Tidy around the house and look modern doing so with plastic-free laundry baskets.

Keeping things clean and orderly in the house isn’t a problem with quality laundry baskets. It serves its purpose of storing things from clothes, toys, books, and more, and being a tasteful piece of furniture with its sleek design. With its many uses, it’s one of the pieces in your household that you just can’t live without.

Companies and brands have been following the conscious sustainable lifestyle trend into their work ethics and products, and the baskets below are a testament to it. But how do these brands make plastic-free eco-friendly laundry bags and hampers?

Most laundry baskets are made of plastic as it is cheap and easy to produce. However, specific types of plastic like polyvinyl chloride (PVC), when incinerated, is a big hazard to the environment. Plastics, in general, contain toxins and other factors that harm the environment in the long process.

Now that brands are choosing to green and conscious, most have chosen to use natural materials that are locally sourced. These materials are usually environmentally friendly like canvas, star grass and papyrus, water hyacinth, and many more.  Many are also artisan-made, ensuring the quality of each basket and hamper they produce, and keeping the art of crafting traditions alive.

Brands like West Elm, Will & Atlas, and The Little Market are just some of the many that are promoting fair and safe work ethics and practices to their workers. Many donate to non-profit organizations to give back to communities that need help or help empower groups of people that face injustices every day. 

Intrigued? Browse through the brands below these ethically made, eco-friendly laundry hampers and keep your room clean and in style. And if tall hampers and baskets aren’t to your tastes, there are also some laundry bags and totes for you to browse over.


#1. West Elm

This eco-friendly lifestyle brand has almost everything you need and more. From storage baskets to minimalist lights to woven baskets planters, they’ve got you covered. 

Their round weaved laundry baskets are made from replenishable water hyacinth weaved into a sturdy metal frame. These high-quality and long-lasting hampers are handwoven by Vietnamese artisans and craftspeople to keep their traditions and trade alive.

These laundry baskets come in two sizes and have a liner and lid included. To clean them, you only need to wipe them down with a dry soft cloth. West Elm delivers products via UPS and has a flexible 30-day return policy. Made-to-order items, however, are not eligible. 

#2. Uashmama

Uashmama is a brand based in Italy. Its laundry hampers are made of unique AGGO washable paper, which is very much like canvas. It comes in a wide variety of colors from pinks to muted browns and has the unique feature of a snap system.

This laundry hamper has a unique snap interlocking system at its edges that allows it to be connected to other laundry bags, making a train of laundry hampers for your needs. It also features snap-on labels for easy identification. This makes it much easier for you to sort out stuff, from colored clothes to whites.

Simply hand wash with warm water and mild soap to clean. The brand makes these bags available in sets of 2, with each set differing by color. Uashmama has free shipping for orders above $149.

#3. The Little Market

The Little Market supports fair trade and is a symbol for uplifting women. This brand cooperates with women artisans to create their products.

Their hampers come in 2 sizes. Both are lidded and come in two variations of white and natural. Both laundry hampers are made from recycled plastic, cattail stalks, recycled grain sacks,  sustainable grasses, and certified handwoven. 

With each purchase you make, you directly support the artisans of WomenCraft in Tanzania. Not only do you support small businesses, but also giving to the communities that need your help.

#4. Will & Atlas

Will & Atlas is a brand that specializes in bags like totes and beach bags, baskets, and rugs made from natural palm fibers and jute. 

Available on the website MadeTrade, their jute laundry basket is made from natural jute and is handwoven in Bangladesh. Jute is naturally free from dyes when harvested and is only minimally processed. The laundry hamper gets its charcoal color when it is dyed with seeds. 

All Will & Atlas products are artisan-made in the rural remote communities of Bangladesh where they use techniques of traditional heritage and are in safe working environments and paid fair living wages. Also, it is important to note that 1% of every purchase gets donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to the environment.

#5. Honey Can Do

Honey Can Do is a lifestyle brand available on Amazon. They also have their website. They have a wide variety of items from laundry items to office and decor.

Their bamboo hamper is made from natural sustainable materials and is easily assembled. It also includes a washable liner bag to keep your laundry. They also have other varieties of bamboo laundry hampers from square bamboo wicker with liner bags to corner bamboo wicker with liner bags.

#6. Mbare

Mbare is a brand for the household from handwoven baskets to stunning glassware. This brand is artisan-made; collaborating with African artisans to produce works of art with many purposes.

Their hamper baskets bring life to a bland room by blending splashes of color into the white material of recycled plastic threads and millet grass. These beautiful baskets are weaved by artisans in traditional weaving techniques. Many of their partners are certified for fair trade.

#7. Trinity

When you want to keep your laundry bags mobile for cleaning on the go, Trinity has you covered. They’re best for your bedroom, closet, bathroom, or laundry area. 

The 3 pre-shrunk cotton bags are installed on bamboo side frames and metal poles. There are wheels at the bottom of the poles so the set-up is portable and can easily go to and fro your house with relative ease. This cotton and bamboo laundry hamper cart is suitable when you are always changing room layouts or just want something convenient.

As this amazing product is available on Amazon and their website, it amassed great reviews from satisfied customers, and it’s not difficult to see why.

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#8. Household Essentials 

Household Essential’s wicker laundry basket is perfect if you’re looking for smaller baskets. They come in 3 different styles of paper rope, willow, and water hyacinth. They also come in 2 colors of natural and dark brown stained.

It is much like a basket for its 2 attached handles and wide opening. The inside of the hamper is included with a liner that you tie around the body to keep your clothes and washables safe from accidental snags inside the basket.

This household staple is also available on Amazon and is considered one of Amazon’s Choice for laundry baskets for good reason.

#9. Ten Thousand Villages

As one of the first fair traders, Ten Thousand Villages are one of the trailblazers for ethical eco-friendly products that support artisans and communities in their crafts. Their support allows children to go to school, for families to build and create their futures, and for communities to thrive.

They create a wide variety of baskets from laundry baskets, hampers, and bicycle baskets. They also make tote bags to table pieces. They have their products made from different parts of the world, from Bangladesh to Uganda to Vietnam.

#10. The Organic Company

When handwoven baskets are not your style, why not try for a laundry bag?

The Organic Company’s big laundry bag is 25.5 inches in length by 39.4 inches in width. With its huge size, you can almost fill an entire closet in it! These large laundry bags come in three beautiful colors. 

It’s portable too, thanks to its shoulder strap that’s perfect for runs to the washing machine or out-of-the-city weekend or camping trips. It seals everything inside with a sturdy drawstring. This reliable bag is made from 100 percent cotton and made from India. Since it’s cotton, it’s easy to wash and clean.

Ingredients Matter

This heavy-duty canvas bag isn’t just for your dirty laundry, it’s also great for travel. With its adjustable strap and front storage pocket, for your soap or detergent, it can also function as a backpack and laundry tote for students who don’t have space for a laundry basket. It has a thick drawstring at the top to keep your items and stuff secure.

As it is also made of cotton canvas, it can be easily cleaned and washed in the washing machine and can be tumble dried.

The Verdict

Whether to sort out clothes, to arrange messes, or to make a fine piece of decor, plastic-free laundry baskets and hampers are a staple in a home. Choose the eco-friendly lifestyle and go for bags and baskets made from natural ingredients, as every step we take for a greener world and environment is a step in the right direction.

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