Hemp is derived from the species of Cannabis Sativa, usually grown to be used industrially. From the derivatives, we can create lots of products; papers, textiles, rope, biodegradable plastics, clothing, paint, food, animal feed, biofuel, and insulation.

For some, it is considered as a kind of addictive drug since it is from cannabis Sativa that may have THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. But Hemp has low THC and has higher CBD or cannabidiol. CBD removes the psychoactive effects of the plant. In fact, some countries acknowledge its therapeutic use rather than considering its addictive component.


Is Hemp a sustainable material?

But how can we say that this plant is sustainable? Here are a few reasons that can prove that hemp is eco-friendly.

• Can produce more crop even if the land is small

Hemp grows really close to each other compared to others that need spacing. Also, this can grow whatever the weather and soil are. This can produce 250% more than the regular cotton out there. Plus, trees will need 10 years to grow mature, but hemp only needs 3 months before it can be harvested.

• Can be farmed easily

Hemp is like a weed that takes up a lot of sunlight. While hemp is growing, it restores the soil with a lot of nutrients and even nitrogen. It also removes the chemicals that can be toxic and also do the phytoremediation process. Since it can replenish the soil, farmers can plant hemp yearly.

• No need to use chemical products

This plant is free from pesticides and herbicides, so you can tell that this plant is very durable. This can also cut down the exposure of the farmers to those harmful and toxic chemicals, and of course, the environment also. Since this is free from chemicals, it is safe for people and animals to be used. 

• Less water needed

Before harvesting regular cotton, you need to use a lot of water. With hemp, you will only need to use half of what you use with conventional cotton. This is very good to plant in places with shortages of water.

 Is hemp good for the environment? 

If you are asking, how is hemp good for the environment? How can this contribute to our planet? If you or your friends have this question on your mind, here is the answer.

· Hemp breathes in CO2

This is known as the purifier of nature. This collects carbon dioxide around and this causes our air to be cleaner.

· Hemp regenerates the soil

All parts of the hemp are full of nutrients. As it grows, it makes sure that the soil is ready to be used again.

· Hemp prevents soil erosion

The roots of this plant can reach up to 9 feet deep that can help hold the soil together, and this can cause a lot of benefits to farmers and also to people living around where it is planted.

· Nothing will go to waste with hemp

With hemp, you can produce products for over 25,000. Aside from its benefits from growing, its seeds can be healthy food, and the flowers or leaves can be made for beauty products.

· Hemp absorbs toxic metals

Aside from what it does to the soil, it can reduce the toxins by simply absorbing it.

· Hemp can provide wildlife a habitat

This plant can grow up to 3 feet tall that can be a place for hiding for bees and birds. This can also be a source of pollens for bees once the flowers of the hemp bloom.

· Hemp can fight against the deforestation

A lot of people believe that after 100 years there will be no more trees. But with hemp, there can be hope. A lot of trees need a lot of time to mature, but hemp can easily mature in months and has a lot of benefits.

Hemp vs. Cotton

If we are going to differentiate hemp and cotton there is a lot to discuss. Let’s start from, growing. Hemp will need only 2300 liters of water to grow and can make up to 1kg of material. While cotton will need over 10,000 liters of water to produce 1kg of material.

Hemp will require a little or can be grown without pesticides while cotton is the reason for over %16 of the world’s pesticides. Per acre of land, hemp can produce up to 1,500 pounds of fiber while cotton produces 500 pounds per acre of land.

If we’re going to use hemp to create an item of clothing, it is more durable, softer over time, more breathable, more eco-friendly than cotton. This also can keep you warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.

These two materials have a lot in common but you can clearly see that there are a lot of benefits you and the environment can get from hemp. Why don’t you start to make a switch? Be sustainable.

What are the uses of hemp nowadays?

Aside from hemp’s benefits, where can we use this material? Yes, we already knew the good thing it can give us but how and where will we start? Here are a few things that we can use hemp for.

