Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life. After all, it’s not every day that you get to marry the love of your life, and so it should be nothing short of perfect. 

And if you’re reading this as a bride-to-be, we’re sure that your head is full of your wedding day plans. You’re thinking of what kind of flowers to get, what food to buy, or where to get the perfect wedding dress for your special day.

With everything that needs to be accounted for, planning for a wedding can be stressful and costly. But despite all the stress of thinking of every important detail, anyone who’s soon-to-be-married folks shouldn’t forget to be environmentally conscious during their wedding day. 

There are many ways in which couples can do to plan for a ‘green wedding‘. One of the most essential yet overlooked practices in planning a wedding is choosing eco-friendly alternatives to one-time purchases. 

One example of this would be the wedding dress as brides often buy new and expensive ones but only wear them once. The best option to go about this problem is to choose a sustainable wedding dress. 


What is a sustainable wedding dress? 

As the name suggests, a sustainable wedding dress is a bridal gown with little to zero harmful impact on people and the planet. These include weddings gowns made with the environment in mind or bridal dresses that are fair trade and cruelty-free. Even a vintage or pre-loved gown that’s re-worn or upcycled to fit modern tastes can be considered sustainable. 


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Where can I buy a sustainable wedding dress? 

Shopping for a sustainable wedding dress can be tricky, as not all shops are turning away from traditional bridal gowns. But, as more designers are becoming more eco-conscious, many clothing labels are now offering sustainable options for brides-to-be.

If you want to go green while wearing white, brands like Christy Dawn, Reformation, and Indiebride can help as they offer eco-friendly dresses made from repurposed deadstock fabrics. Rita Colson, Katherine Feiel, and Tara Lynn Bridal are also great options if you prefer vintage-themed bridal gowns.

So if you want to know more about the brands offering sustainable wedding dresses for your big day, better keep on reading. 

In this article, we’ll be featuring the best eco-friendly bridal clothing labels to date. We’ll be discussing each of the brands’ style and how they practice being ethical and sustainable! 


Here are 19 of the best sustainable wedding dress brands that are making bridal fashion greener: 

1. Etsy 

Price: $$$-$$$$

If you’re looking for a site that sells various sustainable wedding dresses, Etsy is a great place to start. The online marketplace hosts sustainable labels like SixpennyBride and MilaBridal that specialise in handmade, vintage, or upcycled bridal gowns. What’s also great about Etsy is that they ship worldwide using carbon offset shipping & delivery. 

Check out Etsy here.

2. Borrowing Magnolia 

Price: $$$-$$$$

When it comes to secondhand bridal gowns, Borrowing Magnolia is a brand that you can trust. This Chicago-based sustainable bridal fashion label offers brides their dream wedding dresses at affordable prices. Borrowing Magnolia is a treasure trove of pre-loved designer bridal gowns as it features dresses made by Vera Wang, Maggie Sottero, and Justin Alexander.

Check out Borrowing Magnolia here

3. Christy Dawn 

Price: $$$

If planning for an outdoor wedding, Christy Dawn’s boho-themed bridal gowns might be perfect for you. This Los Angeles-based brand specialises in flowy wedding dresses that are handcrafted by artisans using deadstock fabrics and organic textiles. Plus, they also work with local farmers from the Oshadi Collective for their Farm-to-Closet collection. 

Check out Christy Dawn here

4. The Cotton Bride 

Price: $$$$

The Cotton Bride is a New York-based based fashion label whose speciality is made-to-order wedding gowns made of 100% natural cotton, silk, and linen fabrics. This brand’s dresses are classic and cool in design, making them perfect for simple yet sophisticated weddings.

Check out The Cotton Bride here

5. Reformation 

Price: $$$

Reformation is a household name for sustainable fashion, and as expected, the brand also offers wedding dresses for eco-conscious brides. Based in Los Angeles, Reformation creates effortlessly stylish bridal gowns using reclaimed deadstock fabrics, vintage textiles, and eco-friendly materials. Plus, they’re committed to sustainable production methods and green infrastructure. 

Check out Reformation here

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6. Leanne Marshall

Price: $$$$

Leanna Marshall is a New York-based bridal fashion label whose signature hand-dyed watercolour wedding dresses are sustainably handcrafted using responsibly recycled fabric scraps. The brand’s eponymous designer was a constant on “Project Runway, “ so it’s no surprise that her stunning bohemian designs have been featured in popular magazines like Martha Stewart

Check out Leanne Marshall here.  

