With the stress and anxiety brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, getting quality rest and relaxation is an absolute must these days. That’s why it’s essential to be on the lookout for cosy beddings, mattresses, and comfy pillows, and other bedroom essentials to help you sleep sweetly.

While sleeping soundly in a snug bedroom set-up sounds great, it can be even better. 

How? Well, by wearing a pair of comfortable sleepwear!

Believe it or not, the kind of pajamas that your wear can make or break your sleep quality. In case you’re not aware, sleep experts have found that the best temperature for sleeping is about 18.3 degrees Celsius or 65 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Achieving this cool temperature can be challenging for hot sleepers, menopausal women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats, and those living in warmer areas. 

Thankfully, there are pajamas that can help keep you cool and comfortable. 


What are the ‘coolest’ pajamas? 

‘Cool’ pajamas, by definition, is a type of lightweight sleepwear that dissipates heat and wick moisture away during sleep. The coolest pajamas currently in the market are made of breathable fabrics made of natural fibres such as bamboo and cotton.

Which is the best fabric to make pajamas?

There’s no exact answer to this question as the “perfect” pair of pyjamas can be mean differently to a lot of people. 

If your ideal pajamas are the one that keeps you cool then, it would be best to go for ones made from breathable fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton. Bamboo fibres are popular right now as it’s excellent in pulling moisture from the skin and is fast-drying! Organic cotton pajamas can also help you stay cool as its lightweight and allows heat to escape from your body. 

On the other hand, if you prefer pajamas that keep you warm on cold nights, it would be best to go for PJs made from silk, fleece, and flannel. 

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Is Silk cooler than cotton?

Silk is a popular fabric that’s used in making sleepwear because it’s smooth and soft. It is also a lightweight fabric like cotton but is less cool. Silk is described as a “natural insulator” because it only moderately allows heat to escape. Compared to cotton, silk keeps you warmer during the colder months of the year. 

Which is warmer, fleece or flannel? 

Since we’re already talking about fabrics for colder months, let’s talk about fleece and flannel. Fleece is a type of synthetic fuzzy material made from polyester fibres, while flannel is a breathable soft cotton fabric with a woolly finish. When it comes to insulating properties, a pair of fleece pajamas can keep you warmer as it traps heat and is not as breathable as flannel ones.  

Is fleece better than cotton?

Cotton fabric is lightweight, thus making it ideal for keeping one cool during the hot summer months. However, this is the only aspect that makes it better than fleece. Fleece is warmer, quick-drying, very soft, and does not require high maintenance compared to cotton. 

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What is the softest fabric for pajamas? 

Sleepwear should also be soft, not just cool. The softest fabrics for pajamas in the market right now are Supima cotton and silk. Supima cotton is lightweight, extra breathable, and gentle to the touch, making it an ideal choice for making sleepwear.  Silk is also a top pick for making soft pajamas because it’s comfy, smooth, and doesn’t cause skin rashes or irritations. 

What are the best women’s pajamas?

Women’s pajamas should be the right mix of cool, comfy, soft, and stylish. It can either be a traditional sleepwear set consisting of a shirt-and-trousers made of cotton or flannel fabric or a silk camisole and shorts combo. Every woman is unique, and the best pajamas for her would be the one that meets her sleepwear needs. 

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Are all pajamas sustainable?

Although many brands sell the coolest and softest pajamas, not all are made with the environment in mind. 

Pajamas are commonly made of cotton, one of the worst water-intensive crops out there unless grown sustainably. Other problematic fabrics include fleece, made mostly of unsustainable materials, and silk, whose production is linked to ethical issues. 

Because of this, it can feel awful sleeping in clothes that may have caused ethical and environmental harm. If sleeping quality and the environment are two things that you care about, then wearing eco-friendly pajamas is a top priority. 

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Where can I buy sustainable pajamas?

Thanks to the internet, sustainable pajamas are not difficult to find. Many sleepwear brands nowadays are changing the game with their eco-conscious products. Most eco-brands now have online stores, so you can look up “sustainable sleepwear brands” through search engines or check out eco-labels on social media. 

Finding the perfect pair of sustainable pajamas, especially ones for women, can be time-consuming. To help you get started, we have created a list of the best eco-friendly and ethical sleepwear brands worth checking out.

