If you’re using regular socks, this is the time you should start thinking about switching to Cotton and Bamboo socks. Bamboo is known for being a sustainable and perfect alternative for cotton. But what if bamboo and cotton are used to make the best socks you can see in the market?

Bamboo socks are known for being the most comfortable socks there are. Aside from being comfortable, it fights bacteria that make your feet smelly. Below are some of the best brands where you can buy cotton & bamboo socks.


Why choose bamboo and cotton socks?

These socks are tightly woven together. If bamboo and cotton are combined together, what an amazing product created. Here are a few reasons why you should start investing in these kinds of products.


The number one reason why you should start investing in these products is it can contribute a lot to our environment too. Bamboos create 35% more oxygen compared to other trees, which can make our world better.

There are no chemicals in bamboo fibers

Bamboo fibers do not have harmful chemicals that can cause irritation or bacteria. Unlike the other types of clothes, which usually contain chemicals that can cause fungal infections and skin irritations.

Softer and more comfortable

These are better than regular socks you see in the market. These have cushioned soles that can make your feet comfortable. Soft socks are more appealing than other socks, well bamboo socks are silky and soft.


Bamboo has a natural feature for anti-bacterial, which is called bamboo Kun. This repels irritants and also pests, this is also the reason why bamboo is naturally grown even without pesticides. If you’re an athlete or you have bacterial feet, wearing bamboo socks can help you reduce the risk of health issues.

Odor and moisture-free

Bamboo is here to save the day if you have sweaty and smelly feet. These socks are made to protect your feet from moisture and odor all day, this way you can prevent infections. It can also make your feet dry and comfortable.

Temperature regulating

This means, from summer to winter bamboo-cotton socks can be worn comfortably. If you’re cold, it can keep you warm and if you’re hot, it can keep you fresh.


This is perfect for people who have sensitive skin because of the hypoallergenic properties of these products. If you’re prone to eczema or other skin conditions, this is the safest option you can choose.

Good for your skin

Aside from being soft, which makes your feet comfortable, it is totally gentle on your skin. Bamboo socks also give you protection from UV so sunburn and other dangerous conditions can be prevented.

Perfect for everyone

Aside from its health benefits, it has a wide variety of styles and colors you can choose from. It also provides different sizes from kids to adults.

Does not need special care

Compared to other socks that need to be hand washed and need extra care, these bamboo-cotton socks can be just thrown in the washing machine just like other clothes. It even enhances its quality after a few washes.

After learning things about these bamboo-cotton socks, this is now the time you start to invest in a more sustainable lifestyle. Aside from the things that it can contribute to you, there are also a lot of things that it can contribute to our environment.

Best Cotton and Bamboo Sock Brands

Hugh Ugoli

Hugh Ugoli Women’s Lightweight Soft Bamboo Thin Dress Socks Crew

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 6 – 12

The socks are made of 80% Bamboo 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane. The socks are good quality and durable. The socks give you comfort because the bamboo fabric lets your feet feel warm on the cold and cooler in the heat. Available in a wide range of colours. Both the dark green or bright red are perfect for Christmas.

MD Bamboo

MD Unisex Premium Bamboo Socks Super Soft 

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 7-16

This is known as the best unisex socks. Their products are made out of 23.3% Polyester, 71.9% Rayon from Bamboo, 0.6% Spandex, and 4.2% Elastic. It is also sweat-absorbing to keep your feet from getting smelly.

Their socks also have a cushioned sole to make your whole feet comfortable. It also has a hidden seam so the toe will be free from irritation due to the seam. You can guarantee this is long-lasting because it is made out of bamboo and also controls slip and thermo-regulating.

MD Bamboo is best for those athletes for antifungal capabilities. This has a big Y design that lets your feet stay in place and won’t slip. This can be also worn from winter to summer comfortably. If you’re on a budget and want to invest in things that will last and make you feel comfortable, this is it.

Bams Bamboo Socks

BAMS Plus Size Compression Socks Wide Calf – Graduated Bamboo Knee-High Support

Price Range: $$

Size Range: XXL, XXXL

This is known for being the best compression socks there are. This is based in the US and has the technology to kill odor. Aside from being soft and absorbent, this has graduated bamboo compression. This can reduce the swelling and gives your muscle nutrients and oxygen that it needs to heal faster.

This also has fibers from bamboo that reduces rashes, irritations, and allergies. Perfect for athletes and people who are always on the move. Aside from socks, this brand sells washcloth, compression sleeves for the calf that supports plus size.


Rambutan Unisex “Pepper Collection” Knee High Seamless Cotton Socks

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 7-16

This brand is known for being the best seamless toe socks. This is made with a unique building of bamboo that lets your feet be luxurious and have a silky soft touch. It also has a hand-linked seam at the toe to make your feet comfortable. And a special cuff design that lets the socks stick to your leg.