· Human Food

When it comes to edibles, hemp is very versatile. The seeds can be eaten raw, the hemp oil can be alternative to cooking oil, and the leaves can a part of your salad.

· Animal Bedding and Pet Food

Hemp can be eaten by animals since it is high in protein. For cats, it can make their fur healthy and shiny. For cows, dogs, and horses, it can be used as a dietary supplement.

· Hemp for Cattle Feed

The seed of the hemp is perfect for raising healthy cattle because it is rich in Omega 9, 6, and 3, in GLA, and fatty acids.

· Body Oil and Lotions

Hemp has these oils that can be used for lotions and body oils. It has EFA that can regenerate the skin that is dry and cracked. It gives you skin moisture and it is non-comedogenic that will prevent it from clogging into your pores like what most of the products do.

· Products that are oil-based

From making paint, candles, and lanterns, hemp is on the way. The oil of the hemp is not toxic so when making these things it will not be harmful. Also, making paint, it can make the paint longer and more durable.

· Clothing

Hemp is used in almost all of the clothing you can see since it makes the clothing last longer. It allows you to have clothing that is lightweight and breathable.

· Plastic

Plastic is one of the problems the environment deals with. With hemp, you can create a plastic that is biodegradable that can reduce the waste in our landfills.

· Paper

Yes, paper. Usually, trees are used in making paper but you can also use hemp. Hemp can mature every 3 months than other trees which are more practical to use.

Brands That Use Hemp

Here are a few brands that you can choose from if you want clothing that is made out of hemp.

#1. Seeker

Price Range: $$$

These products are made in the US. They make clothes that are trendy and relaxed and uses patterns of graphics and tie-dye.

#2. Ezko

Price Range: $

This company is based in San Diego that uses natural fibers only. They make clothing, beach towels, scarves, and even beanies.

#3. Jungmaven

Price Range: $$

This company has a goal that raises awareness when it comes to being sustainable. They sell clothing that is sustainable and also accessories and masks.

#4. Eileen Fisher

Price Range: $$$

This company is female-owned and creates clothes that are simple but makes sure it last. They have a different collection that is dedicated to including different body types.

#5. Onno

Price Range: $

This company is based in Colorado and offsets carbon footprint from productions of their own. They are also a member of an association of organic trade.

#6. Hempy’s

Price Range: $

This company is based in the US and sells different straws, and accessories aside from clothing. They use a mixture of hemp and cotton to create their amazing product.

#7. Tentree

Price Range: $

This company uses a mixture of Tencel, organic cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester. They make clothing that is casual and comfortable. They also have a goal to be reached by 2030, which is to be able to plant over 1 billion trees.

#8. Taylor Stitch

Price Range: $$

This company makes clothing especially for men across California to Japan. They create an item of clothing that is vintage, classic, autumnal, and cozy.

#9. BEWUSST Hempwear

Price Range: $$

This company is based in Germany and Romania. They sell clothes that are derived from hemp 100%. They also create styles that are simple and minimalistic that have a different variation of colors from neutral to bright.

#10. Toad & Co

Price Range: $$

This company is based in California and certified eco-friendly. They are very transparent when it comes to the location of their manufacturing partners.

#11. Thought

Price Range: $$

This company is based in the UK and aside from hemp, they also use bamboo to create everyday wear, office wear, and even occasion wear.

#12. Tact and Stone

Price Range: $$

This company is based in the US and has stores in New York, California, and Texas. They create clothes that have neutral tones like whites and blacks.

#13. Amour Vert

Price Range: $$

This company is based in San Francisco and partnered with the preservation of American forest. This brand name means green love, and they plant trees for every single purchase they receive.

After learning different things about hemp, take this opportunity to start a step towards a sustainable lifestyle to have a sustainable world or environment. Having a great future will not be reached if you’re just going to stay as what you are today.

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