Engagement rings serve as a symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion that the couple shares. The design and shape of the ring come with an additional symbol that the majority of couples integrate when they choose the ideal ring or design a ring that precisely represents their relationship.

At the same time, the presence of an engagement ring serves as a sign of the commitment that couples share. Indeed, it is a symbolism of relationship status that states you are already taken or committed to someone. Hence, wearing an engagement ring may ward off other wooers.


The Meaning of Circle Shape for Engagement Rings

couple holding hands with woman wearing an circle engagement ring

If you notice, engagement rings are made of circles of metal. Perhaps, many of us don’t pay attention to the real meaning of this. Fundamentally, the circle is a component of symbolic and revered geometry.

It is worth noting that circles don’t have a beginning and an end. Hence, they represent wholeness, endlessness, renewal, and perfection.

What is more, circles are symbolic of the planets, the moon, and the sun; all of which bring life together. The circle in engagement rings brings together the lives of couples.

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What is the most ethical engagement ring?

engagement ring in a gift box on a table with a plant on it

Selecting an environmentally-friendly and socially responsible engagement ring manifests your love and commitment while helping the planet become a safer and better haven to live for everyone.

Not to mention, you can feel at peace in knowing that your engagement ring did not have a detrimental or conflicting impact on other humans and on the environment.

By purchasing ethical engagement rings, you can also support businesses that are dedicated to providing ethically sourced products.

More and more couples nowadays prefer to invest in ethical engagement rings because they also want to help preserve the environment.

Furthermore, newly engaged couples not only look forward to the romance and elegance of their approaching wedding day but also to starting a family in the future.

Interestingly, couples who plan to have children in the near future, they are seriously concerned about what the condition of the planet will be when those children are already grown-ups.

For that reason, couples think that they should start ensuring a safer and better planet for their offspring to live in and enjoy. Hence, they believe that by starting to consume less and consume greener products, they can contribute to the betterment of the planet. This is why they opt for ethical engagement rings, as a start.

Whether the engagement ring is a more edgy tungsten carbide ring, or a traditional diamond, jewelers at present consolidate environment-friendliness into their engagement rings and wedding bands.

They do so to ensure that they’re not adding up to the illegal and desecrating practices in the mining of their gems, stones, and other prized materials, primarily by up-cycling the current ones.

What’s so appealing and impressive about ethical engagement rings is that they won’t force you to spend lavishly.

Although they are designed with eco-friendliness, they are commonly not as pricey as most prevailing “filthy” jewelry.

As a result, couples can save more while saving the environment we live in.

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Should couples pick out engagement rings together?

woman holding mans hand happy with engagement ring on her finger

Here are some of the perks of picking your engagement ring together:

a. Make significant decisions together

Unquestionably, the amount you spend on your engagement ring will have an impact on your finances. As you know, couples need to acknowledge that financial matters are deemed as shared territory.

If you pick the ring together, both of you can consider the financial weight of your decision. Making major money decisions together is a great thing for couples.

b. Get the engagement ring with the precise fit

At present, many couples decide to pick the ring together to save the hassle of resizing later.

While it is true that there are plenty of methods on how to get your fiancée’s ring finger size measurements, you can’t be 100% guaranteed that it would fit perfectly.

c. The most important Cs

COUPLES who pick the ring together get to make valuable CHOICES together. And, as you know, an engagement ring is a symbol of your COMMITMENT.

By picking the ring together, you get to learn and understand each other’s whatnot, viewpoints, and values in life.

Substantially, you could tell a lot about someone when both of you are delighted for the same decision.

d. The shatterproof seal of approval

Choosing the ring together means an absolute yes! Why you are well aware of your fiancée’s likes and dislikes, there might be a problem when she already tries the ring on.

Sometimes, you’ll be surprised that her ring finger looks even lovelier with a small or big diamond.

If you’re picking the ring together, you will both on the scene to spot that once-in-a-lifetime moment in harmony.

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How much does the average couple spend on an engagement ring?

engagement ring in a box

When picking and purchasing an engagement ring, it is unnecessary to spend that much especially if you know you can’t afford such a very expensive option. It is unwise to allow others to tell you the amount you must spend.

Take in mind that how much you should spend buying an engagement ring is a decision to be made for you and your significant other.

Fortunately, there are great places where you can find engagement rings that would fit your budget. Aside from local jewelry stores; you can compare prices at online retailers.

In the end, what matters the most is purchasing a meaningful one, and not a super costly engagement ring.

The good news is that there are several ways on how to find a meaningful engagement ring that does not exceed ten thousand dollars or more.

For instance, consider saving every week and do this for a year to purchase an engagement ring. Or, you can use an heirloom ring- this won’t force you to bring a big hole in your pocket yet such an option is brimmed with family history.

Alternatively, look for a less expensive stone than a diamond; then, work with a local jeweler to spawn a custom design.

There’s no denying that an engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and love. Sure thing, sacrificing things you might want to purchase to buy an engagement ring is part of the tradition.

Even so, forcing yourself to buy something that you know for yourself would only submerge you in debt is not a wise and practical move at all.

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How can I get my girlfriend’s ring size?

engagement ring on a womans finger

The fit of an engagement ring and wedding ring is the most substantial. This is because the ring will be commonly worn regularly, so it is just right to ensure the proper fit.

Here are a few tricks on how to get the perfect engagement ring size for your special someone and still keep it a surprise:

1. Ask your significant other’s family members or friends

People close to your girlfriend are more likely knowledgeable about her ring size. You can ask them to keep it a secret. They would be glad to be of help in this romantic move.

2. Ask your girlfriend directly

While this move might give your special someone a hint of an approaching proposal from you, still she wouldn’t know when the exact proposal date will take place.

3. Utilize a ring size chart

Consider taking a ring from her jewelry box. Then, try to match it to a ring size chart. You can search for a ring size chart online. Just print it out and adjust it with the differently-sized rings on the paper.

4. Be a goof

Bring your significant other to an art-type show, or festival, or in bazaars where they sell custom accessories. Let her try some of the pieces of jewelry. Try to crack a joke, just so to make it look like you’re fooling around.

That way, you can have an idea when she tries it on.

5. Resizing is a great option.

There is no need to panic if sizing does not do the trick. You can resize the ring later in case it does not precisely fit.

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Should I keep the ring a surprise?

A couple laughing together

While some women especially prefer their significant other to surprise them with an engagement ring; at present, we observe more and more couples shopping the engagement ring together.

It is highly suggested to communicate with your fiancée to get a sense of what they prefer ahead of time. This way, you can easily tell if they want to be involved in picking out the ring, or be surprised, and to what extent?

You may work together on the entire process, or you could make the entire proposal a surprise, have them in on a few of the details, but not entirely.

Without any shadow of a doubt, a marriage proposal is something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. However, some are specifically worth-remembering. In general, the full surprise form of a marriage proposal is more prominent.

The majority of women prefer a marriage proposal to be a surprise, well, you know women are sentimental, romantic, and love this kind of stuff as they feel so special.

A marriage proposal will be more memorable and blissful if your fiancée doesn’t have a hint of it coming.

What matters the most is having fun with when, where, and how you will pop the question.

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