Sunglasses are used to protect our eyes from the sunlight, to hide those eye bags, or for any purpose of covering them. It has lots of use but have you thought if what you’re using does contribute to a sustainable environment?

In this article, you’ll be surprised to know that indeed, those little glasses do not only help us, but our environment too. There are ones that are made out of non toxic materials which helps preserve our planet.


What are eco-friendly glasses?

Most of the sunglasses available in the market today, contribute to pollution to the environment. Most of the materials used to manufacture those glasses are plastic, paint, metal, and more.

These materials are hard to recycle and will just end up in landfills. These glasses will just sit there and release toxic materials for thousands of years since it’s made out of non-biodegradable plastic. 

The good news is that  in 2009 sustainable materials for eyeglasses frames were introduced. After that, the brand widened and upgraded into eyeglass frames that are bio-based. It also presented a lot of styles you can choose from.

Are Pela sunglasses biodegradable?

Pela Sunglasses has a very big goal to create a future that is waste-free. Jeremy Lang, the founder, saw a lot of destruction caused by plastics. Since then, he started to find alternatives for plastic that can be used every day. Pela has values, mission, and purpose.

  • To commit to a culture that can build a community that is vibrant.
  • To inspire innovation by fostering creativity.
  • To be aware of the choice we make.
  • To have the courage to take action even if you’re uncertain.

In anaerobic landfills Lenses and Sunglasses from Pela Vision are biodegradable. They are not like conventional sunglasses that are piling up waste. They also have a program called Pela 360 that recycles old glasses that are brought back to them to keep the glasses out of landfills.

Are bamboo sunglasses sustainable?

Bamboo is a material used by a lot of companies because it is strong and incredibly lightweight. Bamboo is known for its versatility, and it grows much faster than other plants. It is known as the prize jewel of sustainable companies. So yes, bamboo is a sustainable material.

A few brands like WODD has their own collection of sunglasses that are made out of bamboo. There are a lot more to know about bamboo, the words below might confuse some consumers and readers, but these are wider topics about bamboo.


It is a version of modal and lyocell that is branded. It is a way that is sustainable to produce fabrics that are cellulose fiber-based.

#2. Lyocell

This is like modal and viscose, the difference is the solvent used. Dry jet-wet spinning is a technique that used in solvent-spinning to create Lyocell.

#3. Modal

This is like viscose but a stronger one. It is usually mixed with textiles like, cotton and spandex that make the product stronger.

#4. Viscose

This is a fiber that is regenerated cellulose, it’s made out of the pulp of wood, or plants that use this process.

#5. Rayon

This is the term that is generally used for fibers that are regenerated cellulose. This material is semi-synthetic because the fibers that are cellulose are natural but have to be broken down with chemicals.


Bamboo 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Can you recycle plastic Sunglasses?

If you have sunglasses that are just sitting around at home, it’s time for you to recycle it. Yes, sunglasses can be recycled. Sunglasses are made out of two components, the frames, and the lenses. The materials from it are mostly used these days. 

The frames are made out of different materials that can be recycled. It may have plastics like acetate, Zyl, or nylon, metals like steel, aluminum, titanium, or gold, and other naturals like wood, bone, and even buffalo horn.

The second component, which is the lenses, are usually coated with plastics and other things that protect you from UV rays. Recycling sunglasses is not that easy since the material used is often mixed and most of the recyclers need to separate the items individually before they can recycle it.

This takes up a lot of time and manpower for the recycling companies. There are also instances that recycling can be hard for single materials. For example a single item is entirely made out of titanium, and recycling titanium is not easy. You will have a hard time finding recyclers that can accept this because most of them do not have enough resources to recycle.

If compared to the other materials, recyclers prefer recycling plastics since it is easier. If your sunglasses are made out of entirely plastics, recycling is something you won’t have to worry about. 

Eco Friendly Sunglasses Brands


There are companies that can protect your eyes, look stylish and be eco-friendly all at the same time. . We’ll show you companies that are changing the game by helping each other and taking good care of the environment. Let’s explore some companies that offer sunglasses that are sustainable.

