted wool and a sole that is suede. 

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