Sustainable Fashion had come a long way from being a small movement. Its slow rise continues to get more attention for people to change how they cloth themself. 

This article is all about sustainable top bucket hat brands. These companies provide quality eco-friendly bucket hats for your fashion needs! Read more about them below.


What Brands are Sustainable?

Before we proceed to the list of brands, let’s first learn what sustainable fashion means.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable Fashion is also called slow fashion for its meticulousness. This is the fashion that considers its consequences. These good-faith companies often ask themselves:

  • Has the product made an impact on the user’s life?
  • How will the process of making the product affect the environment?
  • How will the making of the product impact society?

How they tackle this manifests well in all aspects of the logistics in their product. The materials used and the process are well-thought. There is also the design and the output itself where companies consider all factors. This applies in bucket hats too.

How Sustainable Fashion Solves Clothing Industry Issues 

It’s undeniable that this fashion brings positive impacts on its society. Little by little, these brands craft big changes in much of the societal aspects. They also bring differences in the clothing lifestyle of people. 

To elaborate, here’s how slow fashion solves the major issues in the clothing industry:

Chemicals and Substance

Oftentimes, the manufacturing of fashion items requires the logistics of waste disposal. Many manufacturers do not give a care about how they get rid of their by-products. As a result, the use of these toxic chemicals harms its workers and its immediate community.

That’s not the case for sustainable fashion.

Slow Fashion is meticulous in the materials they use. They solve this issue by using non-toxic chemicals or organic substances. In this way, waste disposal is not a concern in the local community.

Use of Water

Water is a big issue in the clothing industry. For one, manufacturers use water in most of their activities in their operations. These operations consume a lot of water for dyes and inks. Most companies are also using bodies of water as a site of by-product disposal. 

There’s also the part in consumers where they need to use a huge amount of water to wash the clothes.

To counter this, many are looking into using materials that reduce the use of water. 

Durability and Quality

Fashion items that are not durable will often not last long. It’s now a waste, and you’ll soon be finding a way to dispose of it. Now, where do you think your waste will end up, then? Most likely, back to the environment and you’re not aware of it. 

Durable products make people buy less. This in turn helps them cut costs. Further, the more durable a product is, the less likely it will end up as waste. It will give a significant reduction in the total waste brought by the clothing industry. 

The fashion item bucket hats also faced these issues. Thus, sustainable fashion in the product line helps in addressing the same issues.

Where It’s Made?

Raw materials are one of the matters that these brands considered much. It’s no wonder why you can see a sense of sustainability in their product through the materials used. Here are some raw materials that sustainable fashion items take pride in.


Cotton has a long chapter in the books of history when it comes to being a textile. You can date back its use since Ancient India. You can harvest cotton from the bolls grown on a cotton plant. 

Because it is natural, it does not have any synthetic compounds compared to polyester. Inks and dyes also cling to it better compared to other textiles present.

In totality, we use it throughout the world because of its softness and breathability.

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Hemp is a variant of the cannabis family. But don’t let its family roots fool you; it won’t make you high. 

This particular cannabis plant is durable. In the past, this plant was not yet used as textiles; it finds its use in industrial purposes. 

 Now, manufacturers mix hemp textiles with other materials available. It can vary from wool and silk. But it is cotton textile that brings the best result. It also makes the fiber for the cloth used a hundred percent organic. 

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Recycled Materials

Sustainable Fashion does not pertain to organic materials only.

Some manufacturers use known synthetic materials such as polyester in producing their products. But before you get so negative about it, they don’t need to synthesize a new textile. Instead, the companies recycle pre-existing non-biodegradable products as their textile. 

The result is simple: It is as if you re-synthesize it for its purpose as a clothing item. 

Common non-biodegradable materials to resynthesize are polyester, nylon, and rayon.

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Why You Like It?

There are a lot of reasons why you’ll like sustainable fashion; more so on bucket hats. Let’s go through the list and discover why.

Creative and Innovative

Sustainable fashion brands are creative and innovative in comparison to their mass-produced counterparts. Why is that?

It is because they once again revolutionize the process of making their clothing. They have managed to craft it without bringing harm to its immediate environment. They also managed to do this without compromising the product’s quality.

Premium Quality 

Who says eco friendly fashion trends are not of premium quality? 