Rambutan lives the best of both worlds, the world of bold colors and quality. They create colorful socks that you can choose from, that can fit from kids to adults. They create socks that last by holding their shape, softness, and color. Aside from using bamboo, they also use cotton to let their socks perform their best quality.


Dig Bamboo Fiber Socks 3 Pairs – Authentic Bamboo Cotton Socks

Price Range: $$

Size Range: S, M, L

This brand is known for being the most durable socks there are. The Bamboo is extremely soft and very comfortable to wear. This is the best sock for long walks with boots.

Dig spent years creating the best for the consumers and used the right machines to make all of these features. The most exciting part here is, every single purchase a person makes, a single tree will also be planted.


Yomandamor Women’s 5 Pairs Seamless Bamboo Dress / Diabetic Crew Socks with Non-Binding Top

Price Range: $$

Size Range: L

This brand is known for the lowest price. This is made out of 70% bamboo and 30% elastane that keeps your feet comfortable and fit. This also has a seamless toe, a large wide calf that has micromesh and holes for breathing.

This can also reduce the infection with a non-binding top and reduces foot pressure and also blistering. This brand creates socks for men and women. Aside from being cheap and affordable, this brand guarantees you good quality.


Teehee Women’s Fashion Cotton Over The Knee Multi Pair Pack

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 6 -10

Made out of 100% cotton. Perfect with any dress or skirt of your choice. Good quality and durable plus keep you warm in winter. This brand was founded in 2002 and is based in Southern California. They create a lot of apparel for babies, kids, men, and women.

TeeHee Special (Holiday) Women Knee High 9-Pairs Socks with Gift Box

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 9 – 11

Great value socks perfect for you or a gift to someone you love not forgetting they come with a gift box making wrapping easier. The socks are comfortable and stretchy.


Sockwell Women’s Circulator Moderate Graduated Compression Sock

Price Range: $$

Size Range: S, M, L, XL

Sockwell is based in the USA. They create socks from 32% Merino Wool, 32% Nylon, 31% Rayon, 5% Spandex

The company recommends this sock for everyday wear, travel, exercise, and even for recovery and pregnant women.

These socks can also be used by people who need to stand and walk all day during their work like nurses, retailers, and even construction workers. This features Arch support, Turn welt top, graduated compression, Accu-fit technology, ultra-light cushion sole, and seamless toe closure.

Aside from its comfort and feature for performances, this has 4 zones of graduated compression that is moderate that helps reduce swelling and fatigue.

Sock Amazing

Sock Amazing Unisex Premium Bamboo Fiber Socks Super Soft Crew 8 Pack

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 9-13

These socks are made out of 74% Rayon from Bamboo,21% Polyester,2% Nylon. This is sweat-absorbing due to the fabric of the bamboo and this is also smell-resistant

The cushioned sole of these socks can guarantee you more comfort and can absorb more moisture that can make you feel breathable.

Sock Amazing keeps its socks in the same size and color, and they can get even softer after you wash them. In actuality, they can look small but they can stretch a lot and fit your feet perfectly.


Women’s Bamboo Socks – Rayon from Bamboo Fiber Moisture Wicking Classic Casual Dress Socks

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 4 – 13

The socks are made of 85% Rayon from Bamboo, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastic.

They use rayon from bamboo because it is best in wicking the moisture compared to other fabrics. This is also guaranteed to be soft, comfortable, and odor resistant. The socks are lightweight to keep you cool and fresh and can be used on different occasions.

BambooMN Extra Thick Soft Cozy Fuzzy Thermal Cabin Plush Fleece-lined Fur Cuff Knitted Crew Socks

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 4 – 13

The socks are made of 85% Rayon from Bamboo, 10% Polyester, 5% Elastic.

Thick thermal cabin socks you can relax in comfortably. Keeping your feet warm. Perfect for a cosy night in to watch a film or read a book.

Cariloha Bamboo Sock

Price Range: $$

Size Range: S, M, L

This is known as the best socks overall. This is made out of 85% Viscose from bamboo, 5% Nylon and 10% Elastane that is odor-resistant. This is knitted together to be stylish and cozy at the same time.

Cariloha creates beddings, mattresses, bed frames, pillows, towels, robes, and apparel for men and women that are sustainable. They want to create a lifestyle that is healthy, comfortable, and eco-conscious. They have their own farm where they harvest bamboo to create their products.


Men’s 8 Pairs Premium Bamboo Lightweight Dress and Trouser Socks

Price Range: $$

Size Range: 8 – 11

Perfect for everyday use, special occasion or gifted to someone. The socks are made of 80% Bamboo 17% Lycra 3% Elastane. The socks are excellent quality, durable and created from organic fibers.

Gold Toe

Gold Toe Men’s 656p Cotton Quarter Athletic Socks, Multipairs

Price Range: $$

Size Range: One size

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