Having good sleep is essential to a healthy life. But sometimes, anxiety, stress, problems, and overthinking keep us awake at night, and it gets too frustrating. Because of this, we may feel tired and restless the next day. If you have problems with falling and keeping asleep, maybe you should try wrapping yourself with a weighted blanket. 

The Weighted blanket is becoming more and more popular today. It works like a deep-touch massage therapy that soothes and calms your tensed body. The deep pressure aids in the release of melatonin and helps reduce cortisol levels. The next thing you know, you are already experiencing tranquility. 


Are weighted blankets environmentally friendly?

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Not all weighted blankets are environmentally friendly. Some of them are made up of polyester, flannel, or fleece that are not eco-friendly. But if the right materials were used in the process, weighted blankets can be gentle to the environment. 

No need to worry! Many companies have joined the bandwagon, and you can easily find the weighted blanket that will best suit you. 

As people become more concerned about the planet, many of them are switching to eco-friendly choices. Because of this, companies have also reconsidered the products they sell. What makes some brands superior to other brands in the sustainability of their product. 

What to look for in an eco-friendly weighted blanket?

Uses eco-friendly materials and processes

The brand that makes weighted blankets should be using biodegradable materials such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, and wool. These naturally biodegradable materials do not harm the environment when thrown in the future. 


You want to create an environment that is good for your health while you sleep. So, it is important to choose non-toxic products that are pesticide-free and processed without toxic chemicals. Check for certifications like GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and bluesign.

Fair labor practices

Check whether the brand follows fair labor practices and being transparent with where their products are made. The brand or company should have Fair Trade certification. 

What is the best weighted blanket on the market?

The best weighted blanket on the market that has gained the best overall rating according to reviews is Bearaby. Bearaby blankets are hand-knit and made from one hundred percent GOTS Certified organic cotton yarns and Tencel. Because no synthetic materials were added, the blanket is softer, more natural, and more breathable compared to other brands. 

Compared to other weighted blankets that feature a traditional duvet style, Bearaby opted to feature a layer-on-layer fabric design to ensure a neutral temperature and evenly distributed weight along with the blanket.

Their blankets are available in eight colors and three different weights of 15, 20, and 25lbs. Since their weighted blanket is high-quality, the price is a little bit higher than the average. And for their sustainability practices, they donate to One Tree Planted for every purchase of their Napper weighted blanket. 

The Top Eco-Friendly Weighted Blanket Brands

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Aside from Bearaby, here are other eco-friendly weighted blanket brands you should check out that are also the crowd’s favorite:

#1. TruHugs

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TruHugs create cozy and eco-friendly blankets from GOTS Certified organic cotton and hemp. Each of their blankets is treated with enzymes instead of toxic chemicals to soften it. They produce products by spinning and weaving their materials that’s why their products are usually made to order. 

#2. Baloo

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Improve your sleep at night with Baloo weighted blanket that conforms to your body like a hug. It is made from lead-free glass microbeads and perfect for people who tend to sleep too hot or too cold. They have links to download Tibetan and singing bowl for each weighted blanket for you to listen to while you immerse in the comforter. 

Available color is white, and it comes in weights of 12, 15, 20, & 25 lbs. They also offer free shipping anywhere in the US. Baloo is a vegan company and gives back by donating a portion of its profits to the Pajama Program.

#3. Luna

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Luna is another brand that produces non-toxic, eco-friendly weighted blankets. The outer shell of the blanket is made of 100 percent cotton to keep you cool at night and while you sleep. They offer 12 colors and patterns for you to choose from, including Navy, Grey Stripe, and Pink, and weights ranging from 5-30lbs.

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#4. Luxome

Luxome uses only natural and sustainable materials in its products. Their cooling-weighted blanket is made from organic Lyocell bamboo and does not need a duvet cover. It is hypo-allergenic and antibacterial and can make you fall asleep instantly. 

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#5. Saatva

The weighted blanket from Saatva features a diamond-quilty design, made from GOTS and Fair Trade certified organic cotton and velvet material. The breathable cotton helps remove extra moisture to keep you comfortable and dry. While the polyester velvet helps keep you from overheating while you are using the blanket.  

They have two color options of charcoal grey and sandy tan and weight options of 15 and 25lbs. It is a little bit pricier compared to other blankets, but it is worth the price since it is organic.

#6. Gravity weighted blanket

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The first weighted blanket was marketed to the public in 2017. A gravity-weighted blanket is made from 100 percent cotton and filled with glass beads. It has a soft duvet cover that is removable and washable. The duvet cover makes the weighted blanket plushy and fleecy.

#7. Vellux

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The Vellux Weighted Throw is perfect for a cosy night in for just you to snuggle up in and enjoy a film or book. It can also be gifted to someone special as its just so soft and comforting. Great for any occasion to snuggle up in.

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#8. Sweet Zzz 

Their organic weighted blankets are made from breathable, GOTS-certified organic cotton and rayon from bamboo, and the fillers are from glass beads. They have a seven-layer design to ensure equal weight distribution and no noise. The glass bead fillers add temperature neutrality and perfect both for hot and cold climates.

Customers can choose from the five weight options from 7 to 25lbs. Sweet Zzz blankets are competitively priced, but they offer free shipping anywhere in the US. They also have a 50-night sleep trial and a five-year warranty for the product.

#9. YnM 

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The YnM Weighted blankets help calm your body for you to have a good rest and sleep. It both works best for adults and kids because they offer a wide variety of designs and weight options. It is the perfect gift you can give.

Bottom line

Weighted blankets can be your next best companion if you are having a hard time falling asleep and relaxing. Aside from considering the weight of your blankets, it is also essential to choose something gentle and safe for the environment. With the rise of companies switching to sustainable products, you will surely find the best weighted blanket that is fit for you. 

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