Most often than not, this fashion procures more quality than mass-produced, commercialized products. It all boils down to the amount of attention to detail and effort per product. Standard is one thing in a commercial fashion, but this can prove to be stale. Only in small batch production can we see specialization. 

On this scale, products are more customized and tailored well to the customer’s wants.

Cost Cutter

One of the reasons why you’ll love sustainable fashion is due to how it can cut your cost. 

Time and time again, slow fashion proves itself to be of premium quality of durability. The durability makes your clothing long-lasting, thus conserving your money. Sure, this may seem a little expensive than usual, but this extra goes a long way. 

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Eco-Friendly and Ethical

By all means necessary that this kind of fashion gives is safe for the environment. It’s most likely the reason why it’s “sustainable” in the first place. 

Every aspect of the item the manufacturers will give some level of attention. From the materials used, the production process, up to the quality of the output. It’s all for the effort in bringing a change, no matter how big or small it is, within the industry.


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What’s the Price Range in Dollars? 

The production of these sustainable hats is of premium quality. Thus, you would think that a product with much effort has a luxurious price, right? What if we told you that’s not the case?

Believe it or not, sustainable bucket hats are inexpensive compared to commercial ones. In fact, the most expensive sustainable bucket hat that you’ll buy ranges from $175 to $200.

But that’s not all! With $25 you can buy yourself a bucket hat of premium quality. 

Sustainable Bucket Hat Brands

You’ve learned what sustainable fashion is. You’ve also learned how sustainable fashion solves industrial issues. Let’s proceed with the top sustainable brands with bucket hats in their product lines.

Big Bud Press

If vibrant colors are your style of fashion, consider trying the bucket hats from Big Bud Press. This Californian-based company uses cotton corduroy and non-toxic inks for its products. One of their signature hats is the tie-dye hat with eighteen different colors that you can pick.

Lisa Says Gah

You can only trust a woman’s fashion to themselves. That’s what Lisa Says Gah did with their products. They collaborate their designs with some of the finest women designers and artisans. Thus, they bring you some of the best designs of all wear. 

Girlfriend Collective

“Trash looks better on you than it does to the planet.”

Although hats are not their specialty, the recycling methods are. They may not have the most organic products that they can offer, but they do a great job at lessening the trash. Girlfriend Collective offers a classic simple look to bucket hats. These give you the elegant sassy look to empower your wear.


Nothing beats the summer than iconic hats that brings that vibrant vibe. In kkCo, summer is quite the theme of all seasons. This company avoids mass-production unlike commercial fashion items do. In this way, they can tailor their expertise in every hat that they produce without too much waste. 

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There’s an acknowledgment to the workers of Patagonia for the beauty of the products. Patagonia’s Fair Trade ensures that there is compensation to the workers and producers. With this, employees are sure with motivation in putting great care and effort. 

United by Blue

A product purchased is a pound they scrape off the Earth. United by Blue specialized in recycling textiles like nylon, cotton, and hemp. They use non-toxic inks and dyes to create the coolest colors of khaki and steel gray for outdoor feels. 

WAWWA Clothing 

Unlike with other brands on this list, WAWWA Clothing bases itself in London. WAWWA also advocates zero waste and recycling innovations in their production. Their hat products are a hundred percent biodegradable. This is due to their plant-based packaging alongside organic fabrics. 


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Hempnath is a Nepalese company situated in the UK that focuses on hemp-based products. They emphasize well the durability of hemp, thus creating crafts not limited to hats. They also have bags of almost all sorts, from handbags, sling bags, and even backpacks.


Another company that capitalizes on hemp is Asatre. Unlike Hempnath, Asatre does not limit itself to bags, hats, and other wears. Instead, they also have hemp oil, hemp soap, and even dress that has a softness on par with cotton.

Urban Baby Bonnets 

Urban Baby Bonnets is a company as the name implies; bonnets hats for babies of all gender. This company who specialized in babies now extends the product line even further. Now it has beanies, and bucket hats too, alongside bonnets. 


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Sustainable fashion is about changing the definition of the status quo trend. A product purchased from them goes a long way in supporting their advocacies. Thus, it’s now an option to try and change the way you think about how these fashion items will impact our society.

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