Getting a period can be painful and messy at times, especially when you are using the wrong product. Waking up to bloody sheets and worrying about getting your pants stained are the horrors that we are trying to avoid. A lot of menstrual products are invented to help women get through their period, and tampons have got to be one of the best inventions.

Tampons have become popular with women through time as they help them get a hassle-free period. Imagine doing your workout with your white pants on and not worrying about getting them stained. How cool is that? But, as you can see, using tampons and pads usually end up piling in the trash, and it can harm the environment as time goes by.

If you do not have plans of giving up tampons, might as well have the choice to go organic. Organic tampons are now the new trend as they keep period comfortable, safe, and healthy. In today’s era, where protecting the environment is becoming more and more important, switching to organic products is a good call.


What are organic cotton tampons, and what makes them different from the traditional non-organic tampons?

A line of natural tampons

Unlike non-organic tampons that contain regular cotton sprayed with pesticides, organic tampons are made of 100 percent organic cotton that is free from chemicals, including pesticides, insecticides, and fragrances. It is gathered from organic farms that are able to grow crops without using pesticides.

Organic cotton tampons are bleached with mild hydrogen peroxide, while non-organic tampons are bleached with chlorine. The chlorine found in non-organic tampons creates Dioxin as a byproduct, which is known to cause cancer and can disrupt the hormones.

The problem with non-organic tampons

a. They are non-biodegradable and non-compostable

Non-organic tampons come from plastic and other synthetic fibers that are non-biodegradable. It takes as much as 500-1000 years for it to biodegrade. Also, since it is not a natural product, it will not decompose. Composting non-organic tampons will not give any nutrients to the soil and can even damage your plants. It will only release its chemical contents to the soil, and it can be harmful to plants, pets, and humans.

b. They can disrupt your hormones

Some materials used in non-organic tampons have chemicals that can disrupt your endocrine system. When these chemicals are introduced to your body, the system can be disrupted and can cause sex organ abnormalities and nervous, respiratory, cardiac, metabolic problems, and more.

c. They can irritate and damage the vaginal epithelial cells

It was found that chemicals used in non-organic tampons can irritate and damage the vaginal epithelial cells. When chemicals had contact with the vaginal epithelial cells, it can disrupt the normal vaginal flora and can cause the development of unwanted smell and irritation. It can result in tiny tears in the vagina since the skin inside is thin.

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Are organic tampons worth it?

Listed are the benefits of organic cotton tampons and the reason why it is worth a buy.

a. Organic tampons are non-toxic

Organic tampons contain 100% natural ingredients and are not treated with pesticides, so expect them to be non-toxic. We do not want to introduce pesticides into the vagina because of its high absorbability, and it is better to use products that are not treated with chemicals.

The Food and Drug Administration does not strictly require toxicity testing for menstrual products. However, they recommend them to be pesticide-free. Despite this, many still contain pesticide residue because of how they manufacture products. In regular tampons, they use conventional cotton which uses more insecticides and undergoes chemical bleaching.

b. Organic tampons are environment-friendly

Just think about how many tampons are consumed each year by menstruating women. It’s a lot, right? Regular tampons contain plastic materials, and plastic takes a length of time to decompose. On the other hand, organic tampons, as the name implies, contain organic cotton and are biodegradable. It only takes them 6 months-5 years to decompose in a landfill.

Unlike non-organic tampons that give off chemicals when buried under the soil, organic tampons add nutrients to the soil when you compost them. Also, because it is made from natural cotton, bacteria help break down organic tampons faster and easier.

Buying organic tampons lessens your carbon footprint since it uses pesticide-free cotton. In this way, we prevent pollution of water, air, and soil.

