A flannel shirt is a must in every wardrobe of men and women. It is that one piece of clothing you can wear no matter what the season or occasion is. Its versatility makes it easy to match with accessories to go in your outfit. It is very comfortable and soft, comes in small and big sizes, and has a variety of designs, colors, and weight options.

It is usually associated with plaid. But we should remember that they are different, because the flannel is the material used to make the clothing, and plaid is the design. Flannels also have plain solid colors other than the usual plaid design.

A flannel shirt is sustainable clothing because it is made from recycled materials. And since they are easy to mix and match, you do not have to buy tons of clothes to get the look you want.


Is flannel eco-friendly?

What makes us love Flannel shirts more is that they are safe and good for our environment. The materials used in creating flannels are eco-friendly! They are usually created from organic cotton and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. They have a lesser carbon footprint compared to other fabrics and will not harm the environment.

It is also high-quality and durable clothing that we can wear over and over for a long time without being easily worn out. This means that we can save money and help lessen the production of synthetic fibers that contribute to harmful emissions in the environment.

Flannels also help save electricity. As we all know, electricity affects the ecosystem because of the harmful gases it emits. Wearing flannel shirts can keep us warm throughout the day without having to use house heaters. In this way, we lessen our energy consumption and able to help the environment.

What looks best with flannel shirts?

Flannel shirts became well-known because of their versatility. You can wear them as is, or layer them with other clothes and go extra with your look. It is warm, rugged, and timeless as it never goes out of trend. Here are some of the best styles to go with flannel shirts:

Simple and Classic

woman wearing a black hat and flannel shirt with red lipstick smiling

A flannel shirt can be worn as is to keep its classic style. They are a good outfit if you want a casual look for your cozy, outdoor, laid-back weekend. It can be easily paired with your favorite pants, shorts, or skirts. For women, oversized flannel shirts can be converted to a dress paired with your favorite boots and a sling bag for a chic and sassy vibe.

Whether you will go for a date or walk along the streets, flannel shirts will give you a comfortable experience wearing them.

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Button-down Unbuttoned

You can wear your flannel shirt unbuttoned over a plain t-shirt for a cool, breezy look. It is a perfect summer outfit that will surely get everyone’s attention on you. Just make sure that you avoid shirts with large print and logo to avoid getting overdressed.


Good news for the workaholics! You can also wear your flannel shirts to your office for a smart-casual look by tucking it in with a pair of flat-front chinos. It works for both men and women! Another style for men is by tucking the flannel shirt in your jeans, throwing on a necktie and sport coat, and voila! All the people in your office will surely admire your business-casual style.

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Is flannel better than cotton?

cotton plant on a cotton skirt

Flannel and cotton are both good clothing used by many people in today’s modern time. Both came from natural cotton but flannels can sometimes be made of recycled materials. The verdict to which one is better is, of course, depends on its usage and your preference. Cotton has more breathability and best to use during the hot weather as compared to flannel.

Both are easy to wash but, cotton shrinks a lot which means that you have to iron it after washing. So, if you are someone who is always on the go and does not have extra time for ironing, go for flannel shirts because it does not shrink a lot.

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Is flannel warmer than cotton?

woman wearing a green flannel shirt with denim jeans and a cup of coffee in her hands

What makes flannel different from cotton and other fabrics is its “napping” feature, which is the slightly raised texture of the fabric that easily insulates heat. Because of this feature, heat is easily trapped in the fabric making it warmer than cotton. You should have this in your closet especially if you are living in a cold area.

In fact, flannels are used by some people as a substitute for jackets during cold days. But make sure that you shop for a thicker and heavier flannel shirt if you will make it as a jacket substitute. Or if you want, you can do layering to create a distinct look while getting warm. You can wear a jacket over a tucked-in flannel shirt and a t-shirt underneath for extra warmth.

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Should I tuck in a flannel shirt?

woman wearing flannel shirt and grey hat with black jeans

A dilemma that may come to mind is whether to wear your flannel shirt untucked or tucked. There is nothing wrong with tucking in a flannel shirt as it does not shrink easily. However, you have to consider your destination and audience.

For example, if you’re going fishing with your friends on a Sunday afternoon, you may look stuffy and rigid with a tucked in flannel shirt while everyone is dressed casually. Another example is wearing an untucked flannel shirt over a plain shirt in your office may look unprofessional. It always depends on the event, and it’s your call on which looks better.

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Best brands of sustainable flannel shirts

A lot of companies create flannels from organic materials to make them eco-friendly. They also double their effort to help save the environment by doing acts such as planting trees and removing waste. Who would not support such great companies, right? These the top brands that ethically create great flannel shirts where most have their certifications:

#1. Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the leading shops where you can buy ethical clothing. They produce flannels made from organic cotton available in a variety of colors and sizes. One of their best product is their Men’s Long-Sleeved Fjord Flannel Shirt. Whether you are up for an adventure or want to spice up your wardrobe, Patagonia can make you confident with what you wear.

Also, being the first certified B Corp in California, they donate one percent of their proceeds to environmental initiatives worldwide. A very inspiring company indeed!

#2. United By Blue

United by Blue is another ethical brand that produces products from eco-friendly materials only, such as hemp, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal, and practices zero-plastic policy. They have flannel shirts for all genders that are very cozy and comfortable. According to reviews, their best product is the ultra-soft Responsible flannel.

They also serve as role models because, for every product sold, they remove one pound of trash from the waterways. What a great way to provide comfort and to save our nature.

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#3. Tentree

Tentree is also a certified B Corp that creates sustainable flannels for all genders, made from organic cotton. Aside from flannel shirts, they make cardigans and jackets for the ladies at a very reasonable price.

What’s great about them is they plant ten trees with every purchase. The customer can register and even track the location where the tree is planted. To date, they have already rooted 48,000,000 trees worldwide, and they are planning to reach 1 billion trees by 2030!

#4. Toad & Co

Toad & Co offers affordable collections of sustainable flannels for all genders. They offer a wide range of designs for men and women, including adorable dresses, and sizes ranging from XS-XL. Their flannels are made from a blend of natural and recycled materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and old plastic bottles.

#5. Faherty

A family-run business that works according to its five core values in creating their premium products. Their mission is to provide comfort while recognizing their responsibility to the planet. Their flannels are made from 100 percent organic cotton. They got a variety of flannels with various weights to match different climates.

#6. Portuguese Flannel

Portuguese Flannel is another sustainable company that makes flannels out of plastic-free materials, including its buttons. It got inspiration from the local coast and mountain to create a distinct style. They offer fast shipping worldwide and easy returns.

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#7. Outerknown

Flannels from Outerknown are called blanket shirts that are made from 100 percent organic cotton. It is durable, soft, and breathable. The buttons are made from corozo nuts. They offer a variety of designs for men and women, in 36-44 different colors and sizes.

Bottom Line

Having a sustainable flannel shirt is a must if you want to have a minimalist wardrobe. It provides comfort, warmth, and satisfaction to have one because you know that you did something good for the environment. Its durability, sustainability, and versatility are what make it worth it. It fits different destinations and audiences as long as you know how to style it.

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