 Here are the ten best fairtrade brands to help you sleep soundly and sustainably:

1. Boody: Bamboo Sleepwear

Price: $$-$$$

Boody is an Australia-based brand that creates sustainable and ethical sleepwear made from bamboo. The brand’s entire sleepwear collection is crafted from viscose obtained from organically-grown bamboo fibres. Boody’s bamboo pajamas are the best for those with sensitive skin as they are soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. Plus, they use recyclable packaging and a low-waste production process.

Shop for Boody’s sleepwear here

2. Pact: Affordable Fairtrade Loungewear

Price: $$

Pact is a brand that you shouldn’t miss out on for affordable and sustainable loungewear. With easygoing styles and the use of eco-friendly materials, it’s hard to resist Pact’s fairtrade sleepwear. All of Pact’s loungewear, pyjamas included, are made of GOTS Certified organic cotton in a factory that’s fairtrade. 

Get a pair of Pact’s pajamas through this link

3. Coyuchi: Where Minimalism Meets Sustainability

Price: $$-$$$

When seeking out eco-brands that create minimalist and sustainable pajamas, look no further than Coyuchi’s sleepwear basics. The brand is widely known for its minimalist, organic, and breathable cotton pajamas that are MADE SAFE and GOTS certified. Plus, Coyuchi makes all of its garments in a fairtrade factory that recycles 98% of its wastewater. 

Check out Coyuchi’s sleepwear here

4. Kotn: Egyptian Cotton Loungewear

Price: $$-$$$

If you’re looking for a luxury sleepwear eco-brand that uses premium Egyptian cotton, then Kotn is the brand for you. This certified B corp brand features athleisure loungewear made from ethically-produced cotton in the Nile Delta. For every apparel that Kotn sells, they give back by supporting schools and literacy efforts in Egypt.

Shop for Kotn’s sleepwear through this link

5. Ettitude: Cruelty-Free Sleepwear 

Price: $$-$$$

Silk sleepwear is smooth and comfy, but unfortunately, silk production is not without harm. Ettitude, a US-based brand, offers a vegan-approved alternative to traditional silk using CleanBambooTM, it’s signature Lyocell bamboo fabric. Ettitude’s Lyocell bamboo fabric is non-toxic and uses less energy. The brand’s pajamas and sleepwear are soft on the skin and gentle on the environment. 

Visit Ettitude’s website here

6. Reformation: Climate-Neutral Pajamas

Price: $$-$$$

Matching pajamas are cute, but you’ll surely love them more if they’re sustainably made. Reformation, a US-based brand, creates stylish matching pajamas using eco-friendly Tencel fabric through a climate-neutral process. The brand’s matching PJs also come in thoughtfully designed styles. Since 2015, Reformation has been 100% carbon-neutral, and they recycle 75% of its waste if possible. 

Check out Reformation’s pajamas here

7. Symbology: Fairtrade Loungewear By Women

Price: $$$

Symbology is a US-based fairtrade clothing label that seeks to empower women artisans across the globe. The brand is famous for its bold print pajamas and loungewear that their partner women artisans in India ethically craft. Symbology proudly features the traditional forms of block printing in all of their statement garments. 

Buy Symbology’s bold print PJs here.

8. Sudara: Keeping Women Safe Through Fashion

Price: $$-$$$

If you’re looking to support a brand that values social responsibility, then Sudara should be your top pick. Sudara is an ethical fashion label that sells clothing made by women in India who were at risk of being sexually-trafficked. This certified B corp creates PUNJAMMIES® PANTS that are perfect for sleeping and lounging around.

Shop at Sudara here.  

9. Kowtow: Size-Inclusive Pajamas 

Price: $$$

Kowtow is a New Zealand-based clothing brand that offers ethically-made and size-inclusive sleepwear. In making its XXS to XL apparel, the brand uses a variety of sustainable fabrics. In particular, Kowtow’s fairtrade pajamas are crafted using 100% cotton textured voile and GOTS dyes free from toxic solvents. Plus, they encourage consumers to repair their pajamas by offering a service to mend minor issues and patching for rips!

Explore Kowtow’s sleepwear here

10. Summersault: Pajamas from Recycled Fibers

Price: $$-$$$

When it comes to sustainability in fashion, Summersault is blazing its own trail by making a sleepwear line made of recycled clothing fibres. Eco-conscious and comfy, the brand’s pajamas, slips, and robes are crafted using recycled silky polyester and biodegradable Modal fabric WRAP certified factories. Plus, they also use recyclable packaging!

Check out Summersault’s pieces here

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