They say happiness is sleeping on soft bed sheets, but you won’t be too glad when you realise the environmental cost that comes with producing them. 

On a global scale, the textile industry contributes significantly to environmental degradation: 

  • 20% of freshwater pollution is caused by textile dyeing and treatment. 
  • Textile production involves the use of volatile organic components (VOCs), which can pollute the air.  
  • At least 5% of all the Earth’s landfill spaces are filled with textile waste.

In 2015, the demand for textiles reached 95 million tonnes. Out of that number, more than half were composed mainly of polyester and by cotton.

Polyester is a plastic-based fibre that is non-biodegradable. What’s also problematic is it relies on non-renewable petroleum sources for its production. 

On the other hand, you have cotton, which is natural and biodegradable. However innocent and harmless it seems though, the cultivation of the cotton plant itself involves the use of massive amounts of pesticides, which adversely affects the quality of water in areas where it is grown. 

An emerging alternative to these fabrics is linen — a compostable textile that, compared to cotton, uses fewer amounts of pesticides. Unfortunately, not all linen sheets are made the same. Most linen sheets are still produced through conventional processes that pollute the environment. 

But, don’t feel sad just yet; we’ve compiled a list of the best linen brands to help you switch to sustainable threads for your bed. Sleep without the stress of harming the environment by checking out these seven eco-friendly linen stores below: 


1. Boll & Branch: Changing the World One Sheet at a Time

Price range: $$$

Boll & Branch is another eco-conscious textile company to watch. Aside from proudly using 100% organic cotton in all its bedding, mattress, and bath products, another reason why we love Boll & Branch is its commitment to providing a better life for everyone involved in its supply chain, starting with its cotton farmers. The company buys only Fair Trade organic cotton, ensuring that its farmers remain debt-free. 

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

Standing by their ethos of crafting products for the common good, Boll & Branch strives to be both socially and environmentally responsible. Here are two ways it’s doing that: 

  • It saves 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions by boating products instead of using air freight
  • It saves over 592 million gallons of water yearly by using organic cotton

2. Brooklinen: Affordable Luxury Linen 

Price range: $$$

Described as the internet’s best linen sheets, Brooklinen offers luxury linen sheets you can indulge in without breaking the bank. 

Brooklinen’s sheets are pure linen made from 100% French and Belgian Flax. Their linen sheets are also available in chic and cool colours to match their smooth and airy feel. 

The brand’s linen sheets fit different kinds of mattress sizes, from queen- to king-size. Brooklinen’s sheets are made with no harsh chemicals and are breathable, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin and hot sleepers. 

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

Brooklinen’s linen products are Oeko-Tex certified. Their linen sheets are organic, and the company assures that all stages of their production, from start to end, are sustainable. They are also a direct-to-consumer brand, cutting out the middleman in a  bid to lessen the carbon footprint of their supply chain.  

3. Cultiver: Experience Pure Linen Bliss

Price range: $$$

If you’re looking to cultivate an interest in sleeping sustainably, Cultiver is a great place to start. 

The brand offers soft linen sheets crafted from 100% linen spun from European flax. Cultiver’s linen products also come pre-washed for softness at first use. 

What’s also great about Cultiver is that they offer a “Build Your Own Set” feature on their site. This allows you to order linen fitted sheets and flat sheets in colours and sizes of your choosing. 

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

The flax fibres in Cultiver’s linen sheets are thoughtfully sourced from Europe. Rather than use harsh chemicals to soften their fabrics, Cultiver uses their trademark eco-friendly enzyme wash to make their linen sheets softer after every wash. 

4. Linoto: Comfort and Colour 

Price range: $$$

If you’re looking for quality linen beddings with plenty of colour options, Linoto might be the perfect brand for you. 

Linoto uses organic linen fabrics for their bedsheets, as exemplified by their organic Belgian linen bedding sets that are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. They offer 100% eco linen sheets that are pre-washed for soft use. Linoto’s linen sheets are also expertly sewn by local artisans, ensuring the right mix of smoothness and sturdiness for comfort and quality. 

While most linen sheets are beige and off-white, Linoto sets itself apart from other brands by offering a variety of linen sheets in bold colours. If you’re looking for red, turquoise, or aubergine linen sheets to complete your ideal bedroom aesthetic, Linoto is a brand worth checking out. 

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

Linoto washes their expertly crafted linen sheets with natural laundry soap. When it comes to their shipping, they also have the environment in mind. Linoto also mails their linen products to customers using plastic-free recycled packaging


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5. MagicLinen: Customizable Comfort

Price range: $$$

MagicLinen believes that home linen should not only be functional but also beautiful. 

The brand offers high-quality, 100% linen sheets that are carefully designed, handmade and stonewashed for comfort and style. Their textiles are also Oeko-Tex certified — you can be assured no harsh chemicals were used in its production.

Another thing to love about MagicLinen is they also offer custom-size linen beddings. You can choose linen sheets in a variety of colours and styles and have them adjusted to your preferred dimensions.

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

MagicLinen uses eco-friendly packaging for shipping out their products. From eco-papers, compostable mailers, and reusable linen bags, the brand aims to cut down on plastic pollution by saying no to single-use plastics

6. Parachute Home: Luxury Meets Sustainability

Price range: $$$

If you’re after comfort without compromising your eco-conscious principles, have a look at Parachute Home’s sustainable bedroom offerings. 

All Parachute Home sheets are made of sustainably sourced, GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified cotton that’s guaranteed free of toxic chemicals and synthetics.  

Is the brand eco-friendly?

Aside from ensuring each product is responsibly made and sustainably sourced, each order of Parachute Home bedding comes in a reusable fabric pouch (they even give you ideas on how to reuse it). 

7. Snowe: Helping you Sleep Sustainably

Price range: $$$

If you’re looking for high-quality yet eco-friendly linen sheets, Snowe has got you covered. 

The brand offers decadently soft pure linen sheets made from European-milled flax fibres.

All of the brand’s linen products are also Oeko-Tex certified, ensuring customers that their sheets are organic and no harmful substances were used at any stage of production. 

Their linen sheets also come in a wide range of colours and sizes so you can pick out the best beddings and sleep better at an affordable price

Is the brand eco-friendly? 

Snowe believes in sustainable design, which is why they use paper-based packaging for their shipments. All of their packing materials are 100% recyclable too!

Now that you have acquainted yourself with these eco-friendly linen brands, you now have many options to help you switch towards a more sustainable bedroom. 

Of course, it’s more sustainable and practical to make use of beddings and mattress covers that are readily available in your homes. But, just in case you need to replace old sheets or you feel like making bedroom ‘green’, make sure to check out the linen brands above! 

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