Thinking of going on an adventure? 

Travelling opens our minds to new experiences, gets us out of our comfort zones, and allows us to widen our perspective of the world. (Plus, it’s also good for our mental health!)

If you love to travel and save the environment, you’ll surely enjoy eco-tourism

Green tourist hotspots are destinations that are not only postcard-pretty but also proactive in tackling environmental issues such as waste management, biodiversity conservation, and carbon emissions.

Check out these eight green destinations to consider on your next green getaway: 


1. Singapore 

Singapore green buildings

Is it possible to make an entire city eco-friendly? The green urban city-state of Singapore says yes. 

Committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Singapore tops the list of eco-friendly destinations in Southeast Asia. With their mandatory construction of green buildings and eco-conscious citizens, it’s no surprise that Singapore does not fall short in their environmental protection efforts. 

Singapore is also widely known for its Gardens by the Bay—a mega eco-garden that is home to different plant and bird species and is world-renowned for its solar-powered supertrees.

Learn more about Singapore here

2. Copenhagen

people riding bicycles

The ‘C’ in Copenhagen stands for ‘climate-friendly.’ 

Hailed as the coolest green city in Europe, Copenhagen is a must-visit destination for environmentally savvy travellers. 

The city encourages its visitors to explore the locality through bicycles to reduce their carbon emissions.  You can also go sight-seeing on the city’s remarkable twenty wind turbines, which is part of Denmark’s collective effort of being free from fossil fuels by 2025. 

Get to know more about Copenhagen through VisitDenmark.

3.  Zurich, Switzerland 

Zurich, Switzerland photo of the river with boats on it

Recognised as the most sustainable city on the planet, Zurich sets the bar high for eco-friendly tourist destinations. 

Travellers can quickly get around the city through their efficient public transport system while cutting down carbon emissions from private vehicles

Looking for eco-friendly accommodations? Thankfully this town has sustainable hotels aplenty. 

Tourists can also enjoy Zurich’s city tours in an eco-friendly way by foot or by eTukTuk—a three-wheeled electric taxi. 

Learn more about eco-tourism in Zurich here

4. Wellington, New Zealand  

Wellington, New Zealand landscape photo of the sea and rocky cliffside

Ranked sixth among the world’s greenest cities, Wellington is committed to practising sustainable tourism activities

The city offers various climate-friendly experiences with nature, access to jaw-dropping views, and diverse wildlife. Wellington tour agencies are focused on sustainable and eco-friendly practices as they contribute to New Zealand’s goal of becoming fossil-fuel free by 2025. Air New Zealand, the country’s carrier, is also removing single-use plastics from their flights! 

Visit WellingtonNZ to know more about Wellington’s eco-adventure attractions. 

5. Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal temple

In Kathmandu, there are a lot of eco-friendly activities that you can do. (Hey, that rhymes!) 

From bird watching to eco-trekking, Kathmandu’s approach to tourism does not only aim to protect the environment but also to feature local Nepalese culture. While enjoying such activities, you can also indulge in eco-friendly accommodations and plastic-free dining

Kathmandu’s locals also practise recycling and solid waste management, making Nepal’s capital a green city worth visiting. 

Want to make this place part of your travel plans? Learn more about Kathmandu here.

6.San Francisco, USA 

San Francisco, USA green eco friendly park people sitting and talking

Named the greenest among cities in the United States and Canada, San Francisco is a must-visit eco-friendly tourist destination. 

Locals and visitors can enjoy the city’s sustainable food choices and waste-free living with the city’s plastic bag ban

San Francisco is also bicycle-friendly, allowing you to pedal your way around the city’s sprawling green spaces and unforgettable hiking sites

Visit to know more about San Francisco’s tourist- and earth-friendly offerings. 

7. Azores, Portugal 

Azores, Portugal waterfall in nature

When it comes to ecotourism, the Azores archipelago in Portugal has a lot to offer. 

With nine beautiful islands to explore, the Azores is the world’s first archipelago that’s certified as a sustainable destination for tourists. The archipelago is also a premier spot for birdwatching and climate-friendly sightseeing tours of waterfalls, geysers, and hot springs. 

Fancy some delectable culinary delights? Azorean food is also locally sourced and organic, thanks to the fertile and unspoiled land. 

Check out VisitAzores for more information. 

8. British Columbia, Canada 

British Columbia, Canada mountain ranges

For Canadians living in British Columbia, nature is an essential aspect of living, and they take environmental protection seriously. 

Named as the greenest province in Canada, British Columbia is a paragon of sustainability with its green jobs, eco-friendly buildings, organic cuisine, and energy-efficient practices. 

In British Columbia, nature is nurtured, which is why it is a must-visit for eco-tourists who wish to explore majestic mountain ranges, beaches, and rich rainforests. 

To know more about British Columbia, see HelloBC

9. Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik, Iceland natural hot springs

In Reykjavik, clean energy is a top priority. 

Ranking third in the world’s most sustainable destinations, the capital of Iceland is widely known for using renewable energy to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by 2050. 

Powered by geothermal energy, Reykjavik’s establishments thrive on clean energy. The city also has an abundance of natural hot springs and thermal pools worth dipping and relaxing in.  

Learn more about Reykjavik here

10. Stockholm, Sweden 

Stockholm, Sweden park

Hailed as the first green capital in Europe, Stockholm is an unforgettable hub for eco-conscious travellers.

With its energy conservation efforts and eco-labelled hotels, Stockholm is committed to its goal of environmental protection. 

Experience the best of local Swedish cuisine in restaurants that grow their own produce. You can also explore, by foot or bike, Stockholm’s nature reserves and parks and enjoy the surrounding scenery of the ocean and lakes.

Check out VisitStockholm to find out more. 

Now that you’ve become familiar with these environmentally friendly locations, you can now make a travel bucket list for your next getaway. 

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