Teach your children to keep a calm headspace by using mindfulness and meditation apps for stress-free health.

It’s not uncommon for children to have tantrums because sometimes it’s just how they express their emotions. However, when they become uncontrollable and you and your child are at a loss to deal with the situation, some peaceful intervention is needed. These stressful situations may also impede their sleep and their studies. 

In an era that is reliant on phones and technology, they offer a solution. There are downloadable apps to teach your kids to be mindful and to meditate. They help build your child’s social skills, deal with their anxiety or depression, and may also help them in their studies. They can be available from your mobile phone or on your laptop.

These apps will help your children calm down and cope with high-energy and high-stress activities and situations. If you are dealing with support issues or ADHD, there are apps below that will help guide you and your little one into a mindful and meditative lifestyle.


Why teach your kids to be mindful?

Kid using a tablet for visual programming

Kids will be subjected to several things for the first time: anxiety over tests and grades or not knowing how to handle new and strange emotions or situations. They might overthink it and stress over these activities.

Your children might be overwhelmed with these activities that they lose track of the task at hand, and act out on this anxiety. Being mindful will help your child focus on the present and to see things in a neutral light.

Mindful kids will have a more productive workflow. They know what’s important, so they can focus on the task at hand and concentrate and learn from it. They can keep track of their emotions and know when to mellow down and be calm. This habit can help in the future to balance their emotions and their tasks.

Meditation for Children

Children are always active and on the go. They’re constantly thinking a brainstorm creative ideas and doing a ton of things at once. However, in nerve-wracking or stressful situations, they may lose control over their emotions and might not know how to handle them.

Your child might not do good things or might say words he doesn’t mean. As a parent, we must prioritize the welfare of our children, and help them calm down and organize their thoughts.

Meditating is a helpful way for your child to calm down and to sort out their feelings and thoughts. Letting them settle and quiet down and being aware of their mind seems such a small step, but does so much for our everyday life. 

Meditation helps with anxiety and stress, giving a better sleeping habit. With an aware and calm mind, your child can concentrate on their studies and simple tasks. With this kind of levelheadedness, your child’s self-esteem will improve.

How to teach children mindfulness and meditation

Starting the journey on being focused and calm will be rocky, as children don’t like to stay at one place at a time and are always imagining. However, they are also very curious creatures that love to try out new things. Keeping an open and positive atmosphere and environment is a good starter to this journey.

However, with so many issues to tackle, it might be confusing to know where to start. Thankfully, there are trusted and dependable apps out there that will further help your child relax and gain control over their emotions and thoughts. Going through these apps together will guide both parent and child to a more happy and open headspace.

Headspace for Kids

This award-winning app is trusted to keep your child calm. They mainly have focus-based meditation activities, visualizations, and breathing exercises to stimulate the mind. They also focus on the five themes of kindness, focus, sleep, calm, and wake up. 

This “Editor’s Choice” app knows that different activities are appropriate to different age groups, so they created these activities by age groups of ages 5 and under, 6-8, and 9-12-year-olds. They have a free trial available so you can test if this app is the one for your little one.

Mindful Powers

This app knows that the only effective way to entertain your child while building their social-emotional learning is through playing games. They teach kids aged 7-10 how to handle and understand their thoughts through progressive voice-guided stories.

Before each story is played, they must soothe down their agitated virtual friend “Flibbertigibbet” with calm strokes of their finger. This helps them register that a soothing and helpful touch is positive reassurance. The repetitive soothing action helps them focus and relax.

They also have a self-set timer feature that will help your child stay focused on their task under that focus time. They encourage your kids to work towards their goal as they don’t allow the use of the device while the timer is set.

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Smiling Mind

This free meditation app is recommended for teachers of kids ages 3-6 and 7-9. This app was developed by dedicated educators and psychiatrists to help children deal with the stress of life, in or out of the classroom. 

They’re also good for adults in the workplace and have different areas of focus like wellbeing, attention and concentration, and performance.

Stop, Breathe, and Think Kids

This free app is designed to help kids ages 5-10 to discover the rewards of being calm, resolving conflicts, breathing, and sleeping. They make use of familiar and colorful symbols like emojis to take note of their emotions and to complete mindful missions. Completing these missions rewards them with a sticker to keep the child engaged.

Child therapists recommend this app for helping the child learn to deal with over-excitement and stress, even feelings like disappointment and sadness. It also helps teachers educate students to understand deeper awareness and concentration in their classroom.

Mindfulness for Children

If your child is more into quiet and audio learning, this app is the best for you. The app is audio-only and helps your kid to follow breathing exercises whenever they feel stressed.

 If they are unable to sleep in silence or just have difficulty doing so, this app also plays ambient nature sounds to help them to sleep. This app is specified for 5 years old and above. 

Dreamy Kid

This website-accessed free app has different offers of meditation for ages 3-17. They also have a subscription monthly and annually. They have affirmation exercises, healing activities, issue-based meditations, and lots more to help you and your child. These issue-based meditations are best for those with anxiety problems or ADHD.

They promote that meditation for only 10 minutes will help your child find balance in their young, busy lives. It is best to play this app as they awake or fall asleep. This app is also greatly discounted for professionals that help and guide children.


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Sleep Meditation for Kids

When your child just can’t go to sleep, this free app will help lull your child to slumber. 

It cultivates stories with meditations to help keep your child entertained. With each meditation story, subtle ambient music and sound effects help enhance your child’s experience. This free app can be used for children up to age 12. It is also led by a yoga instructor and teacher to help your child relax.


This app is suited for your child if they have problems sleeping and mindfulness with their cute cartoon characters and audio narrated by many great artists.

This app boasts a wide variety of libraries of music tracks, meditations, and bedtime stories. As it is an audio-only app, your child does not need to look at the bright screen of phones anymore. It has a 7-day trial available for you to try out and see if this is the app for your child.


If it is you and your child’s first time trying out meditation and relaxation apps, this trusted app might be for you. With over a million five-star reviews, this number one offers many options for your needs.

It can help improve focus on tasks by using nature scenes and sounds for an ambient working environment. It can also help improve sleep quality. This app also helps reduce stress and anxiety and helps for self-improvement. 

Its Calm Kids section in the app focus on ages 3-18 and have a wide variety of activities to choose from. They have focus sessions, study breaks, and emotions series, meditations, and even sleep stories for your child.

With such a wide range of activities for children and adults, it might even benefit the stressed parent.

The Verdict

When children are unable to think properly because of unknown emotions and thought processes, they lose focus on what’s important. These apps will help you and your child be guided on how to handle these thoughts and emotions and better understand each other. 

From benefits like improved sleep and reduced anxiety, mindful and meditation apps will be a positive change.

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