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c. Organic tampons support organic farmers

As we consume and choose organic cotton tampons, we are supporting organic cotton farming that is safe for farmers. They do not apply harmful pesticides to crops, including cotton. Aside from that, we are sure that farmers are getting paid fair wages because most organic tampon manufacturers love to source cotton from farms that are fair to their workers.

d. Organic tampons are gentle to your skin

Organic tampons are unscented, which makes them gentle to your skin. An added fragrance to products can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin. Since organic tampons do not use chemicals and other synthetic additives to make it smell good, it is milder to your skin.

e. Organic tampons are very convenient and widely available

There are a lot of organic tampon companies where you can order online. They have delivery and shipping options worldwide. Some offer subscription services to make each month of your period hassle-free and provide women living in different locations with ultimate support.

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Are organic cotton tampons better than regular tampons?

Organic and regular tampons have the same function of doing their job in providing a clean and leak-proof-free period, making you feel comfortable even on the white pants day. Same with regular tampons, organic tampons also offer products with a variety of absorbency options, from light to super+. You do not have to worry no matter how heavy your period flow gets!

And, as a matter of fact, organic tampons are better than regular tampons because of the benefits it offers to the body and environment.

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Can you flush organic tampons?

Flushable tampons’ conjecture over the common notion that biodegradable tampons are safe to flush in the toilet is wrong. Whether such tampon is considered organic, its decomposition period is enough to tell you that you need to call the nearest plumber in your area.

Many manufacturers proudly say that their tampon is 100% biodegradable and would surely not be the reason to throw your money off the drainage pipe. Well, unfortunately, flushable tampons are only possible in our dreams.

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What are the best and healthiest organic tampons to use?

Various companies have created and tested products considering our wellness and safety with what we put in our bodies. According to some personal reviews, there are a number of organic tampons that can be considered as the best. Some of the most certified top brands are the following:

CORA Organic Cotton Tampons

CORA is one of the leading brands in organic tampons. They customize with mixed variety in a pack. Their applicator is made up of plastic, but you can have an option to have a non-applicator to lessen waste. Pads and health education are included with every CORA purchase to help educate girls, especially first-timers.

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Another leading brand in the market is LOLA. They use 100% organic cotton in their tampons, pads, and panty liners that are biodegradable and hypoallergenic. They absorb effectively, soft, and leak-proof! They have options of BPA-free applicator, cardboard, or applicator-free to lessen waste.

They are very convenient because you can order at their shop online and have them delivered right to your door each month.

The Honey Pot

The Honey Pot is a plant-based company formulating menstrual products. Their tampons are made from organic cotton, placed in a compact, sugarcane bio-plastic applicator, and sustainable packaging. What more could you ask for from this all-natural period buster? It is easy and comfortable to wear while providing you ultra-protection from leakage.


From the name itself, Natracare cares for women and the environment. They formulated products from biodegradable and compostable materials. They are very convenient to buy since they are being sold on Amazon. 


Experience natural comfort with Sustain organic tampons made from 100% natural cotton. They are free from rayons, synthetics, and fragrances. It also comes with a plant-based applicator and offers a customizable box.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation crafts tampons using pure, natural cotton that is hypoallergenic, safe, and chlorine-free. There are no harmful ingredients added. They are high-quality tampons that are affordable and easy to find in the drug store and supermarkets. Their applicator is BPA-free-plant-based plastic, but you have an option to have it without an applicator.


Organyc offers a full-line of menstrual products, but their first organic product is their tampons. They are made from organic cotton that is chlorine-free and suitable for women with sensitive skin. It is sold at a very affordable price.

Honest Organic Cotton Tampons

A unique feature of this tampon is that it expands its width to provide full protection for leakage. They also have a plant-based applicator


Rael is made from certified organic cotton that adjusts to the dimensions of your body providing and is fast absorbing.

Bottom line

Millions of tampons are being used each year, contributing to million kilograms of waste together. Knowing how it damages our environment and poses risks to our health, we know that you are already thinking if you are still using the right menstrual product.

Today, you can make a difference without sacrificing the quality of your feminine care. With Organic Cotton Tampons, you can care for yourself and the environment as well. If you are looking for a sign to switch, this is it!

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