They say life’s too short to wear mediocre underwear. 

Of course, this rings true as we spend most of our waking moments wearing our knickers, briefs, lingerie, or whatever it is we call them.  And so, it just feels right that our undergarments should be comfortable, perfectly-fitting, and make us feel confident too. 

Believe it or not, sales of underwear have been soaring since the lockdown started, and this tells us that even in a global pandemic, wearing the right kind of underwear matters. After all, wearing correct underwear marks the difference between a good day and a bad one, especially during the warmer seasons. 

Summer months may come with open-toe sandals and flowy dresses, but it also arrives with the sweltering heat that can make you sweat like crazy all over. Excessive sweating can make your hair greasy, but dry shampoo will do the trick of resolving such an issue. The intense humidity can also make your skin oily, but blotting papers work best in reducing excessive shine. 

But wait, the summer heat can also make us go from dry to sweaty in our intimate areas. When we put on underwear, it can trap heat, and moisture can be trapped, worsening the discomfort we experience during hot months. 

With this, we ask: are there products that can help prevent us from getting sweaty down there?

Well, the answer lies in wearing the right kind of underwear, especially ones that are moisture-wicking and breathable. 


What is the best material for underwear?

Ideally, underwear should be comfortable, dry, and breathable. Undergarments should be made with materials that are good at wicking moisture away from the skin to achieve these desirable characteristics. Natural fabrics made of organic fibres such as cotton and bamboo are gentle on the skin and are great at absorbing moisture. 

Is organic underwear better?

You may have heard this before, but underwear made from synthetic materials like spandex and nylon might look great, but they don’t allow your intimate area to breathe fully. Synthetic fabrics tend to trap moisture and heat, which creates a breeding ground for yeast infections. Yikes! 

Since yeast infections and discomfort are by no means appealing, it would be better to wear organic underwear. You can go for Bamboo knickers or cotton panties as they are breathable and moisture-wicking, which already adds to the intimate comfort they bring by being gentle on the skin. 

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Is Bamboo good for underwear? 

Bamboo fabric is a good material for making intimate apparels. It has a distinctly soft feel with a  texture that is a blend between silk and cashmere. What’s also great about bamboo fabric is that the fibres’ cross-sections are filled with lots of micro-gaps that allow for better moisture absorption and ventilation. This feature makes bamboo underwear very comfortable to wear, especially when you’re trying to keep your intimate areas dry and cool.

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What are the benefits of bamboo underwear? 

Besides being soft and absorbent, wearing bamboo underwear also comes with other perks you’ll surely love. Here are some of the known benefits of wearing bamboo underwear: 

  • Quick-drying
    • Bamboo fabric may be absorbent, but it’s also quick drying. It has many micro holes that allow air to enter and evaporate accumulated moisture, leaving you with a cool and dry feeling. 
  • Thermal control 
    • No matter how hard you exercise or how hot the weather is, bamboo fabric, especially Viscose, can keep you refreshed by dissipating heat. Because Bamboo fibres have a lot of “tiny holes”, they are great for whisking away excess heat. 
  • Odour-resistant
    • Bamboo fibres have an antimicrobial and antifungal feature as they are also good at wicking away odour, be it from humid conditions or intense heat. 
  • Hypoallergenic
    • Bamboo fabric is also excellent for individuals with sensitive skin. People who suffer from skin irritability and itching can wear bamboo underwear without any worry. 

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Is bamboo underwear better than cotton? 

Bamboo and cotton have similar strengths as organic fabrics. Both materials are breathable and soft, making them equally excellent fabrics for making underwear. However, what makes bamboo underwear a better choice than cotton is that it’s good for the planet.  

In case you’re not aware, bamboo fabric is a sustainable textile. For starters, bamboo is a sustainable crop. Its cultivation does not need tremendous amounts of water, pesticides, and human labour compared to cotton. Its production is also not as chemically intensive as polyester and other conventional underwear fabrics. 

So, which underwear is best for summer?

As mentioned previously, bamboo knickers and cotton underwear are equally great for their breathability and moisture-wicking properties, making them both good options for summer. However, if you want your intimate summer wear to be eco-friendly and sustainable, it would be best to go for undergarments made with bamboo fabric. 

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Where can I buy sustainable underwear? 


If you’re in the mood for shopping for sustainable underwear, you can check out the vast array of eco-conscious labels online. To help you get started in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best eco-brands that offer sustainable, sexy, and soft underwear. 

