It’s no secret that podcasts are becoming popular lately. 

In fact, more than 6.5 million adults in the United Kingdom tuned in to a podcast weekly; and it’s not so surprising as podcasts are entertaining, easily accessible, and extremely convenient to listen to.

Whether you’re doing the dishes or just passing the time while in lockdown, you can enjoy listening to podcasts for your daily fill of inspiration, entertainment, and even humour.  

We’re currently living in challenging times, and we all need to keep our chin up no matter hard things can get. But, we all know that trying to be calm and composed in the middle of a pandemic is easier said than done. Thankfully, the solution to staying relaxed and inspired may be just right in our headphones. 

So, if you’re feeling low, seeking “big sister” advice” or, simply in need of your daily dose of girl power, grab your earphones, sit back, and get ready to be inspired; because we’ve prepared a list of incredible podcasts hosted by women for women. 

Here are ten standout women-led podcasts that you should be listening to right now: 


1. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Hosted by Samantha McVey and Anney Reese, Stuff Mom Never Told You is a research-driven podcast that womanhood, feminism, and all the things about being a woman. From birth control to female pleasure’s intricacies, this podcast creates open and safe discussions on taboo topics that you would probably have been too shy to ask your mother.

Experience listening to Stuff Mom Never Told You on their website, Stitcher, or iTunes. 

2. The Broad Experience 

If you’re looking for thoughtful and inspiring content on how it’s like being a woman in the workplace, then The Broad Experience is the perfect podcasts for you. 

Filled with fun and musing discussions, this award-winning podcast hosted by journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte talks about why many ambitious and talented women are not able to reach their full potential as careerwomen. 

Tune in to The Broad Experience on iTunes or Soundcloud

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3. Call Your Girlfriend 

Do you miss the experience of talking with your long-distance BFFs? 

If so, give your BFF a call and listen together to Call Your Girlfriend – a podcast that discusses newsworthy topics with a feminist perspective. Hosted by Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, this entertaining podcast features inspiring women whose stories are worth sharing. 

Listen to Call Your Girlfriend on iTunes or Stitcher.

4. Encyclopedia Womannica

Started by Jenny and Liz Kaplan, Encyclopedia Womannica is a podcast that aims to fill in the gaps in world history where women are underrepresented, or worse, left out of history books. By just listening for five minutes per episode, you’ll get to learn about different brilliant women from throughout history. 

Learn more about history’s unappreciated women by tuning in Encyclopedia Womannica on Apple Podcasts.

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5. hey, girl.

If looking for a podcast that’s pretty chill and focuses on self-care, then it’s time for you to add hey, girl to your go-to playlist.

Hosted by Alex Elle, hey,girl is a podcast that encourages its listeners to celebrate women’s stories and embrace sisterhood. Filled with intimate conversations on self-care and women’s wellness, hey, girl is a podcast that you shouldn’t miss. 

Listen to the podcast on TuneIn and iTunes

6. The Michelle Obama Podcast 

Hosted by the former first lady of the United States herself, The Michelle Obama Podcast sheds light on the importance of having great connections within the community. In this podcast, Michelle Obama and her guest have lively and insightful conversations on the relationships that shape our lives and the world around us.

Immerse yourself in a perfect balance of political and personal discussions by listening to The Michelle Obama Podcast on Spotify. 

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7. On Being 

If you’re interested in listening to a calm podcast that aims to seek answers to life’s biggest questions, then On Being is a podcast that you should definitely listen to. 

Created by Krista Tippet, On Being sparks conversations on the convergence of spirituality, science, the arts, and poetry. By inviting renowned scientists, theologians, and artists as her guests, Tippet offers listeners a thoughtful refuge amid a busy day. 

Listen to On Being on iTunes or SoundCloud

8. Black Girl in Om 

Often described as conscious girl talk with calming authenticity, Lauren Ash’s Black Girl in Om is a unique wellness podcast dedicated to women of colour.

From simple guided meditations, words of affirmation to moving talks to inspire you throughout the week, this podcast discusses everything about self-care and self-love that you never knew you needed. 

Tune in to Black Girl in Om on iTunes or Spotify

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9. Life, I Swear

Written by Chloe Dulce Louvouezo, Life, I Swear, is a podcast that features encouraging stories from women of colour about the challenges in their lives that helped them in their path to healing. From reflections on trauma to tales of triumph, this podcast can make you feel supported and inspired in these trying times. 

Listen to Life, I Swear on iTunes or Spotify.

10. Unladylike

Funny and fact-driven, Unladylike is a podcast that pulls no punches in discussing feminism and claiming one’s space in today’s world.  Created by Cristen Conger and her co-host Caroline Ervin, this podcast makes honest feminist discussions accessible for all women and girls everywhere. 

Tune in to Unladlylike on Apple Podcasts.

Now that you’ve come across our list of the best women-hosted podcasts, you probably have new lovely additions to your playlist. 

From thoughtful discussions about working women to stories of sisterhood, these podcasts cover a wide variety of topics for all listeners. Indeed, these podcasts can offer great and enjoyable content for everyone. 

It also feels great knowing that the simple act of tuning in and subscribing to female-led podcasts supports the inspiring women that create them. Only 22% of podcasts are produced and hosted by women, so listening to these female podcast creators will surely make a huge difference in lessening the gender listening gap!

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