“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill

“There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind.” — Mister Rogers

“When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return. You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

These are some of the great motivational quotes ever from very successful people. Read these wise words, and you can really uplift your spirits. However, nothing beats actually hearing such words. 

Every once in a while, you need that extra push to stay focused on your goals. You rely on your friends and family for motivation to keep you going. But sometimes, you need more professional help as a driving force. 

In this fast-paced world, you find yourself with no time to seek out licensed masters of motivation. So, what does one need to do? What does it take to be motivated?

Enter podcasts.


Benefits of podcasts

There are many benefits to listening to podcasts: it enhances our brain/way of thinking, makes us more creative and successful, and sometimes, gets us out of a rut. Having these “conversations” with experts and professionals can make you happier and more content.

Fire up your mornings or wind up your nights with the magic of podcasts.

Here is a list of some of the best podcasts around to get the motivation and inspiration you need.

TED Talks Health

Health is very important, especially now that the pandemic has still not let up. You are always worried and concerned about how your physical body is responding to all health threats.

TED Talks Health has answers to all your health questions. The show features some of the leading figures in the medical world, psychologists, physicians, and others, to give effective advice about overcoming anxiety, the flu, the dangers of smoking, medicine, and others. These influential videos can truly help you become more informed on how to take care good care of yourself. 

The featured speakers provide you with practical recommendations that can motivate you to boost your health. Some of the topics are “What it takes to crush a pandemic,” “Why is pneumonia so dangerous?” and “How long should your naps be?” Your health and wellness will reach higher levels as you allow TED Talks Health to help you.

Each video is typically under 10 minutes You do not need to spend an hour of your busy time. Sometimes, what one needs is just a fast summary of an issue or topic. The important thing is that you get the right facts and data to persuade you to bring your health and wellness to where they should be.

Check out this link: https://www.ted.com/topics/health. See and “hear” for yourself.

The Happier Podcast

Everyone wants to be happy. With all the problems you face each day with work, family, partners, faith, and what you see in the news, you want to think happy thoughts. Well, you can wash away your problems by listening to The Happier Podcast.

This podcast is hosted by Gretchen Rubin, an American author, blogger, and speaker. Most of her works are self-help. Her podcasts use humor and references to human nature to give listeners tips on how to find happiness in all things.

In the latest podcast, “Practice Some Movie Therapy, an Easy Hack for Dealing with Small Toys and Trinkets, and Do Certain Situations Send You into Shock?” the speaker, one of her former producers, Kristen Meinzer, tells the audience how therapeutic watching movies can be. Listening to her insights on how to find happiness in different ways and methods results in a quick transformation of thought and feeling, making way for a brighter and happier disposition.

To learn more, check https://gretchenrubin.com/podcasts/. There is an option for you to subscribe. Be happy!

The School of Greatness

Self-development is a life-long process. We constantly need to reassess ourselves to determine how far we have come along and what we need to do to maintain/exceed whatever good we are doing or develop something that needs improvement. But while there are a wealth of books and online sites to read, nothing beats hearing success stories from someone else.

When it comes to self-development, the most popular podcasts are those from Lewis Howes. The School of Greatness is available on iTunes and has a solid following. It has over 150 million downloads.

Some of the famous and big-name guests of the show are Alanis Morrissette and Tony Robbins. Some of their episodes are “How to Overcome Embarrassment & Reach Your Goals Faster with James Altucher,” “The Secret to Effortless Productivity & Overcoming Overwhelm with Greg McKeown,” and “How to Build Habits to Create Financial Abundance & Success with Jen Sincero.” Success, power, winning, name all the positive subjects you can think of, The School of Greatness has you covered. You are assured that you will get all the tips and advice you need to make yourself and your life better.

Go check out the podcast on iTunes and experience the motivation you need towards the path of greatness.

I Do Podcast

Do you need relationship advice? Don’t have time to go to a marriage counselor? Don’t worry, several available shows can help you. One of these is the I Do Podcast. Brought to you by Chase and Sarah Kosterlitz, a husband-and-wife team, this weekly show offers several helpful audios that can coach you about finding forever in relationships

Chase and Sarah lovingly share their marriage journey. They also tell you stories about raising a family, working out differences, faith, and others. Apart from their ethos appeal, the couple invites relationship experts and therapists to share some tips.

In “The Art of Love,” a 47-minute video, you’ll be taken on an inspiring ride. You’ll be inspired when you find out that looking for love or building beautiful relationships is a work of art.

Through this link – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/relationship-advice/id840534227 – you can listen to a preview or a certain part of some podcasts. If you love what you hear, you can check how you can subscribe so you can tune in to all the episodes in full. 

Being Boss

Careers are important to us. Having successful ones is something that we aim for. Success offers several benefits to our way of living. It definitely improves the quality of life. But it isn’t easy to achieve the kind of success we want and need.

Being Boss, which normally caters to freelancers and entrepreneurs, also has anyone from any field of endeavor covered. Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, self-proclaimed “besties” of the business world, co-hosts the program. These partners’ shows take you through a journey of empowerment, learning, self-help, and goal-setting. This is your ultimate guide on how to become the “boss” of your career.

Some of the new episodes include “How to Improve Focus as a Multi-Passionate Creative,” “Manifesting Money with Pamela Chen,” and “How to Grow Your Business Like A Boss.” You’ll hear some of the most inspirational and brilliant recommendations on how to take your business and career to the next level.

This is your ultimate guide to success. Why don’t you check out https://beingboss.club/podcast to see more lively podcasts?

Where to download?

iphone, black diary and headphones on a dark wooden table

Each of the abovementioned podcasts has its website where you can listen to the audios directly and verify if it can be downloaded somewhere else. You can also check Spotify, SoundCloud, and other audio-streaming devices for downloading options.

Other Podcasts

You can check other podcasts online for help on specific situations, such as how to form a good habit, DIY hacks and solutions, beauty, fashion, and dating tips, doing well in class, finding partners, and how to clean and organize your home. The important thing is you find the right kind of motivation and influence to do whatever it is you want to do.

Check YouTube too. It also features some well-known podcasts.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s your health, happiness, personal growth, career, or relationships you need help on, the five podcasts mentioned will take you through a journey like no other.

Podcasting technology is a good way for you to improve your life in general. They are more personal, convenient, and time-efficient. You can check social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and read a post about how listening to a podcast is now a favorite hobby. Read a blog with testimonials on how helpful listening to podcasts is.

Put your headphones on, relax in your armchair, and play and listen to these podcasts. Uplift your mind and feel better about yourself. 

Be motivated. Be influenced. Be inspired!

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