Here are 15 of the best ethical underwear brands laid bare:

1. Boody 


Boody is an Australia-based brand that aims to create low-impact intimate apparel that is high-quality and eco-friendly. The brand’s undergarments are made from sustainably-grown, breathable, and soft bamboo fabric. 

Buy Boody’s sustainable underwear through this link

2. Cosabella 

Price: $$-$$$

Cosabella is an Italian luxury lingerie brand that offers hand-crafted intimate wear. Since 1983, the brand’s local artisans have made bras, underwear, bodysuits, and bustiers using sustainable mesh, lace, satin-like fabrics, and natural dyes.  

Check out Cosabella’s underwear line here. 

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3. Pact

Price: $$-$$$

Pact is a fairtrade brand to look out for when it comes to intimate cotton apparel. This certified B corp offers a range of super-soft underwear made from ethically-sourced organic cotton blended with elastane for a better fit.  

Visit Pact through this link

4. Organic Basics 

Price: $$-$$$

Organic Basics believes in underwear that’s made better, which is why create comfortable intimate made from organic materials such as GOTS certified cotton. The brand’s popular SilverTech cotton pieces are also heat-regulating, anti-bacterial, and sustainable. 

Purchase Organic Basics’ intimate wear here

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5. Tomboyx

Price: $$-$$$

Tomboyx is an eco-conscious brand that strives to produce eco-friendly, size- and gender-inclusive underwear. The brand is widely known for its inclusive lingerie that reaches up to a 6X size and their Oeko-Tex 100 Certified cotton fabric.

Check out Tomboyx’s intimate apparel here

6. Azura Bay

Price: $$-$$$

Azura Bay offers a curated collection of sustainable intimate apparel from fairtrade brands such as WAMA,, and Sokoloff. The brand’s featured undergarments are made with GOTS Certified cotton and Tencel fabrics. 

Buy Azura Bay’s eco-underwear through this link

7. Knickey

Price: $$

Knickey is an underwear brand that strives to put the health of its consumers first. Their size-inclusive underwear is made using GOTS- & Oeko Tex Certified organic cotton fabric that is free from carcinogens and chemicals. 

Check out Knickey’s eco-knickers here

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8. Warp+Weft 


Warp+Weft aims to create intimate wear that’s both good for you and the planet. The brand uses eco-friendly methods to make their seamless and anti-pinch underwear specially lined with 100% cotton and cellulose. 

Buy Warp+Weft’s eco-friendly underwear here.  

9. Uye Surana 

Price: $$

If you love handmade and hand-printed lingerie, then Uye Surana is a brand that deserves your attention. The brand’s size-inclusive intimate apparel are ethically handmade and are consciously hand-printed using a reduced-waste method.

Visit Uye Surana’s website to know more.

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10. Proclaim 

Price: $$

Proclaim aims to redefine sustainable underwear by making size-inclusive collections of intimate wear. With sizes from S-3XL, their bras and bodysuits are crafted using Tencel or Repreve (a polyester fibre from recycled plastic bottles). 

Buy Proclaim’s sustainable lingerie here

11. Anekdot 

Price: $$-$$$

Anekdot is a Berlin-based fairtrade clothing brand that strives to create zero-waste underwear, lingerie, and swimwear by using quality surplus materials. Most of the brand’s products are vegan and are made by local seamstresses

Check out Anekdot’s sustainable underwear here

12. Brook There 

Price: $$-$$$

Brook There is a US-based brand that makes sustainable lingerie from natural silk and organic cotton. The brand’s soft intimate garments are designed not just to look good but to also last-long. 

Purchase Brook There’s intimate wear here

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13. Reformation 

Price: $$-$$$

Popularly known as an alternative to fast fashion brands, Reformation also offers sustainable, stylish, comfortable, intimate wear. When making their panties and bralettes, the brand uses recycled synthetic fabrics that are Bluesign and Oeko- 100 Certified

Buy Reformation’s underwear here

14. AmaElla 

Price: $$-$$$

If you prefer lingerie made of organic cotton, AmaElla is a brand that you should check out. This Cambridge-based brand partners with ethical manufacturers, employ local women and uses toxic-free materials and water-based ink. 

Visit AmaElla’s website to know more.  

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15. WAMA 

Price: $$-$$$

Unlike other clothing brands that use cotton or bamboo materials, WAMA creates comfortable underwear made from breathable and soft organic hemp fabric. Plus, their fabrics are also dyed in Oeko-Tex Certified facilities. They’re also PETA-approved!

Buy WAMA’s comfy hemp underwear here

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