Our Ambition

Global Green Family was created with the notion in mind that we ‘want to make a differenceand help everyone be more mindful and aware of the impact we are all making as consumers on the planet we live on and so the Global Green Family journey began. 

With challenging times facing us all with Global, Economical and Social issues we believe now is the time to be assertive and make a difference

We began by asking our family, friends and colleagues what they thought about the impact they are making on the planet we live on and the truth is like very often, we all get busy with our lives and do not really spare a thought about our consumption as individuals. Therefore thinking about the impact of the consumption we make as individuals do not even come into question.

Global Green Family would like to raise the standard of sustainable living. The journey has only begun for Global Green Family and we have not figured everything out just yet but we are confident that with your support and everyone else, we will all get there and all become more responsible individuals when it comes to our planet. 

We at Global Green Family believe that ‘through learning, sharing, exploring, venturing and innovation we can all look forward to a more greener future’. We want everyone to realise that we are all part of a global family because we all share the same vision a ‘greener future and a more collaborative world where we all unite through diversity’ 

Our Vision: A future where everyone is more assertive and aware of their contribution to the planet we live on.

Our Ambition: To transform the way we all think about everyday products in our lives and to inspire the use of more eco friendly organic natural materials that will enrich our own lives and have a better impact on the planet we live on.