Let’s be honest; watching Netflix has become a staple for our Friday nights. 

Entertaining and convenient, the streaming platform gives us unmatched access to thousands of tv shows and movies from any genre that there is. 

Plus, Netflix is perfect for Earth-lovers. Come to think of it: streaming content eliminates the need for physical DVDs and CDs, thereby lessening lots of waste from plastic packaging for DVD/CD materials. 

Isn’t it great being able to enjoy good movies and binge-worthy series with less plastic waste? 

But, did you know that the famous streaming platform is also a gold mine of series and films that are perfect for eco-conscious folks?

Instead of binging on family sitcoms and crime documentaries, maybe it’s time to try something different. Make your movie nights a bit more eco-friendly by watching content that educates you on sustainability and social awareness. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of must-watch documentaries ranging from visually-astonishing explorations of Earth’s wildlife to truth-telling films on pollution and climate change.  

So, make yourself a bowl of popcorn and sit comfortably; here are ten must-see conscious documentaries that you should add to your Netflix watch list: 


1. David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet 

Narrated by Emmy-winning narrator David Attenborough, A Life on Our Planet gives viewers a unique view of the beauty of Earth’s rich wildlife. 

In this British documentary, renowned broadcaster Attenborough looks back on his six-decade-long career as a naturalist with footages of his encounters with rare flora and fauna. Filled with nature’s extraordinary sceneries, A Life on Our Planet celebrates the rich evolutionary history of life on Earth while offering an optimistic view of the planet’s future. 

Visually-stunning and moving, this eye-opening documentary is undoubtedly worth your time. 

Watch the trailer for “A Life on Our Planet” here

2. The Social Dilemma 

Suppose you want to know more about social media’s dark side. In that case, The Social Dilemma is a film that you should definitely watch. 

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the Social Dilemma is a docudrama film that looks into social media’s rise and its negative impacts on society. 

From the creator of Facebook’s “like” button to data ethicists,  tech experts speak out on social media’s insidious design that imperils users’ data, privacy, and mental well-being. The film also does not shy away from discussing users’ exploitation through data mining and surveillance capitalism. 

Take a look at “The Social Dilemma’s trailer through this link

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3. Chasing Coral 

If you’re someone who’s interested in ocean adventures and saving coral reefs, then Chasing Coral is a film that you shouldn’t miss out on.  

Produced in 2017, Chasing Coral is an award-winning documentary film that features a team of marine scientists, divers, and photographers documenting the increasing disappearance of coral reefs worldwide. 

The documentary film strikes a balance in showcasing both the colourful beauty of the world’s remaining coral reefs and the ugly truth of reef destruction caused by pollution and climate change. 

Watch the trailer for Chasing Coral by clicking here

4. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

It’s no secret that minimalism and decluttering are becoming popular these days. 

Thanks to Marie Kondo and her reality television series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, many are inspired to tidy up their lives by deciding which items “spark joy”. 

In each episode, the show follows Marie Kondo demonstrate the magic of tidying up by helping her clients clear out their clutter and choose happiness. 

So, suppose you’re not already an aspiring minimalist. In that case, you will be after watching Marie Kondo tidy up in this Netflix series. 

Take a quick peek at Tidying Up with Marie Kondo through this trailer

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5. The True Cost

Have you ever wondered about the real impacts of the fast fashion industry?

If so, then you should watch the 2015 documentary, The True Cost. 

Directed by Andrew Morgan, The True Cost is an eye-opening film that tells the story of fast fashion clothing and how it affects the planet. 

This groundbreaking documentary explores various aspects of the fashion industry, from low-wage sweatshop workers to the environmentally-damaging clothing production methods. The film also features the perils of fast fashion that are often left unmentioned in mainstream media. 

By watching this film about our clothing’s true costs, you’ll definitely grow conscious about the clothes that you buy. 

Watch the trailer for The True Cost here

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6. Brave Blue World: Racing to Solve Our Water Crisis

It cannot be denied that having access to clean water is essential. However, it might be challenging to have safe water later on with the current world water crisis

Released in 2020, Brave Blue World is a documentary looking into the world’s ongoing water crisis. Narrated by known water advocates Jaden Smith, Matt Damon, and renowned water experts, the film also explores new innovative solutions and technologies that might create a sustainable future for our water resources. Inspiring and uplifting, this film will motivate you in making clean water accessible for everyone.

Have a look at Brave Blue World through this trailer

7. Before the Flood

Created in partnership with National Geographic, the 2016 documentary film Before the Flood chronicles the environment’s degradation and encourages ways to reduce it. 

The film shows Oscar-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio in his journey to visit five continents to present a compelling in-depth account of climate change. Before the Flood might be one of the countless eco-documentary films, but it indeed offers a unique view of our planet’s current state. 

Check out the trailer for Before the Flood here

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8. Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t just about decluttering or wearing eco-fashion; as it’s also about how you sourced the food you put on your table. 

Produced in 2016, Sustainable is a documentary film that looks into the US food system’s environmental and economic uncertainty. From climate change, water scarcity to soil loss, the film explores the challenges faced by sustainable agriculture.

Watch the trailer for Sustainable through this link

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