With summer fast approaching, we can’t help but grab our towels, sunscreen, and swimsuits to spend a day under the sun. 

Whether you’re wearing a bikini or a bodysuit, always remember to choose swimwear that makes you feel confident and comfortable. After all, there’s no more incredible feeling than enjoying the beach while wearing a swimsuit with a perfect fit.

But while most traditional swimsuits are lovely, some of them aren’t kind to our planet: 

  • Conventional swimwear is commonly made with nylon, which is an energy- and water-intensive synthetic fibre. 
  • Synthetic fabric from typical swimwear shed microplastics that escape into the water, soil, and even fish stomachs. 
  • Most swimsuits are usually made from synthetic and petroleum oil-based materials, which can cause environmental damage when extracted.

The environmental impacts of most swimwear are concerning, but thankfully, we don’t need to worry. We now have options to become more sustainable in our swimming outfits through eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear!

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What is eco-friendly swimwear? 

The most eco-friendly swimwear is the one that you already own. But by proper definition, environmentally friendly swimsuits are usually made with repurposed or organic materials. 

The recycled materials that are used to make swimwear include plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets that usually end up as ocean waste. In addition, Econyl® is a form of nylon regenerated entirely from discarded textile products. 

As for organic materials, Hemp is also a sustainable natural fibre that’s used to make swimwear. In addition, OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton is also a popular material used in swimsuits that are made with the environment in mind.

What is ethical swimwear? 

Like eco-friendly swimwear, ethical swimsuits are also good for the planet. However, what sets them apart from sustainable swimwear is that they are made through cruelty-free and fair trade practices. 

These include swimsuits brands that uphold workers rights to fair wages and safe working conditions, respect animal rights, and initiate awareness initiatives for mindful production of swimwear.  Brands like Boden, BOLD Swim, and Girlfriend Collective are great examples of ethical swimwear brands. 

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Is Summersalt eco-friendly? 

One of the most popular brands that offer sustainable and eco-friendly swimwear is Summersalt. This Missouri-based company creates bikinis, one-pieces, and maternity swimsuits using recycled materials such as TENCEL Modal, Cupro, and TENCEL™. Plus, they only ship their items in recyclable poly bags and FSC certified paper. 

Now, in this article, you’ll discover a curated list of the best eco-friendly swimwear brands to date. From ethically-made two-piece bikinis to cruelty-free bodysuits, these eco-conscious brands have got you covered (literally!). 

To help you discover the swimwear that’s best for you, here are 20 of the best eco-friendly and sustainable swimwear brands that you’ll love for the summer season: 

1. Summersalt

Price: $$-$$$

Summersault is a popular swimwear label that creates stylish and sustainable pieces using fabrics made from recycled textiles and repurposed materials. This American brand offers an affordable collection of bikinis and one-pieces made with eco-friendly TENCEL fabrics. Summersalt also has a Size + Style Finder quiz, which you can take to know what swimsuit best fits your body. Plus, they deliver their items using recyclable packaging!

Shop at Summersault here

2. Hunza G 

Price: $$$

Hunza G is a British-designed eco-friendly swimwear brand that’s widely known for its iconic crinkle swimwear. Using OEKO-TEX certified production methods, this brand uses sustainable crinkle fabric to make a collection of ribbed bikinis, one-pieces, and other types of figure-hugging swimsuits. Hunza G’s also aims to be low-waste by making scrunchies and headbands from excess fabrics. This brand also gives back to charities like Street Smart UK

Shop at Hunza G here

3. Reformation 

Price: $$-$$$

Reformation is a household name when it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable swimsuits. This American women’s fashion brand offers a vast swimwear line of bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups with fun prints made with deadstock textiles and recycled fabrics like Econyl®. Reformation aims to be zero-waste, so they recycle and donate their excess materials whenever possible. Also, 75% of their management’s team are women or folks from underrepresented groups!

Shop at Reformation here

4. Medina 

Price: $$$

Medina is an eco-conscious swimwear brand that creates swimsuits that are ethical as much as they are luxurious. This brand uses fabrics made from plastic waste and regenerated nylon. All of Medina’s swimwear is also durable as its material is UV-proof and resistant to chlorine. Medina also supports environmental and social causes. For each swimsuit sold, a portion of the sale goes to an organisation committed to protecting oceans. 

