When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it completely changed how things were being done. 

For one, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has caused many of us to abruptly shift to working from home (WFH).  In fact, a 2021 study found that 52% of working adults in the United Kingdom (UK) are currently operating under WFH conditions. 

With more than half of Britain’s workers in a WFH set-up, it’s no surprise that remote working has become the norm under the pandemic. 

But, let’s be honest, this ‘new normal’ set-up has made our homes into our new ‘workplaces’, yet not all of us have fully-furnished home offices. 

So, if you’re working remotely without a dedicated office space in your house, you’re not alone. Most of us have probably looked for a nook or room in our house, grabbed an old desk and a chair, and transformed it into a makeshift office. 

Even if we have improvised offices, we can still find ways to develop them. Upgrading our desks is one way to improve the quality of our home offices.

Getting a better desk can do wonders for your comfort and productivity. In case you don’t know it by now, the benefits of owning an ergonomic desk include: 

  • A decreased risk of having musculoskeletal disorders by 59%;
  • A 25% increase in work efficiency; and 
  • Reduced chances of making errors by 67%.

At this point, you’re probably interested in getting yourself an ergonomic desk. You can opt to rent an office desk or go for a second-hand desk that you’re comfortable with. 

However, if second-hand or rented desks aren’t your cup of tea, then it would be best to buy a new desk that suits your needs. You can start hunting for your dream desk by checking out desks in popular home goods and furniture stores. 

But, do keep in mind that not all desks and furniture are made with the environment in mind.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency found that over 9 million tonnes of furniture go to landfills each year. As with fast fashion,  ‘fast furniture’ also exists. Unsustainable furniture is usually easy to spot – they’re cheap, poorly-made, and more likely to be tossed in the trash. 

So, what do eco-conscious remote workers like us have to do?

It’s up to us to lean towards the more sustainable side of things and steer clear of eco-guilt. We should look for stores and labels that provide eco-friendly and fashionable alternatives for our home offices.


Is Wayfair environmentally friendly? 

Woman typing on her laptop sitting at her white circle desk with a plant on the table with her glasses

Wayfair is one of the most popular stores that people visit if they’re looking for home office desks online. 

It’s an e-commerce giant that sells a variety of home goods and furniture at very low prices. if you’re going to take a peek at Wayfair’s website, you’ll see that many of their items are being sold at 70% off. Plus, they also offer sustainable furniture products. 

While Wayfair’s affordability and green furniture offers are attractive, their reputation for selling ‘fast furniture’ might not be appealing.

In case you’re not aware, Wayfair is known for selling a lot of ‘knockoffs’ which are cheaper alternatives to high-end designer furniture. Plus, their recently-released furniture line called Hashtag Home has trendy and inexpensive furniture pieces which might not last over time

So, to answer the question: Wayfair might not be entirely eco-friendly as some of their products.

Is Ikea furniture sustainable? 

wooden desk table with laptop and plant on it

Like Wayfair, IKEA is also another go-to store that people visit when hunting for furniture. 

This Swedish multinational furniture company has more than 400 stores worldwide and sells affordable home goods to millions of customers worldwide. 

But despite being a giant in the furniture industry, IKEA remains to be an example of good leadership in maintaining environmental sustainability in the home-goods business. 

So, how is IKEA sustainable?

IKEA’s sustainability is materialized in their efforts of working towards their goal of becoming circular and climate positive by the year 2030. 

Through its sustainability strategy, the brand aims to cut down on its greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and increase its use of sustainable materials and renewable energy. 

IKEA is also aware that unsustainable consumption is one of the biggest obstacles in achieving their 2030 goals, so they are adopting a more circular approach

The brand aims to promote responsible consumption and is currently exploring ways to prolong the life of its products and lessen furniture waste. 

Does IKEA use sustainable wood?

Yes, IKEA makes use of wood ethically-sourced wood from responsibly managed forests

The brand collaborates with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) to help care for the world’s forests by preventing forest destruction and deforestation via sustainable efforts.

IKEA’s FSC certification also includes the socio-economic well-being of employees and local communities depending on the forests that they source wood from. 

So, which brand is more sustainable? 