#1. Proof Eyewear 

This company is based in Boise, ID. The eco-friendly materials they used are cotton-based acetate, FSC-certified wood, and repurposed skateboard deck. Their price ranges from $$-$$$. This brand is partnered with non-profits & conversations.

Their products are surely eco-friendly and can be recycled. Each purchase helps a lot of causes, like vision and health clinics all over the world. They also have site sisters in Taiwan, Peru, and India.

#2. SOLO Eyewear

This company is based in San Diego, CA. The eco-friendly materials they use are recycled plastic and repurposed bamboo. Their price ranges from $$-$$$. This brand is Partners with Restoring Vision and Aravind Eye Care System.

This company is inspired by adventures. Their line just started as a project on college but they are here now. They restored vision for more than 13,000 people. They also donate 10% of their profits to make glasses, eye exams, surgeries for eyes possible for those who need them.

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#3. Woodze 

This company is based in Chico, CA. The eco-friendly materials they use are recycled skateboards, bamboo, and wood. Their price ranges from $$-$$$. They also give back to the Glasses recycling program.

With nature’s influence, they combine it with the sophisticated style of glasses. This company lets their customers recycle or bring back old frames and gives 50% off on their next purchase. They also have different styles that you can choose from.

#4. Genusee 

This company is based in Flint, Michigan. The eco-friendly materials they use are recycled water bottles that are plastic. Their price range $$ and above. They also give one percent of profits back to Flint.

This company is vocal in becoming a company in Flint first. They employ individuals that are incarcerated formerly and have low income.

#5. WearPanda 

This company is based in Washington, USA. The eco-friendly materials they use are bamboos that are sustainable. Their price range $$$. They are giving back to Various Environmental Initiatives.

This company spreads fashion with a purpose. Sunglasses are made out of bamboo and each time you purchase the community receives something. This company gives training to the employees and starts centers for eye care all over the world.

#6. Sticks & Sparrow 

This company is based in Melbourne, Australia. The eco-friendly materials they use are acetate that is plant-based, foliage in frames that are hand-pressed, and corks. Their price ranges from $$-$$$ AUD. They give back to a commitment to nature.

Their products have 100% protection from UV and lenses that resists scratch. Their company is committed to minimizing waste and using materials that are sustainable. They also allow consumers to test before they buy if they are indecisive.

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#7. Covry 

This company is based in New Jersey. The eco-friendly materials they use are acetate that is plant-based, wood pulp, and cotton. Their price ranges from $$-$$$.

NY Mag noted that this company has the best sunglasses for those who have low bridges. This company makes sunglasses from different types of facial features. Their products are handcraft and have the Elevated Fit trademark that gives comfort. Each frame is made by almost 50 skilled artisans, they mold, cut, and they assemble each product.

#8. Sunski

This company is based in San Francisco. The eco-friendly materials they use are recycled plastics. Their price ranges from $$-$$$. They also give 1% back to the planet.

This company is independent and evolved on its own. After experimenting with different options there is, this company has its own material that is sustainable. Every sunglass is made out of scrap plastic that would’ve ended in different landfills.

#9. Bonnie Clyde® 

This company is based in Los Angeles, CA. The eco-friendly materials they use are cellulose acetate that is plant-based. Their price ranges from $$-$$$.

This company is described as bright, playful, and unisex. This company is started by Jon Yuan. They are committed to excellent materials, family manufacturing, and have an independent team.

#10. Pala 

This company is based in Brighton, UK. The eco-friendly materials they use are BiO-acetate. Their price range $$$. They also provide programs that grant eye care and carbon offsetting.

They use 100% plant-based and material that is biodegradable to be able to create the stunning products. The artisans from Ghana work with them to weave. Pala also works with different projects for eye care in Africa.

The future is already coming. Environmental entrepreneurship is already advanced. Each day, there are new companies that are sustainable, and more eco-friendly brands pop up the market. Sustainable products attract the consumers more than wasteful ones. All of this can evolve in just a blink of an eye.

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