Gratitude is the most potent yet simplest approach to acknowledging someone’s humanity, value, and kind deeds. 

We learn to say thank you at a very early age. However, what a lot of people might not recognize is that these words have a deeper impression on various aspects of our daily lives.

It affects our daily perspectives, our capability to map out a course of success, and mostly to be happy. Did you know that there are substantial health perks from embracing gratitude?

Indeed, there’s no denying that one of the most impactful phrases that everyone would like to hear is “thank you.” 

And, while it is true that saying these words is always right and might be enough; at times, there are other ways on how we can better express it. 

Sweet words accompanied by kind and loving gestures are certainly much more appreciated.

In this post, we will unveil the cleverest and worthwhile means of saying “thank you.”


Does it truly matter to say thank you?

woman holding flowers in her hands saying especially for you

Expression of gratitude has the power to make a person’s day unbelievably brighter. 

Unquestionably, hearing and saying these two simple words can express honest appreciation for a worthwhile gesture, a kind word, or a loving deed that someone has done for you. 

Saying thank you is one great way of repaying good intentions with kindness. 

For instance:

“Thank you for the heartwarming birthday greetings.”

“Thank you for accompanying me in the clinic a while ago.”

“Thank you for teaching me how to solve the math problem.”

“Thank you for sending me some of the cookies you baked. You’re really one in a million!”

These simple words are already enough to express our appreciation and gratitude. 

Be that as it may, what about some specific instances when a simple “thank you” doesn’t seem enough? 

The good news is that there are limitless means of how we can express our gratitude aside from uttering these little words.

When the situation or occasion calls for it, and you wish to do something more to express your gratitude, you can try the following tips below.

A sincere appreciation can make a day. For a fact, this simple gesture can even change one’s life. Your eagerness to put it all into words is all that is needed. 

Here are some of the most creative and sustainable approaches to say thank you: 

a. Add a More Personal Touch

Try saying thank you accompanied by a homemade present. For example: send a small pastry or cookie you baked, a dish you cooked, or an artwork that you made. 

The person will surely acknowledge your thoughtfulness. More importantly, he/she will be grateful for the meaningful effort and extra time you put into preparing and handing them your homemade present. 

You don’t need to be a professional artist to sincerely express your gratitude. With advanced technology, you can use techy apps to help you create artworks.

b. Smile

This approach is regarded as one of the simplest and easiest means to show your appreciation. You can express your appreciation with a sincere smile. As the saying goes, a smile is contagious. 

Smiling liberate the body’s natural hormones known as serotonin and endorphins. These happy hormones significantly enhance one’s moods, soothe the body, and minimize various body aches. 

A smile works like medicine. The impact of your appreciation smile could brighten one’s day.

c. Offer to Return the Favor 

Many of us feel much better when we’re able to repay one’s good deeds in kind. 

You can tell someone who has done you a favor that you’d like to repay his/her kindness in kind. 

In particular, this is a nice thing to do when a person has assisted you. For example: When someone sent you off to the airport, someone brought you to a hospital when you suddenly fainted, or when someone helped you fix a flat tire. 

You can offer to do the same for that person when needed. Alternatively, you can also allow that person to pick what kind of favor they would like from you. 

Big or small, a favor can always help someone out in a considerable way.

d. Send a Note 

Since we are now in the digital period, handwritten notes are rare. We generally receive letters through emails or other electronic means.

Without any doubt, it delights us whenever we receive a handwritten note. This is because it is more personalized since the person took the time and effort to personally write it. 

Receiving a note or a mail via post is much more cherished. The note doesn’t have to be formal or lengthy. 

What matters the most is that you sincerely write your honest feelings and appreciation for that person. 

If you’re good at writing or poetry, you can even show that person your prowess in writing and poetry. 

If you’re not, you can send a funny note or something that you know will be surely appreciated.

e. Share their Story 

Sharing to others the act of kindness that someone did to you is an outstanding means of expressing your gratitude as well. 

Consider sharing the story with loved ones or friends you have in common. Doing so will more likely be passed on to the person you wholeheartedly wish to thank. 

They will feel elated to know how grateful you sincerely are when they hear about your amiable and thoughtful comments.

f. Offer Gifts  

Search for a small item that you can give to someone you’d like to thank to express your gratitude. Find something that can serve as a unique token of appreciation. 

Keep in mind that the gift does not necessarily have to be expensive. Research a bit about the person, so you can discover their interests. 

Sending sweets, buying a coffee/drink, or sending a fruit basket are examples of sweet gestures of showing how thankful you truly are. 

These simple presents are generally appreciated by almost everyone:

g. Donate to a Charitable Institution

If your friend or someone who has done you favor is quite passionate and committed to a particular issue, you can research that.

For instance, is he/she into environmental protection, street children, home for the aged, etc.?

If you think they’re uncomfortable receiving a personal gift from you, consider donating to the charitable institution in their name.

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h. Make a Phone Call  

Sometimes, calling someone might just be the appropriate means to express your gratitude. Calling someone is much more personal.

Apart from phoning someone to express your appreciation, you can phone them regularly to check how they’re doing. 

A simple phone call is a clear sign that the person is important to you and that they’re always on your mind. 

A few minutes of calls can have a remarkable impression on how a person feels. Be genuine and keep the friendship going.

1. Offer a Gift Subscription

If someone constantly does a lot of kind things for you, a better gift idea for that person would be a monthly gift subscription. 

Nowadays, there are plenty of subscription boxes available. Since there are limitless options to select from, you can certainly find something they will love to receive.

j. Treat the person to sumptuous meal 

Another way to say thank you is treating someone to a sumptuous lunch or dinner.

Research about the person’s favorite diner or food, and bring him/her there one day. 

If both of your schedules are not available, you can cook a homemade dish, or order from a diner and have it delivered to the person you want to thank.

k. Look for a Fun-filled Event

Search for a local show or concert that the person you want to thank would enjoy. Then, get 2 tickets for them. 

If they ask you to come, you can also consider going with them. You can use the time to solidify your friendship.

Key Takeaways

To wrap up, expressing your gratitude in words or deeds won’t force you to break the bank nor have a hard time doing it. 

The sole limit is one’s imagination. If you are eager to do more to show someone how thankful you are, the gesture would be acknowledged and remembered for a long time. 

In the same way, a genuine expression of gratitude will certainly solidify the valuable friendships and relationships in your life. 

As previously mentioned, there are boundless ways on how we can say thank you. And, the good news is that we don’t even need to spend lavishly to do so. 

A sincere smile, a handwritten note, a homemade meal, and a phone call are some of the simple ways to show how much you appreciate a person. 

Hopefully, the simple yet meaningful gratitude tips shared above can give you excellent ideas on how you can express your appreciation. You see, the shared tips are quite easy to do. 

By saying thank you in a meaningful way, you and the person you want to thank will be more than happy that you did.

Saying thank you is impactful to the point that it can brighten or change a person’s life.  So, the next time someone did something good to you, show them how appreciative you are by doing any of the shared tips above.

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