Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful experience that you will have for the rest of your life. During pregnancy, nourishing and protecting our body is essential. Being pregnant is a struggle when it comes to dealing with nausea, fatigue, and aches. Aside from physical and emotional challenges, comfortable clothes are one of what mamas need.

Think about buying clothes that you can only wear for a few months. How can we prevent a lot of clothes in landfills around the world? During your first pregnancy, you’re really going to think about buying everything. Of course, you want the best for your first baby or first pregnancy. But repeating outfits is your game when you’re pregnant.


Why Is It Important for a Maternity Wardrobe to Be Sustainable?

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You’ll just realize after that having a big wardrobe during pregnancy is a bad idea. One way to protect not only your body or your baby but also the environment is by investing in sustainably made maternity apparel.

You should also consider second-hand maternity clothing. Some of your friends have maternity clothes that are just stuck in their closets and collecting dust. Don’t feel shy asking because it will not just help you, but also them. They can earn from pre-loved items sold to you and you can get maternity items for a low price.

Most people love to get rid of things they don’t need. If you don’t have mama friends, you can always check out your local thrift shop. If you have no luck in finding it, check different brands of your choice.

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If you don’t have things in your own wardrobe, second-hand doesn’t work, or you want a new one and spoil yourself, try ethically-made new maternity clothing. Pregnancy is exciting just like being able to get a new house. There are a few brands that create sustainable maternity clothing.

Here are a few brands that can make your motherhood easier:

#1. Dwell & Slumber

They use soft buttery fabrics and have easy-to-wear clothes, which are perfect for mothers. With fair labor standards, dresses are ethically made in California. Clothes from Dwell & Slumber are specially made to be affordable. It’s nursing- and bump-friendly, with cocoon, caftan, and effortless, elegant swing dresses.

Price $$-$$$

#2. Warp & Weft

Wearing jeans to overalls while pregnant is possible with them. Warp & Weft is Eco-friendly, a family-owned business, recycles water and fabrics, sources materials, and has a safe working environment.

Price $$-$$$

Maternity fashion leaves a lot to be craved, but this brand invents an item of clothing that you can wear again. Production across China, the US, and Peru, luxurious fabrics, and a well-thought-out design for clothing so comfortable. And, Storq has a partnership with the Homeless Prenatal Program, so recycled pieces can support more mamas in need.

#3. Prende Pants

After giving birth, pants from Prende Pants are a must. Their pants help support your body with a high-waist and four stages of adjustable compression as it recovers. It also balances your mood and emotional support with a secure and gentle hug.

Price: $$

#4. Isabelle Oliver

In this brand, you can expect good design, social responsibility, and sustainability. They donate 10 percent of proceeds every year, offer garment recycling, and reduce carbon footprints by sourcing fabrics. If you’re looking for something to wear for work or home, Isabelle Oliver has all kinds of fashion for maternity.

Price: $$-$$$

#5. Pact

If you want eco-friendly, affordable, cozy, and stretchable apparel – this brand is for you. From tees and leggings to a poncho made from organic cotton, this is great for maternity and nursing. You can wear their apparel from pregnancy and even after.

Price: $$-$$$

#6. Cosabella

Lingerie after birth? Cosabella got your needs! Aside from handmade Italian lingerie, they also provide bras and pajamas that are nursing-friendly. Made from high-quality fabrics that use natural dyes, and ups to three times or 40DD lace nursing bras. Cute and comfy!

Price: $$-$$$

#7. Pink Blush

Pregnancy is very special in a mother’s life. Pink blush can provide you articles of clothing for before-during-after pregnancy. From dresses, tops, bottoms, jeans, nursing to swimsuits during pregnancy. They ensure protection and care for their customers, especially for moms.

Price: $$-$$$

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#8. Boob

For Mia Seipel, founder, parents are superheroes that need the right gear for their body. They have Maternity articles of clothing that are crafted with eco-friendly and organic materials. They have a line of nursing bras and feeding-friendly apparel. Through the phase of parenthood? This is what you’ll need. 

