New organic baby clothes are made from the best materials that will surely protect your babies. This is perfect for families who are conscious of the health of their kids and prefer good quality and natural-made products. Moms know better – they know the right choice for their kids. 

Non-organic baby clothes may contain traces of petrochemicals, esters, PVC along other potentially harmful materials. These materials are known to cause health problems such as malignancies, immune disorders, and behavioral disorders. 


What Are the Best Brands of Organic Baby Clothes?

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When it comes to picking out baby clothes, taking extra measures to ensure it is made from high-quality and chemical-free materials must be ensured. Here are the best and favorite clothing brands for babies that are safe, sustainable, and non-toxic:

#1. Burt’s Bees Baby 

Burt’s Bee’s is one of the most well-known products for the little ones and is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). This company has passed the standards in the USA because the used organic cotton is grown without any pesticides and chemicals. The fibers that are used are combed thoroughly to ensure that all the impurities are removed. 

The clothes they produce also last longer when compared to the cotton produced via non-organic ways. Aside from clothes, they also produce nursery essentials like your baby’s bedding, bibs, and burp cloths, pajamas, and toddler outfits. 

#2. Finn + Emma

This big brand is known for producing products that are non-toxic and safe apparel for kids. Unlike non-organic options, the fabrics of this brand come without harmful dyes. No chemicals are used throughout the processing of their products. To bring out the cute designs and colors, they make use of biodegradable dyes and are not tainted with heavy metals.

They have a wide range of apparel you can choose from. You may opt for a bodysuit, stylish pajama set, accessories, and toys for your kids. 

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#3. Hudson Childrenswear 

This top brand made a collection specifically for organic baby clothes. They manufacture affordable, adorable, and safe products that moms pick for their kids. All of the products under their collection Touched by Nature are made from pure organic cotton that is healthy for your babies. 

They also produce cute gloves, mittens, bodysuits, and more. Hudson Childrenswear is also popular for its wide variety of prints and designs that are always in fashion. 

#4. Kate Quinn Organics

Aside from organic cotton, this company also makes use of organic bamboo fabric for the clothes they produce. Since these plants are organic, they are free from pesticides and chemicals, unlike non-organic brands. Dyes used for the coloring process of the baby essentials are safe for the health. 

Baby basics produced by Kate Quinn Organics are ensured to be soft, clean, and natural. The factory of this brand also practices fair working conditions to ensure the safety of their workers as well. 

#5. Hanna Andersson

This company has been operating longer than three decades and is famous for manufacturing 100% organic cotton baby essentials. The products they use are sourced from plants that are free from genetically modified organisms and chemicals. 

Their fabrics are breathable, comfortable, and affordable. It comes in different sizes, themes, and types of clothing. This includes pajamas, bibs, onesies, hats, and others that are perfect for any season. May it be summer or winter, your kids are always ready with stylish clothes!

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#6. Art & Eden

If you are looking for the perfect dress for your baby, this company has got your back. Aside from producing clothes made from organic cotton, they are also known for using recyclable packaging. This way, you keep your babies safe and healthy and you help the environment heal too. 

Aside from dresses, they also make fashionable loungewear, tee, hoodies, tops, and pants. Finding the size of your child is easy because they come in different sizes, and their colorful designs will surely catch your eye! 

#7. Mori

This particular brand produces organic essentials for babies and toddlers. They are known for their fabric which is composed of 70% natural bamboo mixed with 30% of organic cotton. Since their materials are obtained from natural sources, the fabric produced is breathable, soft, and best for children with sensitive skin.

No chemical treatment is done in every clothes they make that’s why moms love and adore this brand! Mori produces sleepwear for children, along with stylish apparel and accessories. 

#8. Babysoy

Majority of the products this company manufactures come with a fiber obtained from soybean protein, known as Azlon. Because of this special material, the fabric becomes naturally soft that brings comfort to the wearer. Other materials that Babysoy use include bamboo rayon and organic cotton.

The snaps, buttons, and zippers of the gear they produce do not contain any traces of nickel and other metals that are harmful to the babies. This brand offers tops, jeans, onesies, a footie, and many more!

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#9. Cat and Dogma

This company utilizes crop growing strategies for their organic cotton during their manufacturing process. They also aim to limit the carbon footprint throughout their production.  No bleaches and chemical dyes can be found in their apparel. Aside from being certified by the GOTS, they are also recognized by the Green America Organization. 

Comparing to other brands in this list, Cat and Dogma offer quite affordable products that are always in style. 

#10. Colored Organics

Aside from producing essentials for the young ones, Colored Organics also complies with ethical practices throughout their whole production process. The cotton they utilize for their products is all-natural and GMO-free, and no chemicals and pesticides were used as well. 

Their apparel comes in many colored designs and simple prints. All of their products are hypoallergenic that will surely take care of your baby’s sensitive skin. Colored Organics are also GOTS-certified. 

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Is Organic Baby Clothes Worth It?


Many mothers just want the best for their children, especially the little ones. Hence, buying clothes without traces of toxic products is one of the best and responsible choices. However, parents out there may wonder if buying these organic baby clothes are worth the price.

Here are the reasons why organics are worth every penny:

  • Eco-Friendly – You get to reduce the footprints left in the environment when you buy organically made baby clothes. Aside from protecting your child, you also get to protect the environment you live in following the clean and green principle. 
  • Comfortable – Organic materials produce more breathable and comfortable. Breakouts are less likely to happen and they offer extra protection for babies with sensitive skin. The materials easily wick away the moisture and help retain heat even during the winter season. A product made from organic materials is designed to care for your babies gently. 
  • Durable – Organic baby clothes are more durable when compared to normal baby clothes in the market. They have better quality and are stronger than regular cotton. Washing these clothes repeatedly would not make them shabby or old. You may still reuse these essentials even for the next pregnancy. 

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Where Can I Buy Organic Baby Clothes?

The majority of the organic clothes being sold can be ordered on their websites. Each site shows all their collections, different sizes, patterns, and designs. You can freely scroll for options until you find the perfect one for your baby.

Aside from ordering on their websites, you can also buy from different online platforms like Amazon and AliExpress. Lastly, you can proceed to their physical shop so you can check the items personally first before buying. 

Final Thoughts

Conventional, affordable, practical, safe – these words pretty much sum up the use of organic baby clothes. As a mom, you just want the best for your baby. That is why organic baby clothes are the best choice for you and your family. 

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