Shop at Medina here

5. Jessica Rey Swimwear 

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for a swimsuit made with eco-friendly luxe Italian fabrics, look no further than Jessica Rey Swimwear. This US-based brand offer swimsuits made from 100% recycled materials such as discarded fishnets. All of the fabrics used by Jessica Rey Swimwear are cut-and-sewn in their fairtrade factories in Los Angeles. Plus, their swimsuits are blended with durable materials such as organic cotton and TENCEL™.

Shop at Jessica Rey Swimwear here

6. Sézane

Price: $$-$$$

Sézane is inspired by French fashion’s classic and enduring beauty, so it has created a line of chic swimsuits that are made to last. This French swimwear brand offers one-pieces and bikinis made using GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, all of their shipping boxes are made of recycled cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests. Plus, all of Sezane’s production sites are powered by clean energy. 

Shop at Sézane here. 

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7. Casa Raki  

Price: $$$

Casa Raki is a sustainable swimwear label that’s known for its tropical colours and stylish designs. Inspired by the wonders of the Uruguayan coast, this high fashion brand stays true to its inspiration by creating a line of eco-friendly resort wear with an island girl vibe. Casa Raki mainly uses Econyl®, recycled nylon, repurposed polyester fabric, and 100% GOTS certified line to create their luxury swimsuits.

Shop at Casa Raki here

8. Boden 

Price: $$-$$$

Boden is a London-based swimwear brand that specialises in Earth-friendly swimwear. This British swimsuit label features a collection of tankinis, bikinis, and swim shorts made from Econyl® nylon fabric and plastic ocean waste. What’s also cool about Boden is that their swimwear is long-lasting and even has a 365-day return policy (credit or for exchange). This brand also has a transparent supply chain, environment-friendly packaging, and upholds fair wages. 

Shop at Boden here

9. Londre 

Price: $$$

If you’re a fan of minimalist swimwear, you’ll love Londre’s stylish swimsuit collection. This Canadian fashion brand offers high-quality and sustainable bodywear made with the least environmental impact. Londre uses textiles made from recycled components that are created from their OEKO-TEX certified factories. Design-wise, this bodywear brand is mainly known for minimalist pieces such as their asymmetrical tops and high-waisted bikini bottoms. Londre is also size-inclusive and uses biodegradable packaging.

Shop at Londre here


10. Davy J 

Price: $$$

Davy J is a sustainable swimwear label that specialises in making stylish swimsuits for active women. This water wear brand creates swimsuits that are built to withstand the demands of aquatic sports such as cold water swimming and diving. All of the durable swimsuits in Davy J’s “Waste Collection” are made of Econyl yarn (made from 100% regenerated nylon from discarded fishing nets) and sustainable elastane. 

Shop at Davy J here

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11. Vitamin A 

Price: $$$

If you’re into vintage swimwear, you’ll surely like Vitamin A’s ‘70’s inspired eco-friendly swimsuits. This California-based brand creates vintage-style bikinis and one-pieces using eco-textiles, particularly its trademark EcoLux™ and EcoRib® fabric made from reclaimed nylon fibre waste. Vitamin A is vintage-inspired, and so its swimwear designs consist of flattering cuts and pastel retro colours created through water-conserving digital technology. Plus, this swimwear brand only uses biodegradable packaging. 

Shop at Vitamin A here

12. TomboyX

Price: $$-$$$

TomboyX is a swimwear label that concentrates on creating gender-neutral and size-inclusive one-pieces, racerbacks, halter tops, and uni suits. This Seattle-based fashion brand features a vast collection of wonderfully patterned swimsuits that give you more coverage than the usual bikinis. All their swimwear are also quick-drying and comes with UPF sun protection. Plus, TomboyX only makes use of responsibly sourced materials to create its swimwear in their women-owned factories. 

Shop at Tomboyx here.