Both Wayfair and IKEA offer furniture at affordable price points. However, IKEA is the more sustainable brand through its sustainability strategy and use of sustainably sourced wood.

What is the most eco-friendly furniture? 

The most eco-friendly furniture would be the ones that are ethically made with sustainable materials with the least environmental impact. Green furniture is also designed to be durable, disassembled, and to be continually reused. 

Is bamboo eco-friendly?

Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo is highly sustainable as it grows quickly without needing pesticides or fertilizers. This makes bamboo an eco-friendly material for making green furniture, as long as it’s grown responsibly.

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What is the best office furniture brand? 

When it comes to our home offices, we have specific needs. As a result, the “best” office furniture brand can vary from person to person. IKEA may be the best furniture brand for some, but others may prefer other environmentally friendly furniture brands.

So, if you’re in the mood for stepping up your home office with a sustainable desk, you’re in luck. Here are 10 of the best sustainable office desk brands that will make working from home greener:

1. West Elm 

Starting Price: $$$

West Elm provides Fair Trade Certified office desks that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. This furniture company is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, and their mid-century style desks are made ethically in Vietnam and India using FSC-certified wood and water-based coatings. 

Visit West Elm here.

Buy alternative at Amazon.  

2. Work From Home Desks 

Starting Price: $$$

Work From Home Desks is a US-based brand that offers ergonomic office desks that are perfect for remote working. Their trademark adjustable desks are made using FSC Certified birch and can remarkably carry up to 100 pounds of working equipment. 

Look at Work From Home Desks here.

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3. Floyd

Starting Price: $$$

Floyd is a US-based furniture label that sells modular Table/Desks that are ideal for the modern remote worker. Their multipurpose, desks are easy-to-assemble desks and are made with FSC Certified walnut wood, 100% natural linoleum, and recyclable steel materials. 

Visit Floyd here

Alternative available at Amazon.

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4. Woodmancote Retro 

Starting Price: $$$

If you want a mid-century vibe for your home office, then you should check out the stylish and made-to-order desks from Woodmancote Retro. This UK-based brand offers customizable desks that are locally made by artisans using salvaged wood and upcycled materials. 

Visit Woodmancote Retro here. 

Shop alternative at Amazon.

5. Simbly 

Starting Price: $$$

Simbly is a US-based furniture brand that is dedicated to creating sustainable multifunctional desks with minimalist designs. All of Simbly’s desks are made-to-order and all of their materials, such as FSC Certified wood, are sustainably sourced in North Carolina to cut down on carbon emissions. 

Look at Simbly here

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6. Fully 

Starting Price: $$$

Sitting for long hours can be harmful to one’s health, but thankfully, you can continue working safely with Fully’s bamboo standing desks. Fully is a certified B Corp that offers adjustable standing desks made with sustainably sourced bamboo. Plus, the brand’s standing desks can also hold up to 350 pounds!

Visit Fully here

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7. Koskela

Starting Price: $$$

Koskela is an Australian B corporation that provides portable and collapsible desks that are ideal for those that need to work at any time and in any location. The brand uses responsibly sourced materials, collaborates with indigenous businesses, and gives back to Australia’s Rainforest Rescue.

Look at Koskela here.

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Starting Price: $$$

If you like standing desks, then RLDH is a brand that‘s worth checking out. This US-based company creates made-to-order scaffold and standing desks made with high-quality birch and maple wood that will surely fit your work-from-home needs. 

Visit RLDH here

Shop alternative at Amazon.

9. Made Trade 

Starting Price: $$$

Made Trade is an online store for sustainable furniture sourced from across the globe. This online furniture label features a collection of stylish desks that are handcrafted from sustainably sourced wood. Plus, they have a line of minimalist desks made using ethically grown bamboo. 

Look at Made Trade here

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10. Nikari 

Starting Price: Determined upon inquiry 

If you love IKEA’s Scandinavian-style desks, then you will like Nikari’s timeless Nordic craftsmanship. This Finland-based furniture company offers made-to-order desks that are expertly crafted using responsibly sourced wood and makes use of high-quality materials.

Visit Nikari here

Alternative available at Amazon.

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