In our generation today, podcasts are utilized for almost anything under the sun. With topics ranging from A to Z, you can learn and find anything you need here. Since it rose to fame, space and content have grown too. So, any content that you are looking for is now within your reach. 

Podcast has started as a free and independent way for people to voice out their thoughts, stories, and messages. The aim is to discover people who share a common interest and start building a community of loyal listeners from the get-go. 

Podcasts are digital audio files that are released on the internet through different apps such as YouTube or Spotify. This may be played on your laptops, personal computers, tablets, iPads, or even on your iPhone. A typical host usually posts an episode weekly or twice a week. 

To build a community in a podcast, people with similar interests who can relate to specific tips and audio need to subscribe to the particular channel. As mentioned, podcasts are vast and the topics can be endless. It may be all about a blog, show, guide, and other topics that may not be even familiar to you.


Best Podcasts to Fall Asleep To

#1. Sleep With Me

Sleep With Me is perhaps one of the best podcasts that could help you sleep better at night.  Hosted by Drew Ackerman, more commonly known as Scooter, the episodes are released twice every week. His episodes typically range from 60 to 90 minutes. Its concept revolves around the idea that you are on the phone talking with your “friend.” This “friend” helps you fall asleep by telling a story until you hit your beds. 

The host suggests that listening through a smart speaker is better to gain the full experience of the show. Some of his episodes include browsing through past HBO guides. It may also include details of utterly boring things that are meant to make the listener lose his interest. After the interest has gone, hopefully, the listener’s wakefulness will follow too.

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#2. Daily Meditation Podcast

These soothing meditations are hosted by Mary Meckley and are meant to relax the mind so you can sleep during your bedtime. An episode usually lasts around 30 minutes – enough to calm and lull the mind. The host includes quiet music in every episode, and between the music, she includes directions as to how you can relax the mind. 

Voices or whispers may include advice regarding tapping your inner wisdom, finding peace within yourself, and relaxing the united body and mind altogether. Whatever position you are in, it will offer the same healthy and relaxing state that can help you sleep better. 

#3. 99% Invisible

This podcast is made to help people with insomnia get their sleep back. 99% Invisible is led by the host Roman Mars. He conducts his episodes by telling different stories about the impact of design on the lives of people. This may also include classic stories that will help you doze off. 

Listening to the host talk requires full and conscious attention to help focus on the voice of the host. Paying attention to the host’s voice is not going to be a problem because he is known to have a soothing voice that relaxes anyone who is listening.

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#4. Nothing Much Happens

Led by the meditation and yoga instruction Kathryn Nicolai, this podcast involves bedtime stories that will help you achieve deep slumber. In a 20-minute episode, the author will read bedtime stories that she noted to be “soft nest for a person’s mind.” This podcast is meant to help the listeners feel good so they can sleep properly at night. 

During her childhood, the author is known to make up stories, both nonfiction and fiction, that help her sleep better at night. In the present, she uses these along with other low-action stories to help her subscribers battle their insomnia and sleeping problems. Some stories the author reads include enjoying a cool winter morning, and watching the fresh snowfall from the sky until it reaches the ground.

#5. Get Sleepy

Known as one of the best bedtime story podcasts among many platforms, Get Sleepy helps quiet the mind through its guided meditation. In every episode of this podcast, It starts with a calming meditation, followed by a unique bedtime story that will surely capture the attention of the listeners. 

These stories are meant to take the listeners on a relaxing and calming journey. Reviews of this specific podcast are really good and some subscribers even claim this channel as life-changing. Majority of their audience claim that they fall asleep easily even before an episode ends. 

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Podcasts and Sleep

In case you are wondering if podcasts can help you feel sleepy, several studies will prove their effectiveness. According to science, unlike background noise, relaxing sound, white noise, or extra noise, podcasts give you something you can focus on. It offers the right level of engagement – enough to keep you focused, but not too much to keep you awake. It gives a great opportunity to quiet your brain down. 

A study published in the Nature journal last 2016 tells that by listening to podcasts, specific parts of your brain become activated. This includes the areas that are responsible for processing your emotions, memory, and sensory aspect. It helps calm the mind and make it more conducive for a long and happy sleep. 

Best Things to Listen to While Sleeping

  • Podcasts – As mentioned above, podcasts are proven to affect sleeping in many beneficial ways. It helps the mind relax, and it also lets the body release all the tension you are feeling. It helps lull your consciousness until you fall comfortable to sleep. This will help you with your needs and it may also potentially remove your triggers the moment you listen to them.
  • Music – Many scientific studies have proven that listening to music, especially classical ones, provides the calm you need for you to fall asleep. Listening to music for at least 45 minutes helps you improve your slumber. However, this will still depend on the type, tempo, rhythm, and beat of the tune you will listen to.
  • Relaxation Applications – Aside from music and podcasts, many available applications can help you sleep too. Some of these apps offer bedtime stories, relaxing music, the background noise of nature, and many more. These also offer rest, mindfulness, hypnosis that may even help you see your dreams while sleeping. Choose an app that shows promise to help improve your sleep. 

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Improving the Sleep Quality Sleep Cycle

Improving the quality of your sleep, along with the sleep cycle also improves your health. Having a pre-bedtime routine is one of the best things to do. Through this, your brain knows when it should wind down. This is where listening to new episodes of your favorite podcasts may play an important role.

Doing the same things before going to bed – such as taking a bath, drinking warm milk, and listening to podcasts before falling into a deep slumber, lets your brain know that you are already getting ready for sleep. It becomes a paired response and it is a natural way to help you fall asleep with ease and remove your anxiety.

Aside from your pre-bedtime routine, having good sleep hygiene also helps you improve your sleep quality. This involves setting your environment in a conducive place to sleep. This may include toning the brightness down for a dark environment. Check your cooler for a better and comfortable temperature.

Ensure that your bed has the mattress size and bedding is comfortable. Throw away old mattresses and replace them with more practical ones. Reading something before sleeping is also a good practice. Look for the book you love, check the featured list for a good podcast, and before you know it, you already fell asleep. 

Final Thoughts

Many podcasts can help you achieve the quality of sleep you want. The thing about regulating your sleep is that it is not just a one-time thing. The process may be slow, but as each day passes, you can improve and fall asleep easier. You also learn how to regulate your patterns and break bad habits that hinder your plan to sleep. 

Podcasts are indeed a gateway to better sleep and better quality of life. It may help change your point of view, relationships, philosophy, and a whole lot more. Check out the perfect podcast for you tonight! 

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