13. Frankies Bikinis 

Price: $$-$$$

From cheeky bikini bottoms to sleek one-pieces, Frankies Bikinis has got you covered for your sustainable swimwear needs. This Malibu-based swimwear boutique offers eco-friendly swimsuits under their “Sustainable Collection, “ which uses the biodegradable Amni Soul Eco® fabric. Apart from high-waist bikinis and classic style swimsuits, this Instagram-famous swimsuit label also has recently launched eco-friendly cover-ups and halter dresses made with 100% natural viscose sourced from wood pulp.

Shop at Frankies Bikinis here


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14. BOLD Swim 

Price: $$$

If you’re a bold woman who’s unapologetic about her swimwear choices, BOLD Swim will be your new favourite brand. This California-based fashion label is BIPOC-led and creates swimwear with the environment in mind. BOLD Swim makes use of biodegradable and non-toxic luxury fabric from Brazil. Plus, their playfully colourful bikinis and one-pieces come with UV protection, so you won’t have to worry while relaxing under the sun. 

Shop at BOLD Swim here

15. Outerknown 

Price: $$-$$$

In a market that’s saturated with women’s sustainable swimwear, Outerknown is a unique eco-conscious brand that specially caters to men. This California-based beachwear label uses 100% recycled fibres to create men’s swim trunks that are durable, stylish, and sustainable. Outerknown also utilises recycled spandex and polyester fabric in making the rest of their swimwear collection. Plus, they are also accredited by the Fair Labor Association, ensuring fair trade practices. 

Shop at Outerknown here

16. Youswim

Price: $$$

If you like size-inclusive bikinis in vibrant colours, you’ll love Youswim. This UK-based swimwear brand offers locally made one-piece and two-piece swimsuits across seven sizes and bright hues. Youswim’s pieces are designed to fit and adapt your body’s shapes, allowing you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin. In addition, this brand’s swimsuits are mainly made with Europe-sourced materials and are shipped in eco-friendly packaging. 

Shop at Youswim here

17. Hackwith Design House 

Price: $$-$$$

Hackwith Design House is committed to making clothing sustainable, including swimwear. This US brand is known for its handmade-to-order quality in its classic bikinis and timeless one-pieces. The swimsuits from HDH Swim, the brand’s eco-friendly collection, are custom-made for each customer to avoid wasting excess materials. If there are leftover fabrics, they drop them off at a fabric recycling centres.

Shop at Hackwith Design House here

18. Patagonia 

Price: $$-$$$

When it comes to ensuring that the swimwear you’re wearing is sustainable,  Patagonia is a fashion label you can trust. This California-based brand offers a vast range of beachwear, from cheeky sunbathing bikinis to full-sleeve rashguards intended for watersports. In addition, Patagonia creates its swimwear using recycled fabrics in its Fair Trade certified factories. Plus, this eco-conscious brand also pledges a portion of its sales to support environmental causes. 

Shop at Patagonia here

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19. Girlfriend Collective 

Price: $$-$$$

Girlfriend Collective is an American swimwear label that gives discarded plastics second lives by turning them into stylish swimsuits. This Washington-based brand offers one-pieces and bikinis made from reclaimed fishing nets and plastic bottles. What’s fantastic about Girlfriend Collective is that their best-selling swimsuits are designed to be size-inclusive, colourful, and affordable. Plus, all their swimsuits are ethically made in fair trade factories in Vietnam and are shipped using recyclable packaging. 

Shop at Girlfriend Collective here

20. Galamaar 

Price: $$$

If you’re looking to buy swimwear that’s made to last, check out Galamaar’s swimsuit collection. This Los Angeles-based fashion brand creates timeless one-pieces and bikinis made from recycled materials such as nylon fibres from reclaimed fishing nets. Plus, Galamaar is proud of its swimsuits’ long-lasting fit retention – a unique property that makes the brand’s swimwear pieces remain durable for the next few years. What’s also incredible about Galamaar is that they use recyclable and biodegradable packaging. 

Shop at Galamaar here

As you can see, there are many eco-conscious swimwear labels where you can get sustainable swimsuits. Of course, the most sustainable swimsuit would be the one that you already own. However, if you want a new pair, you can always go for these trustworthy brands!

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