7. Rent The Runway

Price: $$-$$$

Rent The Runway is a New York-based clothing renting service that offers rental wedding dresses in various sizes and styles. Starting at $30, you can borrow a wedding gown of your choice, including cleaning, insurance, and a stress-free return policy. 

Check out Rent The Runway here.  

8. Katherine Feiel 

Price: $$$$

If you’re looking for a bridal gown that’s a mix of modern and vintage fabrics, look no further than Katherine Feiel. This Canadian brand specialises in one-of-a-kind hand-sewn fair trade wedding dresses made of deadstock and vintage textiles. 

Check out Katherine Feiel here

9. Wear Your Love

Price: $$$-$$$$

Wear Your Love is a California-based bridal couture label that strives to create unique, timeless, and eco-conscious wedding dresses for every bride. This low-waste fashion brand offers made-to-order classic bridal gowns using 100% organic bamboo and cotton fabrics. 

Check out Wear Your Love here

10. Pure Magnolia 

Price: Determined upon inquiry

If your ideal wedding dress is something ‘unique’, you’ll love Pure Magnolia’s rule-defying bridal wear designs. This Canadian brand offers made-to-order sustainable wedding dresses that are eye-catching blends of Indian silks, vintage fabrics, recycled textiles, and European lace trimmings. 

Check out Pure Magnolia here

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11. Once Wed

Price: $$$-$$$$$

Once Wed is a great online marketplace if you’re searching for secondhand bridal gowns that are like new. This online listing service also helps you find your dream wedding dress by allowing you to filter your search in terms of condition, height, style, and price. 

Check out Once Wed here

12. Tara Lynn Bridal  

Price: $$$$

If you’re planning for a woodland wedding, you’ll like Tara Lynn Bridal’s one-of-a-kind floral bridal gowns. Inspired by nature, precisely the beauty of woodlands, this Vermont-based eco-couture brand offers unique bespoke wedding dresses made of organic and repurposed fabrics. 

Check out Tara Lynn Bridal here.

13. Leila Hafzi

Price: Determined upon inquiry

Since 1997, Leila Hafzi has long been creating sustainable wedding dresses that support eco-conscious fashion and women empowerment. This luxury bridal couture label offers high-end bohemian dresses that women artisans sustainably make in developing countries based in Nepal and Norway. 

Check out Leila Hafzi here

14. Rita Colson 

Price: $$$$

Rita Colson is a UK-based bridal wear label that offers vintage silk and lace bridal gowns made of responsibly sourced materials. The brand’s eponymous designer is known for her dreamy bridal designs and her innovative use of deadstock fabrics, vintage wedding dresses, and reclaimed discarded textiles. 

Check out Rita Colson here

15. Miranda Bennett Studio 

Price: $$$

Known as a pioneer in plant-dyed bridal wear, Miranda Benett Studio is a female-founded brand that offers sustainable, stylish, and minimalist bridal apparel. This Texas-based clothing label also creates all its bridal collection in-house with reduced carbon emissions and ensures safe labour conditions for its workers. 

Check our Miranda Bennett Studio here

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16. Mother of Pearl 

Price: $$$-$$$$

If you prefer a modern take on your wedding apparel, you’ll like Mother of Pearl’s fashion-forward bridal wear collection. This British sustainable fashion label is known for its flowy wedding dresses and ivory trouser sets made from organic and natural fabrics. 

Check out Mother of Pearl here. 

17. Lost in Paris  

Price: $$$$

Lost in Paris is a Sydney-based sustainable bridal wear label specialising in making elegant wedding dresses using vintage fabrics. The brand responsibly sources its lace and other cloth materials from Parisian antique markets to help fight against textile waste. 

Check out Lost in Paris here


Price: $$$-$$$$

When it comes to staying ‘green’ while wearing white, KAMPERETT is a sustainable bridal wear brand that you can count on. Designed by Valerie Santillo and Anna Chiu, this brand creates wedding dresses using reclaimed or deadstock fabrics whenever possible. KAMPERETT is also focused on quality over quantity, and so their collections are mindfully designed and produced in their ethically operated factories in California. 

Check out Kamperett here

19. Indiebride 

Price: $$$-$$$$

If you prefer having a personalised touch to your bridal gown, Indiebride is a brand that can surely help. This London-based bridal fashion label specialises in custom-made wedding dresses made of eco-friendly lace, sustainable silk, and deadstock fabric. Plus, Indiebride also uses zero-waste cutting methods to avoid textile waste! 

Check out Indiebride here

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with these wedding dress labels, you now know more about sustainable bridal fashion. Whether you like vintage gowns or eco-friendly wedding dresses, these brands indeed have great options for all eco-conscious brides. 

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