Price: $$-$$$

Your Other Brand Choices:

Aside from these brands, there are also other lowkey brands that can keep you in fashion during pregnancy. 

First is Hatch, which has photoshoot-worthy clothes. With Hatch, you can still be chic and elevated during pregnancy. Hatch gives us a dream. “I’m trying to make it sexy and okay and lovely and interesting because that’s what it is. How cool is it? You’re having a baby!” said Ariane, creator of Hatch.

Next is Sorella Organics, which provides organic cotton maternity basics. Who doesn’t want clothes that feel good? 

Anna, the owner of Sorella Organics, uses the softest certified organic and fair trade cotton. This ensures each piece is kind not only to the skin as well as to the environment and farmers growing the cotton.

Mamalicious is a brand that makes us remember to go with life as usual even when pregnant. From casual to elegant dresses that you can use for parties or office. They also have simple and relaxed basics that make them the Everlane of maternity clothes.

SilkandMore is an etsy shop that is a self-proclaimed “fabricaholic”. If you’re looking for robes, kaftans, and nighties for maternity, this shop is for you. SilkandMore uses – as said in their brand – silk and more to create the best products fit for you.

Frugi is another company that is committed to natural and sustainable materials. Frugi is a Latin word that means ‘Fruits of the Earth.’ They use organic cotton that is designed especially for fashion and functionality that makes you fabulous and comfortable during and after pregnancy.

“Be a rule-breaker, not a heartbreaker. Be a trend-setter for fellow females. Be a muse for other mamas. Be a badass who doesn’t compromise between fashion & family. Be 40weekofchic”, said A Pea In The Pod. 

This is perfect for a mother who still wants to be in the fashion trend even when pregnant. From designers and denim to different clothing and even intimates they have it all for you.

Indigo Luna is an Australian company that creates handmade clothing under fair trade conditions. Their factory is run by women, and not only workers are taken care of but of course, customers and the environment. They grow plants, where they source dyes like Mango, Indigo, Secang Wood, and Indigo. Tencel and Organic Bamboo are the natural fibers they use.

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Sustainable Maternity Wardrobe for “A Lot” Less

expectant mommy in a white dress

Apart from different brands, there are ways to achieve that sustainable fashion. There are people who find most brands ugly and unflattering but there are options. From your normal body, you’re going to gain weight during pregnancy, and here are simple ways to achieve sustainable maternity. 

1. Rent Maternity Clothes

There are a lot of companies in some countries that let you rent clothes. These companies specialize in clothes that are for different occasions. I can also be for work or even casual. And if you’re attending celebrations like weddings, parties, or smart clothes that you will wear once, this is perfect.

2. Just Buy Regular Clothes In Larger Size

Want that design but currently pregnant? No problem! Get that dress in a larger size that will fit you during pregnancy. This way, you can still choose the design you want and be in trend! Just like buying a maxi dress one to two sizes bigger than your normal size. It’s a very convenient option.

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3. Wear Flow-y Garments

Sundresses or swing dresses, any type of clothing that is loose is going to be your BFF before-during-after pregnancy. Even tunics and oversized tees. 

4. Wear Some Leggings

Not only are they comfortable but also stretchable. Pregnant or not, leggings are your go-to every day. No matter how big you get, the waistbands will still stay below the tummy. After pregnancy, you can still wear it.

5. Stretch, Jersey Fabrics

Even if you’re at the end of your third trimester, wearing jersey fabrics is possible. You can wear these types of clothes when you feel like going out or just want to dress up. These types of fabrics would easily stretch and also be comfortable throughout the day.

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Bottom Line

During pregnancy, you will surely face a lot of challenges and struggles. But having trendy, cute, organic maternity clothes can be fun. It can be your first official commitment to zero waste. This way, you can create a sustainable future for your child.

Buying used or organic is really the most sustainable way to become part of Mother Earth in eco mom’s club. Going through pregnancy is a tough phase in a woman’s life, not just during but also after giving birth. Remember to stay positive always, and keep fighting.

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