Are you tired of getting your boobs squeezed by underwire bras but can’t give it up because it feels uneasy to go braless? Well, we have good news for you! Thanks to the lingerie industry, bralettes are becoming popular again, and many companies are creating different versions and designs that will fit your needs.

Bralettes have been appearing a lot lately – in Social Media and different shopping stores. It has become a trend today because it balances the support we get from underwire bras and the comfortable feeling of wearing no bra. If properly designed, it can feel like a second skin because it does not bother you even if you wear it all day long.  


What is the point of Bralettes? 

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Bralette is like the underwire bra’s younger sister. But, compared to the latter, bralettes are wireless and have minimal padding. It also differs from a wire-free bra because wire-free bras are intended to look like underwear. Well, bralettes also serve as underwear but with more fashion style. 

When a classic bra peeks out through your t-shirt, it may feel impolite and uneasy. But, this is not the case with bralette since it has a more fashion-forward design. Because of this, the crowd has considered bralettes as a new fashion statement. That’s why, even if it peeks through your top, they still find it acceptable. 

Why bralettes are the best? 

A lot of people are making the switch, and here are the reasons why they started to love bralettes:

It’s comfortable

The ultimate reason why people wear a bralette is because of the comfort factor. Bralettes are wireless, unstructured, and usually have a soft-cup shape which is very comfortable. As you let go of underwired bras and bras that are too tight-fitting, you let your skin breathe and feel free. Also, since bralettes contain less fabric, it is comfier to use during the hot summer.

It’s cheaper

There are many affordable bralettes you can find in the market, depending on the brand. It has less fabric and materials which means, it can be sold for less. It is long-lasting and does not wear out quickly since it does not have wires, thick cups, and seams. It will save you money from buying a new bra every month. 

It’s fashionable

Another best thing about bralettes is that it is not limited to being an undergarment. You can wear it under any casual outfit, be it a revealing top or a backless dress, and you can still find its beauty. You can wear it as a mini crop top paired with your favorite pants, skirts, or shorts. 

There are a lot of sizes, shapes, and designs for you to choose from

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You do not have to have a smaller bust and petite figure to convert to a bralette. No matter your cup size, you will find the perfect fit for you. Bralettes are perfect for all bust sizes, from small to large busts. Especially right now that many companies are developing bralettes for those with ample chest, just like Aerie, Lively, True & Co., and Spanx. 

There are also different cuts and shapes for a bralette. The most common one is the triangle cup, which consists of two triangles of minimally padded fabric and a pair of thin straps. However, this shape does not give full coverage if you have a larger bust. If you want more coverage, you can look for bralettes that are specially made for full busts.

Bralettes are also made from a variety of fashionable materials including lace, mesh, cotton, satin, or microfiber. To make it more beautiful, decorative details such as pretty straps, prints, and embroidered designs can be added. It can also be bandeau or a racerback style and has color options that can match any season. 

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Who makes the best bralette?

As bralettes become popular, many brands have put an effort to make the most comfortable product. From athletic and sporty Calvin Klein to plain and romantic lace designs, you can find a shop where you can buy a good bralette. 

Here is the list of brands that make the best bralettes:

#1. Calvin Klein

They offer a seamless adjustable skinny strap bralette if you want that extra soft feeling under your loungewear. They also have a sporty cotton bralette with a logo-stamped jersey number for a sexy athletic vibe.    


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#2. Nordstrom

You can buy skims bralettes at Nordstrom that are good for everyday wear. There are a lot of styles, sizes, and shapes for you to choose from, whether you want full coverage or a plunging neckline bralette. They also have stretch cotton and mesh-type bralettes.  

#3. Cosabella

If you are looking for a minimalist bralette, Cosabella is the right one for you. They have a minimalist lace design with lightly padded cups and adjustable straps. There are ten shades for you to choose from, and it is available in larger cup sizes in DD-H!

#4. Lively

For extra support and more coverage that is still stylish, Lively bralettes are a great option. Some of their bralettes have a wide elastic band at the bottom of the pads, hook and eye closure, and adjustable straps to keep it in place. Available sizes are from XS-XL, cup sizes AA-DD, and offers up to 46 band sizes. 

#5. Aerie

Aerie is the best shop to go for if you want a lace plunge or a chill ribbed full cover bralette. They offer lightly padded bralette with adjustable straps, removable padding, and hook and eye closure back. It comes in XXS-XXL sizes and cup sizes A-DD.

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#6. Athleta

Small chests love the Everyday bra in Powervita. It has soft fabric and v-neck detailing if you want to hide it for your low plunging clothes. It has an adjustable racerback to give more lift and support.

#7. Third love

Third love offers super soft Pima Cotton bralettes for larger busts. Molded memory foam is used in the cup to provide extra comfort. Available sizes are from 30-48 and their biggest cup size is I.  

#8. Savage x Fenty

Savage x Fenty is the go-to shop for affordable racerbacks and lacey bralettes. They have a decent selection of bright to nude colors that comes in many sizes. It has tulle-lined cups for support and adjustable straps. 

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Can you wear a bralette instead of a bra?

Definitely, yes! Since bralettes and bras serve the same purpose, you can wear them in place of a bra. But of course, you have to consider your preference, usage, comfort, and satisfaction. If you need an added bust support and lift, underwire bras can do it for you. 

Bralettes do not have heavy bust support, but it is really comfy and more fashionable. Try it for yourself, and you may never want to go back to your regular bra!

Bottom line

Now that you have an idea about bralettes and why it is the best, this is the sign to make the switch. You can easily find one since many brands have included it in their clothing line. You just have to choose what will work for you. In the end, what is comfortable to you is still what matters. 

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